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    I work also online with a great rate of success! Contact me and I will check if your situation is suitable for Online Learning.
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    I have launched the world first mobile app related to the voice and made by a real Vocal Coach, check it out on my Find Your Voice Website!
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  • Free your emotions

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    The voice is the best means we all have to express and free our emotions. Emotions are meant to exit our body and not to be kept hidden inside.
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  • The natural way

    Your inborn voice

    Everyone underestimate the power and the freedom inside the human voice. Once you get started getting back your inborn voice, all your life get the right way.
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Engaging in any human activity brings a constant exchange of opinions, capable of bringing ever valuable experiences

Contact the Vocal Coach

How to contact Mylena, the Vocal Coach

If you want to contact me for any reason regarding vocality, you can do so via email: I will respond to everyone.
The site has a modern system designed to prevent spam and comply with the latest regulations on privacy. If you cannot click on the email address, note it down on a piece of paper and re-write it by hand. Remember to check the possible presence of a response from inbornvoice.com inside your "SPAM" folder.

Email addresses of the Vocal Coach

I prefer to differentiate between email accounts in order to direct you to the most suitable area of expertise. If you cannot find the one that suits you the most, choose one at random: I read them all personally, in any case.


For those of you who wish to have a professional assessment of their current vocal condition, perhaps because you do not recognize your own voice completely or have vocal problems to solve, I have this email address available:


For those of you who want to take back the use of their voice and follow the Inborn Voice method, I have this email address available:


For those of you who have any doubt about the contents displayed on the site or wish to report an error, I have this email address available: