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Before teaching others, new knowledge must be acquired by reflecting on those already known by everyone else.

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Milena Origgi, also known as Mylena Vocal Coach or the Voice Guru, is a leading figure in the world of international voice education. It is recognized by many of the leading players in the field and her work has been featured in the major national and international television and print media. No other Vocal Coach has a specialization related to using the voice to speak and communicate, while the majority is restricted to "making people sing". Milena collaborates with the most famous Vocal Coach in the world, the main Italian and American universities and can already boast two publishing successes. She regularly lectures, workshops and retreats around the world about voice, the correct way to speak and sing, her teaching method, Inborn Voice, and the great success of her Vocal Realignment®. If you want to contact Milena or her staff, you can do so directly from any email address on the site or

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