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It's good to talk only when you really have something important to say to others.

Speaking in public

Public Speaking Courses

Today it is all the rage to attend courses in Public Speaking. But what is Public Speaking? The exact same could be: "Courses to hold a conference." How can you ever know how to hold a speech if you don't have the capacity to understand a simple conversation between two people? A successful manager differs from those under them almost exclusively because they can use their voice and not for what they say. How many times you end up evaluating yourself one hundred times better than your boss and don't get recognized for your capabilities? You probably never thought that the reason why no one evaluates your ability is due to finding your voice, the way in which you present your ideas to others.

The voice is essential for personal success, in any field, from the assistant to the manager, the actor to the comic, the singer to the poet. All of us invest a large part of our income to our appearance, buying clothes and fashion accessories. Who knows why everyone ignores beautifying their own voice. Yet influential American Studies show that more than a third of the first impression that we leave to others comes from our own voice and the way we use it.

Incomplete teaching

In general, those who teach public speaking do not teach anything about how to use your own voice, as well as those who teach only to use your voice without explaining how to make it natural and expressive. Everyone wants to add something; no one bothers to eliminate the problems already existing in an individual.

So it is easy to see that, in reality, those who work only in public speaking leave over a third of their promises to chance. Limiting teaching others how to appear, how to move and what to say, without worrying about the voice.

If we analyze the reality, it is more important how something is said than the words used. None of us remember the precise words of some really exciting time, but everyone will remember with clear precision the emotion associated with them.