Here on this page, you will find all video testimonials ever released for Mylena Vocal Coach and her Inborn Voice Method.

As As Mylena works with actors, businessmen, singers, and regular people from all over the world, you may find testimonials about different topics and in different languages, all with English captions!

This time the testimony on the results achieved by Mylena Vocal Coach comes from Sara Robbiati, a person who certainly did not need to improve her public speaking skills, but to realign and release her Inborn Voice. Read more
Seldom do important clients release testimonials of the results they get from the Inborn Voice method, in this case Giale de Dona made more of an exception! Read more
BUSTO ARSIZIO - A medal as a city recognition for having brought the name of Busto Arsizio in the world: yesterday morning the mayor Emanuele Antonelli gave it to Milena Origgi, the vocal coach who Read more
The question on everyone's lips is simple: "What's so special about Mylena Vocal Coach's Inborn Voice® method?" All the newspapers are talking about it, the biggest entrepreneurs and the hottest influencers are seeking it out, Read more
I am proud of my work and even more proud of the achievements that shine out into the world. Today I want to show you a new, uncut, bare bones testimony. Listen to the voice, Read more
The work of real estate agents relies on their communication skills, as they need to listen and reassure each of their clients. A voice that conveys anxiety or fear is undesirable and can ruin a Read more
Now you can enjoy almost all the great content Mylena Vocal Coach creates over Youtube and Patreon also in a Podcast! Al the sessions, the testimonials and the exercises are available, since 2015. Please let Read more
Although most of my clients are from the business area, an increasing share comes from the teaching sector. The need to be heard effortlessly and especially to have an authoritative voice able to drive students Read more
I have clients all over the world. Sometimes it happens to find an expat like me, and this time I got an Italian girl that lives in the Big Apple: New York! Her training was Read more
Here is a very short, but valuable testimonial from one of my Italian clients. She's Manola and she's from Rome. When you reach maturity, it's easy to forget the drive that has taken you where Read more
Among my students, Mirko Mirko is one that have attended the most training courses and read the most help books. I'm very happy to have helped him understand that upswing and downswing, two very fashionable Read more
Federico is one on my youngest students. He is mainly focused in the singing voice but, as you will hear, also his speaking voice is really full of colors and emotions. Here is Federico's video Read more
Here is a little video from my Inborn Voice full day Workshop in Milano (Italy).You will be able to feel the Christmas atmosphere and see some of beauty of the City!    and here are Read more
Here is the video made during the Vocal Coaching workshop, Your Voice, Your Identity, held in London. This video is very special because in addition to showing Leicester Square decorated with Christmas markets and some Read more
Today on the local Newspaper "North-shore Magazine" has been published a review as a "Client Business Profile" for the Cummings Center in Beverly. I'm proud of this little review, so I post it here. Here Read more
I have just reorganized and revamped my Youtube Channel, so I invite you all to Subscribe! All the contents are in English or have English Captions! At present time you will find Mylena Vocal Coach Read more
Today the journalist and blogger Sara Maria Malacalza published on the account Instagram de i Libri Salvano, her review on the book of Mylena Vocal Coach "The way of the Voice". You can read it Read more
How to make it survive in the Internet jungle From today you will find in all bookshops, even online, my new eBook titled "The Art of Keeping a Healthy Voice". It's a 100-page eBook that Read more
I'm always happy when I received a Testimonial about actual result from my work as a Vocal Coach, this time applied to the acting world. That's why I'm going to open a studio also in Read more
As of today, we have received all Five Star review over Facebook as you can see from our facebook page. We have also received very good recommendation over LinkedIn from high level professional scattered all Read more
Gathering a video testimony during a Workshop is really difficult, also because I really want to protect the privacy of all participants. But sometimes the exception happens. Here is the Inborn Voice Vocal Coaching video Read more
Every now and then, in my career as Vocal Coach, it happens to have some moments of relaxation. What better city than Rome to relax and soak up the wonders of the eternal city? Today Read more
Allan was one of my first students here in Boston. He is the founder of the Raja Style Yoga School in MarbleHead, MA. The combination of voice and Yoga is something as ancient as it Read more
Once in the United States, it didn't take long for someone to release a video testimony. This is even more exceptional than normal for two reasons. The first is that it is very difficult for Read more
Inborn Voice is not just Vocal Coaching. In fact, my commitment as Mylena Vocal Coach is also to bring happiness to people's voices and to give back some of my talent even to those who Read more
Cristina also wanted to release her own video testimony, in English, on the results obtained with the Inborn Voice method just when she learned that I was leaving for the United States. Leave a comment Read more
Cinzia also wanted to release a video testimony when she discovered, to her great regret, that I was going to live in the United States. Cinzia was also one of the first students to follow Read more
Few Vocal Coach in the world are able to guarantee the ability to handle guttural sounds, such as Growl or Scream, without actually destroying the vocal cords. I always choose with caution who to work Read more
From time to time, some of my students are so impressed by the success they have achieved with their voice through the Inborn Voice method and my work, perhaps because they have had some not Read more
Elisa is definitely, at the moment, the most resonant of my students. Probably in the not too distant future she will do something wonderful. Elisa has been able to recognize her Inborn Voice perfectly and Read more
Mylena is one of the world's leading Vocal Coach. She lives and works in the United States and she runs studios also in London (UK) and Milan (IT). You may not already know her and Read more


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