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It's better to talk only when you really have something worthy to share with others.

Speaking to an audience or to customers

Public Speaking Training and Classes

Today it is very trendy to attend Public Speaking classes. But what do these "Public Speaking" classes are really meant for? The exact answer could be: " Training to give a lecture". What good would it do to know how to give a speech if you lack the basic skill to make yourself clear in a simple two-way conversation? Successful executives differ from their subordinates almost exclusively because they know how to use their voices and not because of what they say. How many times have you considered yourself a hundred times better than your boss and no one acknowledged your skills? You probably never thought that the reason why no one assesses your skills is that your voice is missing something and you are not effective in communicating your ideas.

Voice is fundamental to personal success, in every field: from the salesperson to the business manager, from the actor to the stand up comedian, from the singer to the poet. We all invest a large part of our income to appear successful, buying clothes and fashion accessories. I wonder why only real successful people rain their voices. Yet authoritative US studies prove that more than a third of the first impression we leave to people comes from our voice and the way we use it.

Partial Teachings

Usually, those who teach public speaking don't teach at all how to use the voice, just as those who only teach how to use the voice don't explain how to make it natural and expressive. Everyone wants you to learn something, but never the full picture. Only Mylena Vocal Coach is concerned also by removing any bad habits or learning that is causing you all the issues you are complaining about.

So it's easy to guess that people who only deal with public speaking actually leave more than a third of their promises to chance. They just teach others how to appear, how to move and what to say, without worrying about the voice.

If we analyze the reality of things the way you say something is more important than the words used. None of us remembers precisely the words of some really exciting moment, but everyone will remember with clear precision the emotion associated with them.


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    The Art of Keeping a Healthy Voice

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  • La via della voce - Milena Origgi
    Exclusive training videos
    available for Patrons only

    Milena continues to be a pioneer of digital media. In fact, she has just launched a new training service over the Patreon platform. For a small fee you can access exclusive training videos ranging from how to use your voice in acting to how to communicate in the financial world.

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  • La via della voce - Milena Origgi
    A real vocal coach
    finally on Youtube

    Until now it was impossible to find a real vocal coach on youtube. Mainly you find singing teachers or critics who do not teach anything handy or who, even worse, invite you to experiment with techniques that are dangerous for the health of vocal cords. Mylena Vocal Coach makes available on her channel real vocal coaching paths suitable for anyone who wants to improve expressiveness and communication skills.

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  • La via della voce - Milena Origgi
    Mylena runs Workshops
    all around the World.

    Maybe your call is not for one to one lessons, but one-day event. Then our Workshop will be your deal. We run Workshops all over the world in big cities like Milano, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles.

    Please contact us to be among the first to know when the next event near you is scheduled. Eary birds save huge!

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