• Public speaking

    your real voice

    For a successful manager is more important how to say something than the content of the speech.
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  • Start improving

    Right now!

    The sooner you realize how important is your voice for every aspect of your life, the better it changes.

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  • Online lessons

    with my method

    I work also online with a great rate of success! Contact me and I will check if your situation is suitable for Online Learning.
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  • Never too late

    Plenty of time!

    The inborn Voice Method is tailored for every one that want a better voice. And is never too late to start!Vocal lessons »

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The task of a good trainer is to weed out the doubts to make room for certainty.

Voice seminars

Specific seminars

I hold regular seminars and group classes throughout Europe and the East Coast of the United States. My seminars are always targeted to specific topics, they are not too large, so as to give everyone a chance to take in what is said.

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Vocal Classes

Group courses, so-called Vocal Classes, are always targeted concepts and practical experience that all participants can understand. I've never organized events to convey revolutionary or miraculous ideas, but to show all participants the reality and naturalness of the vocality of human existence.

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