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Those who never cease to be a student, obtains eternal youth.

Private vocal lessons

Individual lessons

When I use the term Vocal Coach, sometimes people understand only a limited part of my vision. My choice was made to differentiate from the rest of the educational field, with an emphasis on professionalism.

Today you can find all kinds of Coaches, from the Life Coach to event a Shopping Coach.

The word Coach essentially means "preparer". "Something more than an instructor as it also deals with the practical and not just theoretical. This "preparer" it is rarely found but we are seeing more and more people who limit themselves to just the practical aspect of vocality. Precisely for this, I am constantly against those who use this style that I call "Karaoke style".

The coach is the one who defends, supports and gives security to their customers, teaching them to master something that they actually already have.


As I have already repeated many times on this site, you cannot try to learn something about your own vocals by skipping steps, but you must follow a precise path made of successive steps, which is done by individual lessons or group lessons.

If you want to work with me on your voice, please contact me without any hesitations and together we will find a solution to your problem.

Ears, eyes and charisma

In my experience as a perennial student (I still study today and examine various materials) I learned to choose my teachers with care and expertise.
Sometimes even decades can pass to wait for the right teacher, which within a few meetings can bring us higher than expected; whatever the matter is that is being discussed.

People from ancient times were very wise to this. In fact, there are many sayings and proverbs that emphasize that no student can hope to exceed their own teacher as long as they remain under their wings. In my personal experience I have met several teachers of different subjects that I have studied and I guarantee that when you meet someone qualified you recognize it immediately. Sometimes you must wait until they are available for a long time, but the time is saved as learning incorrectly is always worse than not learning at all.

I say this because you must reflect on your own what are your capabilities that make a difference when it comes to Vocal Coaching: these precious qualities are your ears, your eyes, your charisma and your personal experience.

I have not mentioned other elements because I think they are not as equally important.