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Whoever never stops being a STUDENT, gets eternal youth.

Private Voice lessons and Vocal Coaching sessions

One-to-one Vocal Coaching sessions

When I pioneered the term Vocal Coach no one had the slightest idea what that meant. At that time my choice was connected to the desire to distinguish myself from the rest of the voice trainers, with an emphasis on the high level of my professionalism.

Today the situation has not changed that much. Instead, the word "coach" is being misused and we find every type of imaginable coach, from Life Coach to even Shopping Coach.

The word Coach essentially means "trainer". It is something more than a teacher because it also takes care of the practical part and not just the theoretical one. It is difficult to find a real Vocal Coach, more and more often we find teachers who restrict their work only to the technical aspect of the voice. Precisely for this reason I constantly fight against those who teach in a style that I describe as "Karaoke"./p>

The coach is the one who defends, supports and gives security to clients, teaching them to master something he or she already has. Never trust a Coach that shows some voice flaws or defect, that is shy or that is overpowering you.


One-to-one Voice Training sessions

As I have mentioned several times on the website, you can not imagine learning something about your voice by skipping several basic stages, but you must follow a well-defined journey made up of successive steps, whether you are following Vocal Coaching one-to-one sessions or Voice Training Classes.

If you want Mylena Vocal Coach to work with on your voice, contact Inborn Voice without hesitation, we will find the best solution to let you and your voice grow confidently.

Ears, eyes, and charisma

In my experience as a lifelong student ( I still study and improve several disciplines), I have learned to choose my teachers with care and attention. Sometimes you have to wait even decades to find the right teacher, the one who in a few sessions takes you to the very top, whatever is the subject you are dealing with.

Our ancestors were very wise in this, in fact, there are many old sayings that point out that no student can hope to outdo their teacher as long as he remains under their wing. In my personal experience, I have met several masters from the different disciplines I have studied and I assure you that when you meet someone really valid you will recognize that immediately. Sometimes you have to wait for them to be available for a long time, but it is all time saved because learning misguided is always worse than not learning at all.

I share this knowledge with you so you can reflect by yourself on the skills that make a great Vocal Coach: their precious qualities are their ears, their eyes, their charisma, and their personal experience. I didn't mention other elements because I don't think they are as important.