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Improve your motivational skills

Voice Realignment®: Improve your Motivational Skills

Your Journey starts with a Voice Assessment

Voice realignment is our crown jewel. Inborn Voice is the only method of vocal coaching that is capable of tuning everyone's voice to their own deepest emotions and their original vibration. If your call in life is of utmost importance, you will feel inside a wildfire you want to share with others. Your voice is the spark that can help you light the fire inside your followers.
When you realize that your voice is non consistent with your ideas and visions, or your credibility is impaired by the way you speak, you often experience also these symptoms. How long have you been neglecting them?

Here are some examples of some very common symptoms:

  • Unclear voice
  • Boring tone, wrong pauses and bad rhythm
  • Foreign Accent
  • Speech disorders
  • People don't listen to you
  • Tendency to yell
  • Uninspiring Voice
  • and much more!

Mylena vocal coach, thanks to more than thirty years of experience, offer you more expertises at once. ...

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