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You can't teach what you believe to know, but only what you really are.

Inborn Voice Certified Trainer and how to become certified

Certified Instructors

Inborn Voice provides specific training for whoever desires to become a Voice Teacher and wish to adopt the Inborn Voice Philosophy and method. If you are interested in becoming part of this growing community, you can contact directly Mylena Vocal Coach.

We are always running training programs, and you can enroll at any time.
Every Certified instructor will display on its studio or website the Inborn Voice Logo.

All the Inborn Voice Certified trainers are listed on this page.

  • Milena Origgi - Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher
  • Damiano Cuco - Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher
  • Max Alt - Singing Teacher

Improper use of the brand Inborn Voice

Much of my educational momentum is slowed by the constant and growing abuse of the brand Inborn Voice by unscrupulous people.

I kindly ask all of you to immediately report to me each one who is pretending to be a certified instructor and that fail to display the proper diploma. You can also ask directly to Mylena Vocal Coach if and when your instructor has got his degree with us.

How to become a Certified Trainer with the Inborn Voice Method?

We have a seven step path to reach certification:

  • 1. Start by training your voice correcting the issues you already have, using the Inborn Voice Method
  • 2. Develop an understanding of the theory and the implications of what you have learned about your voice
  • 3. Compare the differences between the training you have received and one of someone else
  • 4. Develop the ability to recognize the major issued on someone else voice
  • 5. Learn how to help other people remove a specific issue from their voice using the Inborn Voice Method
  • 6. Develop aa high goal for yourself and start the process from 1 to 5 for all the other major flaws of the human voice and that you have not experienced yet.
  • 7. Focus your mind on making continuous progress in your inborn voice training as a trainer

Becoming an Inborn voice teacher is a lifelong commitment there is no limit in improving the understating of people’s inborn voice or end to improving its own inborn voice.