Mylena is one of the world’s leading Vocal Coach. She lives and works in the United States and she runs studios also in London (UK) and Milan (IT).
You may not already know her and her work, so reading and watching what the press and the media have released may be a good starting point. Some material is not in English, but we have translated everything for you!

Ahead of the Italian Song Festival, San Remo, I always get interviewed by some reporter looking for some tips for their readers. This time it is the turn of Oggi, which presents 5 tips to Read more
A news agency went out today about my work and the international success of the Inborn Voice method, especially in the United States, chosen by all CEOs and managers of major corporations. [3d-flip-book id="52929" ][/3d-flip-book] Read more
Today an interesting article came out in MF, Milano Finanza, the high profile magazine related to investments, titled "How to speak in public: public speaking for professionals and entrepreneurs" in which it is explained why Read more
As you may have already seen on social media, Mylena has just opened a new Inborn Voice Studio in Miami, in a totally exclusive location with direct views of the Atlantic Ocean and Beach. Mylena Read more
In the February issue of OK Salute e Benessere you will find a new interview of mine that explains why vocal disorders should never be underestimated: if you often suffer from hoarseness, sore throat, bronchitis Read more
Today Rete55 aired a special dedicated to Mylena Vocal Coach, Milena Origgi, and her work in the United States of America. Here is the full video of the interview (25 minutes) Here is the transcript Read more
BUSTO ARSIZIO - A medal as a city recognition for having brought the name of Busto Arsizio in the world: yesterday morning the mayor Emanuele Antonelli gave it to Milena Origgi, the vocal coach who Read more
Today there is a new article about Mylena Vocal Coach who received an award from the Mayor of Busto Arsizio as the first Italian woman to receive an award for Outstanding Achievement at Work from Read more
Today I was a guest on Rai Radio2's "Awakening" program, Ovunqu6, a playful and irreverent program to start the day with information and lightness. Below you can find my full interview and its transcript, if Read more
The question on everyone's lips is simple: "What's so special about Mylena Vocal Coach's Inborn Voice® method?" All the newspapers are talking about it, the biggest entrepreneurs and the hottest influencers are seeking it out, Read more
This time it is the monthly magazine Amica that gives us a deeper look at Milena Origgi's work. The article opens with this sentence: Everyone has their own voice, unique, personal and unrepeatable: the Inborn Read more
On October 21, 2021 Milena Origgi joined the "Class Matters" column of the Italian community Girlsrestart with an interview with Federica Pasini. If you missed the live broadcast, here is the full video. Here you'll Read more
Within the morning broadcast of Disco Radio conducted by Olga Comerio there is a space dedicated to Women who have distinguished themselves for exceptional things, from Maryl Streep to the first woman graduated in the Read more
Milena was a six year old girl who was singing in the choir of the church in Busto Arsizio (Italy) when an organist heard her voice and said: "This is something fantastic". I know, it Read more
Today I "inaugurated" my new studio in Los Angeles. An inauguration made a little 'quietly' because of the particular period in which we are living, but despite everything someone has whistled it and Shout Out Read more
BUSTO ARSIZIO - The country of the constitutional right to happiness has realized the dream of Milena Origgi from Busto: to have a permanent residence permit without expiration in the United States. She is the Read more
The worldwide success of Milena Origgi, founder of the Inborn voice The voice goes around the world. An extremely powerful tool that breaks down boundaries and overcomes limits: Milena Origgi (in the photo), the vocal Read more
Today sees the release of an interview of mine that deals with a subject that is very close to my heart, that is what is defined as "personal brand" in today's jargon. It is titled Read more
There are different types of green cards to immigrate into the United States. The one issued for "extraordinary ability" is among the rarest and most coveted. In fact, it's known colloquially as a "genius green Read more
Today was published a new Interview with Mylena Vocal Coach in Donna Moderna, this time focusing on the potential of the voice, which if used correctly to express emotions and moods, leads to great success Read more
Here is the translation of Mylena's Vocal Coach Interview for Vogue Italy. There are exercises to improve your voice, to make it more persuasive. We reveal how to do them. Vocal exercises: from emotions to Read more
Today you can find on newsstands "Millionaire interviews Mylena Vocal Coach". In the Trends section, with the title "Voice Evolution: the great return of the voice". Since there is no accident, I am also particularly Read more
On March 31, 2021 at 6 p.m. CET, in collaboration with Bocconi Alumni Career Advice, I will hold a live Webinar (in Italian) dedicated to providing a comprehensive overview of the hidden potential of the Read more
As a Topic Expert for Personal Development Course at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - International Management Class - Faculty of Economics and Law, I have to present to the class some topic that are Read more
This week an interesting article about audiobooks is published in Italy's weekly magazine "Starbene" and it was a real pleasure for me to help Lorenza G. to realize it by sharing my experience as a Read more
Now you can enjoy almost all the great content Mylena Vocal Coach creates over Youtube and Patreon also in a Podcast! Al the sessions, the testimonials and the exercises are available, since 2015. Please let Read more
Mylena has released numerous interviews and TV training videos over the years, and now she is releasing a brand new and exclusive series of Videos over Youtube and Patreon. Mylena Vocal Coach training videos are Read more
Mylena Vocal Coach, CEO of Inborn Voice, has decided to help companies in her native land by offering a training fund equal to $25,000 to help companies in Milan and throughout Lombardy affected by the Read more
[3d-flip-book mode="link-lightbox" urlparam="fb3d-page" id="1132" title="false" lightbox="dark"][/3d-flip-book] Every day we meet new people. Many times we don't even care about them, we just ignore them. Other times, a connection is made, a magical one, which leads Read more
[3d-flip-book mode="link-lightbox" urlparam="fb3d-page" id="1091" title="false" lightbox="dark"][/3d-flip-book] Mylena Vocal Coach today has got the cover and two-page interview on the weekly issue of the magazine Oltre, published by La Prealpina. The interview il finally more related Read more
Today on the local Newspaper "North-shore Magazine" has been published a review as a "Client Business Profile" for the Cummings Center in Beverly. I'm proud of this little review, so I post it here. Here Read more
I have just reorganized and revamped my Youtube Channel, so I invite you all to Subscribe! All the contents are in English or have English Captions! At present time you will find Mylena Vocal Coach Read more
Sometimes resonances also occur in the silence of the ether. Curious how a social network like LinkedIn can prove once again that “there are no accidents" by creating a "magic". My followers know that I Read more
Today the journalist and blogger Sara Maria Malacalza published on the account Instagram de i Libri Salvano, her review on the book of Mylena Vocal Coach "The way of the Voice". You can read it Read more
Today it has been broadcasted on RAI, in the program L'Italia con Voi, dedicated to Italians abroad, an interview that has been delivered in New York. Accidents don't exist and whoever follows me will know Read more
How to make it survive in the Internet jungle From today you will find in all bookshops, even online, my new eBook titled "The Art of Keeping a Healthy Voice". It's a 100-page eBook that Read more
The voice of New York is the most widespread Italian newspaper in the United States and today was published an interview of me made by the talented Liliana Rossano. The interview is very long and Read more
Today I've been officially presented to the City of New York as "Italian Excellence in the World" and first professional to enter of Learn Italy's "Network of Excellences". The Ceremony held place inside the Consulate Read more
You have probably already had the opportunity to read in the newspapers or listen to the TV news of my last event in New York to present my work and my book to the entire Read more
Today all European and American news agencies have talked about tomorrow's event, February 12, 2019, where I will present to the city of New York my Vocal Coaching method, Inborn Voice, and also my latest Read more
On February 12, 2019 I will be in Manhattan, New York City, to present my work and my latest book to the city and the press. The event will have media coverage also by RAI Read more
It has just been released the new version of my app, called "inborn Voice"!This app is the oldest app related to voice training in the App store It has just been released the new version Read more
Today with great excitement I see my work and passion shared on one of my favorite blogs "I want to live like that"! This blog is very popular because the topic of "travel" combined with Read more
Today we have finally finalized the agreement between Learn Italy Communication, a company specializing in advanced training courses that is divided between the old and the new world, with collaborations ranging from the European Union Read more
Today on Rai Italia, the Rai Television channel devoted to Italians abroad, has broadcasted during the show "L'Italia con Voi", an interview to Massimo Veccia, president of Learn Italy USA, during which he talks about Read more
Today an important agreement has been signed between Italy and the United States concerning the creation of postgraduate and master courses in Communication. During the ceremony, in the presence of the Italian deputy consul Silvia Read more
Finally available, online and in all the bookshops of the world, the latest book by Mylena Vocal Coach. This book is also part of the course in Communication Techniques by the UCSC in Milano. With Read more
Here's the excerpt from my September Class Magazine interview! More self-awareness and greater confidence in your communication skills. A goal that can be achieved with a targeted training, as explained by Milena Origgi, vocal coach, Read more
The popular magazine "Boston Voyager" has just published a 10-page interview of me in which I tell a bit of all my recent history. [3d-flip-book mode="link-lightbox" urlparam="fb3d-page" id="570" title="false" lightbox="dark"][/3d-flip-book] I post the link to Read more
Every now and then, in my career as Vocal Coach, it happens to have some moments of relaxation. What better city than Rome to relax and soak up the wonders of the eternal city? Today Read more
Today MTV Rock website features Mylena Vocal Coach. The article explains how it is always possible to carry out a sort of vocal "makeover", especially when a person does not like the sound of his Read more
[3d-flip-book mode="link-lightbox" urlparam="fb3d-page" id="303" title="false" lightbox="dark"][/3d-flip-book]L'impresa, the Italian Magazine about Management, part of the leading editorial group 24ore, has interviewed Mylena Vocal Coach to better explain the added value of a trained voice in the Read more
I was recently aired on Discovery Network in Italy as an "Expat" living in Boston.The show is about electing the best Italian Restaurant in Boston, so nothing related specifically to may work, but yet you Read more
Probably you have seen on TV or in the Social Media his Senate hearing and you have made your own opinion, or you have seen only all the people making fun of him.Well, this is Read more
Today an interesting article was published in the magazine Area Wellness that explains how the method Inborn Voice by Mylena Vocal Coach is able to create a two-way connection with personal wellness. Have a nice Read more
[3d-flip-book mode="link-lightbox" urlparam="fb3d-page" id="298" title="false" lightbox="dark"][/3d-flip-book] Mylena Vocal Coach has a three-page interview in the April issue of Elle magazine, explaining how her passion to be the most effective voice teacher in the world has led Read more
Today it is essential to grasp before the others which, among the many available, is the tool that can allow you to have that extra something and help you on the road to personal success. Read more
This is the transcript about Mylena Vocal Coach interview by CNBC about being a voice Guru. The term GURU define a special kind of teacher, one that knows and perfectly understands a specific art form. Milena Origgi's Read more
This week Mylena Vocal Coach appears in the weekly magazine Donna Moderna, interviewed by Alessia Sironi. The questions asked are all very interesting, also in anticipation of the upcoming Valentine's Day, and aim to get Read more
Here is the transcript about Mylena Vocal Coach video session at the Communication Skill Course at UCSC as Topic Expert: Good morning everyone! First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Milena Origgi. I work Read more
Today a Press Release from the Catholic University has been published entitled "You can't avoid communicating", announcing the beginning of the "Communication Skills" course, of which I have the honor of having been appointed as Read more


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