Vocal Coaching Italiano

The voice reflects gender, age, personality and the mood of the person speaking.

Vocal identity

Our voice identifies us

Our voice is able to make each of us recognizable to everyone else, yet few are aware of this. We are always surprised when we get confused for someone else on the phone or when an imitator is able to copy the voice of someone else perfectly. The first example should make us realize how limited our capability is of transmissions from modern means of communication and the second example shows us how malleable our vocal styles are for each one of us.

Vocal Identity

Our voice makes us immediately recognizable and identifiable from the first word that we utter. Everyone accepts this as normality, but thinking about this harder is truly exceptional. Every one of us is physically different to the next person, but no one stops to think how our voice is unique.

So, what sense does it make to simplify such things in order to build a vocality all identical to each other? Have you ever wondered how so many people who remain recognizable while holding a speech, but when start singing suddenly they become great and unaware imitators? Is the vocal diversity of the human beings, whether used for a speech or a song, that will make the content more or less pleasant to the listeners.

The innate voice

You cannot talk about voice without considering the body and mind of the person who creates it. Vocal technique alone can serve only to acquire knowledge, it cannot produce miracles.

Within the vocals of human beings is hidden the secret of comprehensible and immediate communication that you want to speak or sing: those who have understood this have always achieved excellent career goals, especially if their voice is their main tool at work.

We must work on our own voices in order to enhance its natural expressive individuality, without which makes it simply an empty container. When a person does not recognize their own recorded voice, they must always be directed to two different worlds. The first is which vocal technique you use, learned in the wrong way, alone or ill-advised, the second is their own personality. In fact, many people do not recognize themselves only when they sing. The significance of this "experience" is due to the fact that when they start to sing they use their voice and brain in a new way, without the filters created by the mask that has been created over the years. They remain bewildered by hearing what is actually their inner child.