• The natural way

    Your inborn voice

    Everyone underestimate the power and the freedom inside the human voice. Once you get started getting back your inborn voice, all your life get the right way.
    Inborn Voice Method »

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  • On your resume

    And during an interview

    The vocal training with an international Vocal Coach add something special to your resume and make the difference during an interview. Preparation is useless without a proper presentation.
    Vocal Training »

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  • Rise your voice

    let it thrive

    I keep regular Voice Seminars and Internship all around the world.
    I give priority to my students,
    but they are open to anyone interested.
    Voice Seminars »

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  • Start improving

    Right now!

    The sooner you realize how important is your voice for every aspect of your life, the better it changes.
    Philosophy »

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No one can teach you what you think is able to do, but only what it is in reality.

Certified Instructors

Certified Instructors

Inborn Voice provide also training for whoever desire to become a Voice Teacher and wish to adopt the Inborn Voice philosofy and method. If you are interesting of becoming part of this growing comunity, you can contact directly Mylena Vocal Coach.
We are always running training programs, and you can enroll at any time.
Every Certified instructor will display on its studio or website the Inborn Voice Logo.

Improper use of the brand Inborn Voice

Much of my educational momentum is slowed by the constant and growing abuse of the brand Inborn Voice by unscrupulous people.

I kindly ask all of you to immediately report to me each one who is pretending to be a certified instructor and that fail to diplay the proper diploma. You can also ask directly to Mylena Vocal Coach if and when your instructor has got his degree with us.