Public Speaking - The Inborn Voice training for public speaking

It's better to talk only when you really have something worthy to share with others.

Public Speaking - The Inborn Voice training for public speaking

In the past it was fashionable to take public speaking courses, but nowadays many people have realized that you can have and do better. But what does Public Speaking mean?

Public Speaking: what it means

The exact meaning could be: "A course on how to give a presentation or present ideas and data in front of several people". Normally this kind of courses stop there, in other words they only teach the technical aspect of the thing: how to move, what to look at, pauses and so on. They are all very similar courses, which teach a monothematic and repetitive mode of communication, identical for all participants, depriving them of their uniqueness. Some courses even teach how to copy the "techniques" of the great speakers of the past, one among many: Steve Jobs. Yet Steve was himself, he didn't play a script. He was successful because he knew how to imprint in his voice infrasounds and vibrations capable of transmitting, at a quantum level, much more than just words. To imitate him would be to lie to everyone, especially to oneself.

From Public Speaking to Personal Brand

The assumption that supports verbal communication, public speaking, is the voice. It is the real protagonist! Learning techniques, tricks and ploys is useless if you don't have the ability to connect your self, your emotions and your values to your voice.

That's why here at Inborn Voice, more than thirty years ago, we were pioneers and today we are the leaders in making a difference, helping managers and professionals around the world create what is now the evolution of Public Speaking: Personal Brand. We have always given priority to the voice, to the effective transmission of ideas and emotions. We continue to create individuality with identity and personality, not so many miniature clones that are all the same.

The Importance of Voice for Public Speaking

We are all aware of how important it is to look good and leave a great first impression. We invest time and money in the art of showing off, buying clothes and fashion accessories to try to distinguish ourselves from others. The impression, as the word itself implies, is something we leave imprinted in the soul of those we meet. In their soul, not in their mind! Highly respected American and European research has shown, without a shred of doubt, that over a third of first impressions come from our voice. The emotions we experience while presenting or speaking, transpire clearly and are perceived by the audience, much more than the dress or the accessories we wear.

That's why the voice is crucial from the outset. If you take a public speaking course unaware of your vocal potential, you risk leaving more than a third of your opportunity for success to chance. In reality, your chances of success are further diminished because you will be busy controlling gestures, words, rhythm, volume, tone and so on, losing concentration and increasing anxiety and uncertainty, all of which are unpleasant emotions that you will unintentionally transmit to everyone. Then don't be surprised if all the effort you put into preparing a presentation, to explain a project, is lost into nothingness: no one likes to receive that kind of emotion.

The voice is not only important for public speaking, but for all interpersonal communication skills, which are the basis for success in any field: from sales clerk to business executive, from actor to comedian, from singer to poet. The voice also plays a fundamental role in parental, personal and romantic relationships. The word charisma indicates the innate ability to transport, to emotionally involve others!

Public Speaking Courses: the mistake you should avoid making

Don't make the mistake of disregarding the fact that the foundation of all interpersonal communication skills is the voice: it must be cared for and connected to your Inborn Voice.

Attending a personal growth training class without first mastering your vocal expressiveness is like expecting to write a poem in a foreign language without even knowing the basics of that language. That's why the biggest mistake is attending a training course that simply takes for granted your sensitivity and ability to manage your voice or, even worse, that teaches you to copy other people's styles.

If you have attended a public speaking class that did not meet your expectations, now you understand why. If you now use the same speech patterns in every area, even repeating the same terms, then it is quite normal to no longer recognize your own voice and no longer feel accepted by people, or even excluded.

More than 80% of our clients have already had previous experience with Public Speaking or NLP classes, even at an international level, without positive results or worse, with damage to their personality and self-esteem. The problem is not within them, but in the training they have received. We can help you: Rebuilding Identity and Voice Realignment™ are the latest evolution of the Inborn Voice method.

Care should also be taken not to make the opposite mistake, that is, to entrust one's voice to those who only deal with the technical aspect, or to those who claim that one can dominate emotions through the mind. These are all obsolete and outdated methods that create only standard, rehearsed voices, all equivalent to each other. The Inborn Voice method is innovative and our ideas have been widely copied around the world for over a quarter of a century, but very few of them have actually understood the true essence of our mission.

The Inborn Voice method for public speaking

Inborn Voice is the only method that addresses your voice through your emotions. Unlike others, we don't want to add notions or techniques to your knowledge. Our priority is to free your voice from any existing issues that are blocking and preventing you from expressing yourself in a natural way. The most frequent testimonial you will find among our clients is just "I overcame all my fears, I learned to express my emotions and ideas almost like magic, without any effort and without even thinking about it" (here are some video testimonials).

The Inborn Voice method, thanks to the expertise of Mylena Vocal Coach, is also at the cutting edge of university education. In fact, Mylena was the world's first (and still the only) Topic Expert for the college environment. She helped create the Communication Skills course and Personal Development course at the Catholic University of the Holy Heart. and has established partnerships also with Bocconi University, not to mention numerous research and university institutions in the United States, where he lives and works. The voice is the weapon for a successful future, it is essential to motivate and help people around us, whether they are children, partners, friends or colleagues.

If you believe that it is more important the intention and emotion you transmit than the words you choose, then the Inborn Voice method is for you. You've realized that no one can accurately remember the words used in decisive moments, but instead everyone remembers clearly the emotions received and aroused by the speaker! It's never too late to get back to loving your voice. Inborn Voice and Mylena Vocal Coach will lead you, one step at a time, to finding your voice, the one that was born with you and that you still remember so fondly in the most "carefree" and fulfilling moments of your life. You can find all our Public Speaking courses online. The first step will be a voice assessment session.


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