On March 31, 2021 at 6 p.m. CET, in collaboration with Bocconi Alumni Career Advice, I will hold a live Webinar (in Italian) dedicated to providing a comprehensive overview of the hidden potential of the human voice.

The event has a limited number of participants, so late arrivals are more likely to miss it, but it is open to everyone. Below is the link to register directly on the Bocconi Alumni website. During the webinar you will discover why the real added value of a communication based on the Inborn Voice approach is able to bring benefits in all areas of our social and working life, defining every success.

There will also be a section dedicated to your questions at the end!

Here is the first part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

This evening we are here for something very particular, very specific. We were also saying before preview chatting among ourselves and therefore I hope that this evening you feel a little bit my happiness to be part of this group. My happiness to be here this evening to listen, not only from my smile or from what I say, but also from my voice. Why do I say this? I say this because today we are very fortunate to have as one of the greatest experts on the potential of the voice, who as Mylena herself will tell you, has dedicated her entire life to believing that the voice can contribute to expressing who we are, can also contribute in a certain way to presenting ourselves. So you’ve heard, you’ve read if you’ve subscribed, you’ve Googled something so you know that she’s also called “The Voice Guru” and you might have heard of her method which is Inborn Voice, of which she’s going to give us a little taste tonight.

I am very curious because, as I was saying to Milena, I have read, I have watched something and I am very curious and in a certain sense I am also fascinated to find out what she is going to tell us and where she is going to take us, in which journey Mylena is going to take us, and I am especially curious in this period because how many times do we happen to talk on the phone and maybe even with unknown people and sometimes we already have an idea of the tone of voice from the colors from the tones of the voice, we imagine what a person is like, maybe without even seeing him or her, and this is just the proof that the voice, as well as our smile, our eyes, our gestures, our posture, is a way to express ourselves.

Today, perhaps even more than before, understanding how to use and enhance the beauty, power and versatility of our voice could be one more tool that we put in our baggage of people to use it as our business card.

So Mylena Vocal Coach will guide us in this pleasant discovery. I know that there will be no shortage of surprises, at this point in addition to saying a thousand thanks to Milena, I would leave the word to her to begin this journey. Thank you Milena Origgi, you have the floor!

Perfect, here we are! So you all see me, you all hear me? Can you confirm me please? Excellent!

Then I thank everyone and especially those who are connecting and of course Elena, Giulia and Elisa, with whom I started this collaboration.

Let’s go right away to what tonight is really going to be more than a journey, it’s going to be an incredible, very cool experience. This webinar is titled: the hidden potentials of the voice and I’m going to pause for a moment here already. “Hidden.” We often talk about potential in a generic way. “Hidden,” yes this evening we’re going to see and hear things that we’ve never perceived so clearly about vocality. Obviously according to the method I created 30 years ago, if not more, and this is its fruit.

We’re obviously going to address a broad look, so this webinar is for everyone, for those who have some experience and for those who are let’s say primarily neophytes, so they don’t know anything about this topic.

Let’s start with something very simple: what is a potentiality? It is a set of means, capabilities, possibilities that a person naturally has, which is still latent and with the right guidance will be able to develop. It seems trivial, but I want to stop for a moment. If we don’t use a potentiality, if we don’t have a guide, we have automatically lost a lot of value, as a person and as a professional.

Now let’s go to the potentials of the human voice: what and how many are the potentials of the human voice and how do we use them? Let’s ask ourselves this question already. Everybody. Here I’ll stop on this sentence, which I give to you immediately: here we have a first glimpse of the Inborn Voice method. Some of the vocal skills are more relevant than others. We’re all used to thinking that voice is describable in a very simple way, and we’ll see that in a moment. So it could be volume and tone and so on, but are they really the vocal skills that have the most relevance? No!

Take a look at what happens if we focus on the standard vocal skills that can be learned, that can be managed in a very generic way, without identifying with them. Here it is. I chose this image, I absolutely love it and I hope you do too. Why did I purposely put a woman talking to a man and doing blah blah blah and it all goes in the trash? In a nice way. Because that way we learn faster, that’s exactly what happens when we talk and we don’t know how to use our voice naturally, but more importantly we constantly focus on the words. What do I have to say, how many do I have to say, maybe he will have understood and we talk we talk we talk, this Bla Bla Bla goes through the ears and ends up right in this basket. Of course we can also put two colleagues, two female colleagues, but this is the function.

Why? Because the person has focused extremely on known examples, so maybe he has paid attention to an accent, he has paid attention to a pause, but he has not paid attention to very important elements that are hidden and that we will see today. When we go into this kind of mode, speaking in this way, without paying attention to how we then feel. I like this animation that my guys did, this blah blah blah, this basket, this engagement that we give by studying voice in the mode
standard, common generic, has this effect: the blah blah blah turns into smoke, so the words don’t come, the concepts don’t come, they don’t listen to us. And that means we’ve not only wasted time, energy, but more importantly our voice is not aligned with what we needed to say to that listener.

But we’ll see later, why? In the face of this why I am amused and I smile. Because again we create another rift with the Inborn Voice method, what is this rift? The technical area that is so much talked about and seems to be so important, or let’s say it is talked about a lot and many people focus on it, is important as a potential of our voice only and only for 20% of our communication. I would venture to say in my experience almost 18%. People who come to me with perfect pauses, a wonderful accent, but it’s not enough….

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Here is the second part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

I have people who come to me with perfect pauses, a wonderful accent, but it’s not enough and they disperse because they find many ways to study this technical part, but it’s not enough again. What are we talking about? Diction, you will know it more or less I think all of you and it is one of the characteristics that you should have to have a beautiful voice. I don’t fully agree. Speed, of course it’s important but what is speed really related to? Rhythm, pauses, which are certainly important but we often forget to put them in the right place when we focus too much on technique. And volume as well.

Clearly these definitions I have given are just a few. Technique is much broader as definitions, we could find many other elements, but it doesn’t change the fact that technique, in our vocality, fills only and exclusively 18-20 percent. What remains, what is the most important part, that without it any study in the technical part has almost no meaning or effectiveness? A lot of clients always ask me, I want an effective voice, I’ve done everything. I’ve done theater classes, I’ve done diction classes, I’ve done so many things but I’m not getting there. What’s missing? Well I would say 95% of the emails I get have that question. That’s what’s missing, what I’ve dedicated, as Elena said earlier, 30 years of my life to.

According to a recent research carried out at the center for the study of language of the department of phonetics of Trinity College in Dublin and Columbia University in New York city, and I am collaborating with these figures more and more present on paralinguistic communication, the most important stimuli are not perceived and I explain even better, they are not measurable, by the listeners. I repeat again, they are not perceived, therefore they are not measurable.

Technique is measurable, but the most important part is not and probably will never be completely measurable, because the nuances of vocality are too many and it really requires a lot of work, a lot of commitment, but also a lot of passion and, I never hide it, a gift. So I was saying, this is what I’ve been dedicated to for over 30 years. To the emotional area of the voice. Thirty years ago I began to unite voice and emotion in an indissoluble way. There is no ability or possibility to dissociate them. It’s just not possible. Now we are finally starting with these universities that we mentioned earlier to notice this detail. I have been constantly defending it for many years and now I am going along with you to see in an ever broad way what this emotional area is.

When I speak of the emotional area, I would like there to be no confusion linked to other knowledge. I base myself exclusively on the vibrations of the sound of the voice, the frequencies, and absolutely the proper element of the sound wave. We have resonance, so coming into resonance with another person, not only with the voice, but mainly that voice we have inside (Inborn Voice). In the U.S. very often they ask me “find your voice”, so this voice that we have inside that I called Inborn Voice. The Inborn Voice, the one that is born with us, must also resonate in a professional setting. Yes because it’s always us!

Then we have the harmonics, so still a little bit more complex if you will. Then we have structure, which unites the elements, then we also have color. We’ve heard a little bit about that, it helps to understand a little bit and intonation. I’m going to stop for a second on intonation because I have to laugh every now and then because some of the people who are connected today this I know because they should be there, have come to me saying but I’m not an intonated person, how can my voice be a beautiful voice even while talking? Can it ever?

I don’t believe in out of tune people and in 30 years I have proven this to be true. I have helped so many people from being out of tune to becoming in tune, not just musically speaking, but just in tune with themselves and therefore with their outgoing vocals. So if there’s anyone who thinks that by not being well in tune their voice can’t improve, well I dispel that myth.

And then we’re looking at fluency, but what’s the greatest thing about when we’re speaking feeling naturally free to do so? With fluency. well I announce this already, when our emotion is aligned with our person it becomes natural and fluency is something that makes everything so much lighter for us. The pauses just happen to come naturally. The rhythm comes with itself.

Another very important phrase that I really wanted to emphasize today, short, two lines: a recent study has identified over thirty emotions that can be transmitted and recognized JUST by listening to a voice.

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Here is the third part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

See my pleasure in saying this phrase: just listening to a voice. Actually it takes a lot to understand this. It is not 30 emotions, from my point of view there are many more, then we will see. But I’m going to dwell on this one for a moment. Let’s take a little example. The phone. We call someone on the phone, as Elena said a little bit, between the lines we hear that voice and we immediately recognize who it is, if we know him or we have already heard, and this should already understand how powerful this tool is. But I’ll go on. We hear through this voice on the phone, without seeing, without having any other reference, if this person is well, not well, is angry and so on.

Obviously I am only talking about the basic emotions, to me it is possible to feel even the nuances that are not so easy to detect and it helps the completeness of being able to understand already what the person is going to say. Then I can also give you another interesting example. Still on how much I ONLY hear the voice, many U.S. clients ask me to work on their voice on the answering machine. It may seem strange to you, I don’t know if it has arrived in Italy yet, but in the U.S. this thing is very strong. Because an answering machine recorded with a voice that is not aligned and I don’t even want to say correct, or even set, because I don’t like set voices: they are blocked voices. This person immediately makes the customer or referrer realize something about themselves and they don’t know it. So often you don’t get called back, how come? There, that voicemail maybe, needs to be changed and the voice needs to be expanded.

I’ll go a little further because I really care about it and the results I see every day are huge. If we want, always saying ONLY our voice, we can add cymatics which is a science, a discipline that studies the vision and the power of what happens at the morphogenetic level thanks to sound waves on matter. It is beautiful if you have time to browse it, but even more I can tell you about SOLO la voce. Masaro Emoto, Japan. I love Japan very much and I also know a bit of Japanese, he has demonstrated with great enthusiasm that water subjected to vibrations, so words, positive sounds, creates wonderful crystals, with halo figures. Obviously these crystals, if the voice is not well aligned, these crystals will be of a different structure, almost disconnected. Here I leave only a small input and if you have questions we will see it maybe in a broader way.

Imagine the power of this water that thanks to the vocal vibrations, of the words that are coming out, it gives us these crystals, with golden figures or it gives us fragmented crystals. Well our body is made up of over 60% water. Have I been able to make you think? That’s why I work intensely, because the voice affects that water that we have in the body and it really does some incredible things, in a positive sense, but sometimes in a negative sense as well.

Now let’s look at these thirty emotions. We have admiration, so the vocality is expressed by saying I admire a person and then you feel this enthusiasm in the vocality. When this admiration is not there, you can’t fake it. Then we talk about adoration which still a little bit more excessive if you will than admiration and our voice changes again further. Appreciation, the aesthetic aspect of course, fundamental, essential. We are faced with an incredible concept, which I always quote in the United States saying that our voice is our business card. Our voice is our business card!

Surprise. Expressing surprise with our joy and with our voice is critical. People around us today, we’re doing this webinar, if my voice was flat, boring, or very low, inaudible, I would bore everyone. No! We have to have in our voice the surprise, the joy that is inside of us before it comes out of us. Then we come to a particular topic: anxiety. I’m going to pause here for a moment because we find ourselves in about 90-92% of my clients, and anxiety has a great power not only on the human being in general, but on the voice it’s really deleterious. Not only does it create fatigue, not only does it create incredible blocks, you can’t get out, so the word sometimes doesn’t even come out, it just can’t even get out. This is a limitation for a professional who is probably also trained. This anxiety sets in and the voice gets stuck or breaks. When this anxiety is present our voice shows it immediately, I want to reiterate that the voice does not lie. We say everything in what we are saying.

Then we have the fear. And that leads to the voice being much more closed, restricted. Several clients come in and say I feel a knot in my throat because it’s choked so I strain it. No. This is a start. To understand that we need to work on it. Embarrassment. It happened to me, maybe it will sound strange, some people who asked me but how can I use my voice when I feel embarrassed, but I want to get out of the embarrassment. That’s if we don’t say anything, the embarrassment gets bigger. Our voice, on the other hand, manages to put that awkwardness back where it belongs. Boredom. Boredom is a very important element. Listening to people who speak in a boring and monotonous way, I guarantee you that it cannot, in the most absolute way, bring a listening and effective result. It just can’t happen. You can have the most important topic in the world, you can be very well prepared, but if you are bored with that voice there will be nothing left, like the slide from before with the fire. Then we go to the confusion. Let’s say that the voice happens something like the feeling of anxiety, but not so much. The confusion sometimes makes you forget the words, some people have told me: look I need your help on the vocal because it will help me at the cognitive and constructive level of my presentation. So you don’t get confused, you don’t lose the point and above all you don’t remain mute for a few fractions of a second.

Then we have desire, we have disgust. I really love how much we are faced with emotions that are perhaps not canonical, but disgust is also important. We have to express it, we have to say it, maybe in a professional way we have to be a little bit sweeter with this disgust but sometimes our voice has to make it clear. If we are or are not in that argument, in that decision. Then we have pain, I will pause because pain is very important. We talk about an emotion that must be expressed through the voice without fear, then it would be a better world, empathetic. We’ve heard of empathy in a thousand ways, well I want to say that empathy and empathizing with someone is just fundamental, related to resonance. We have to resonate with the other person, not just musically, but even more deeply, according to our frequencies. Then we have another nice word, actually an emotion. Enchantment. In-singing and and enchantment. It comes from the voice. Here allow me a moment of magic. I come from Boston, and near Boston there is a bit of a magical air, as some may know. What happens? The voice has the power to enchant, not just on people you meet but yourself in the mirror sometimes. It works for me.

Then we have envy. Envy is difficult, but it is also important. We have excitement, fear. Fear and anxiety are fundamental elements in my work. Fear does not only block, it does not only constrict the throat and therefore the voice comes out hoarse, difficult, the salivation goes to zero, the person cannot articulate well. Fear really creates a vocal dryness. Horror. We have the interest, the happiness I mentioned earlier, the nostalgia. Nostalgia, let’s not underestimate it, it’s very beautiful. We come from a culture that obviously I don’t find where I live because ours is much richer from this point of view. From poetry. Where there is nostalgia, melancholy and the recitation of these elements. The enunciation of these emotions, really enrich us as a human being, but also as a vibrational being. And then we have love, so obvious so magnified so easy apparently. No. Absolutely not! Love is one of the most difficult emotions to say, especially if it is deep and true. We’re afraid, but it’s beautiful and so having the voice ready and lined up to say it. I guarantee it gives great satisfaction as well as greater relational results.

Then we have sadness, satisfaction. I like satisfaction. You hear just how good it sounds, in the word, in the sound of the word it’s all there. The sexual desire, also present. The empathy and the exultation. 30 31? For me there are many more and our voice, if well aligned and well articulated but above all alive with what we want to say is able to really bring in so many frequencies that go unnoticed. But it’s not true. I would not even speak of unconscious, they are even deeper are that state of quantum frequency, vibration, sound wave

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Here is the fourth part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

Now we come to the unexpressed potentials, because clearly the question will be “but I have potentials and how come they are unexpressed?”. I have only mentioned a few items but they can be many others or grouped together. A little bit you are not aware that you possess them, so you don’t know. I have the voice, that’s it. I have it, and it is. It works. Do I own them or do I not own them, though? Do I believe them or do I not believe them? Or do you ignore the possibility of improving them and so you don’t know again that you can improve them. Earlier we saw that you may not know you have them, but then you ignore the possibility of improving them. In the US we say take them for granted, so we take them for granted, we have a voice.

Many times people tell me “I have a voice, it works, it’s okay”, everyone has it. My voice is not beautiful or it could be more beautiful. No! You have to imagine the voice, not only as an orchestra, but much more than an orchestra, with sounds that are not even musically representable today, maybe in the future. This is the voice.

You can’t find the guidance given to make them flourish. This is a very important element. I get over two hundred emails a day from people who are really impressed with the fact that they have studied, worked, committed themselves, done a lot of vocal technique, but… The typical phrase they say to me is “I don’t recognize it”, “I couldn’t make it flourish”, “this voice doesn’t represent me” and “when I record myself it’s not me”, or like right now “when I do a video, a webinar, who does youtube, it doesn’t represent me, it’s not there, I’m not present”.

I was teaching a class the other day and we were just talking about preparing a presentation cognitively, vocally, and I said to the student in question: a presentation, for it to be done well, you have to be present. I’ll say it again, because it sounds easy. Present. Here’s a good guide, an aligned guide, especially an experienced guide, you really need to understand so many nuances, it can make your voice flourish, blossom, but take it to a really unimaginable level and with it your life

Then it can happen that you are already convinced that you have reached the maximum, so, beyond that, I don’t go, I don’t continue, I don’t persist. Despite 30-35 years of this experience, I can never get enough. I travel the world and constantly discover new vocal vibrations, new frequencies, incredible, subtle, imperceptible but essential. The voice, we’re talking about the voice.

How to objectively evaluate your own potential for vocal expression? It will come to you. How do I do that? Well. I wanted to put up this beautiful rating, one star, two stars, three stars, four stars and five stars. Of course, I want to say that ONLY a five-star guide can get you, perhaps, to five stars, if you are very good. But a three-star guide will never get you to five stars. So professionalism first. And a guide who is able to take you there, can see your full potential objectively. But we often forget that the most important speech organ is the ear.

I’m back to full screen. Why? Because I want to give the ear the right value it has, now especially that we are starting to live an era, which is returning to audio, to podcasts, to listening, and so I ask all of you to do a very small and very simple exercise, very simple but very important. Let’s devote a moment of total silence, so each of you please be silent and let your ears hear nothing and can clean up for a moment with me. All right! Thank you!

Why? And here I hope to amuse you. You really need big ears, not physically, but at the level of complexity and ability to recognize hidden potentials, you need the ear of an expert. Sometimes people say I have ears like this little dog, or like the bionic woman. Incredible perceptions. In fact, the first step I take with each of my clients is a voice assessment, an evaluation of their voice skills in which my ears open completely and listen to every single detail of the voice of the person who has contacted me. This is the moment when people are overjoyed to receive not only a rich and comprehensive assessment, but they ask me how did that make them feel? I don’t hear it, I tell them: we’ll learn it together!

Is it possible to improve vocal skills in the areas… So now we’re going to look at a few areas where we can improve our vocal skills. First, the professional side. Most of you are probably wired for a professional aspect so I’m going to focus more on that however I’m going to try to always be wide-eyed because that’s what I really like, 360 degrees. Then we have the personal area and then we have the social area. So what happens in these areas? You may have seen that I put these three areas overlapping, why? Because when I work in the United States, the concept is very vertical. We find ourselves with a professional who reaches out to me because they want to improve their vocals in the profession. The person let’s say in a little more intimate way, asks me to work personally, so always vertically, just on the person. Or someone who decides instead to start working on improving his social aspect, maybe he doesn’t have this aspect in his working framework and so again he asks me in a vertical way to work on this. When they come in I allow time for them to understand how it will work, but I tell everyone that Inborn Voice starts with a concept of the person’s identity.

My Vocal Coaching workshop’s that can’t be active at the moment since we’re in this situation anyway and they’re all live are called just your voice your identity, Your Voice, Your Identity. Why? Because if we don’t start from the identity of the person, with all its nuances, we will only do segmented work and most likely we will use a vertical professional voice, maybe very technical, which will dry up the social part or even worsen the personal part. No! If, on the other hand, we keep the center, the person, the identity of the person, this will not happen. This will make the person complete themselves and not only improve on a professional level, but improve on a social level at the same time, on the same path that we will take together, and on a personal level. Because a lot of people ask me, “I only want to work personally.” Working only personally on one’s own voice sometimes leads to a social involution instead of a social evolution and working only on the social aspect sometimes leads only to worry about what others think and working only on the professional level sometimes leads to not thinking about the nuances we are talking about today.

Now I’m going to break them down individually and we’ll look at them a little bit together

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Here is the fifth part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

The professional area: the voice defines the result! Here we return to the great importance of vocality, which is indispensable: it defines the result. So, once again, a lot of work, a lot of commitment, a lot of study, a lot of preparation and then….

Let’s talk about freelancers. By aligning their voice with their identity, as I mentioned earlier, then to the basics of the method I created, you can manage and create work by engaging clients. This may seem minor, but it’s not. Sometimes we also need a moment, to take a sip of water. Engaging clients means giving value to your work, it means creating someone who then has an interest in continuing to work with you.

Job interviews: always a voice aligned with your own identity manages to sell empirically from your own person, so all your experience, your knowledge, but I would also use to say your whole person, from your genesis, so just completely, because what makes the difference and is inside in your voice.

Employees: they can update higher superiors and colleagues without any problems. How many times they write to me saying “no one listens to me“. Here with an aligned voice, colleagues and superiors, resonating with them, will listen to you. You will be amazed at this too!

Promotions. I want a promotion, I want a promotion…. With a good voice you will definitely know how to get your value recognized and among the people who are connected there are definitely some who can confirm it. Just these days, recognize your own value. The other person knows that you are connected with yourself and especially with what you want, are and are worth. You don’t have to be afraid. In your voice, fear comes right out.. I want a promotion, I want a promotion…. With a good voice you will definitely know how to get your value recognized and among the people who are connected there are definitely some who can confirm it. Just these days, recognize your own value. The other person knows that you are connected with yourself and especially with what you want, are and are worth. You don’t have to be afraid. In your voice, fear comes right out.

Aspiring executives: building active and effective teams. I am often contacted just for basic team building, from beautiful hotels or resorts to other events for some style and so on. I love that moment so much because when they start working on their voice, they see that the team comes together, forms and through our work they also learn to listen to the voice of the team. They become effective at communicating but more importantly effective at listening as well and that creates a beautiful union that can get an aspiring executive to be an executive-

And then we have the executives: with an aligned voice, they can relate to the administration in a firm, confident, authoritative and, above all, effective and precise manner. Still remaining people with the human side. So many times stress leads us to talk and talk or relate in a fairly aggressive way if we want to. No! When you are well aligned with your voice your authority, your expertise, comes administration. Again in a way of frequency, of vibration.

What happens instead, alas, with an unaligned voice? The result is often catastrophic.

Freelancers are starting to lose opportunities and clients. How come? What happened? Why? Was my voice monotonous? Was my voice too loud? Did I suffer from some upswing or downswing, so I made a mistake when using my voice? It can be, very much so. Since the voice doesn’t lie.

In job interviews, you fail to convey your identity. One almost hides. When a voice is confident the person always comes out. Not conveying one’s identity means that you could do one thing rather than another and therefore the person will tend not to choose you. You remain passive you don’t know brings value to employees. Here’s another important point So many people tell me “I remain silent” I don’t speak, I say nothing. I fail to bring value and therefore I fail to move up, to improve. You remain passive. I won’t tell you what happens after that, apart from vocality. We become isolated and don’t believe in ourselves, and so our self-esteem goes. Esteem for ourselves.

Promotions: the promotion goes to someone who doesn’t deserve it or to someone who managed to be there in that promotion and expressed it with all the passion and intention and took the promotion.

Aspiring executives, you come into conflict with management. All it takes is a “mhm“, all it takes is an “ehh“, a high pitch. There’s something jarring and it’s not what you said, because I could say an identical sentence to you as context, as words in a thousand different ways and you would perceive different emotions

Executives would promise unrealizable things and therefore disruption and by executive…..

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Here is the sixth part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

And now we come to an area, the personal area, which I will deal with a little bit faster than the professional one, however I want to say it because it is part of us. A professional if in the personal area he doesn’t feel well, automatically his voice will show it, therefore the relationships.

Friendship: voice is key to creating relationships based on shared emotions. That resonance, those beautiful friendships. Not those friendships with those High Pitches that I hear constantly and are ephemeral friendships.

Romantic relationships: your voice can make you recognize resonant partners. Maybe this is not the right moment, but I want to say it anyway because having a resonant partner gives gratification to one’s life, improves our timing and also our work and gives us strength.

The couple: with an aligned voice you create intimacy. A deep intimacy, of thought, of sharing, but of evolution as a person and as a couple.

Parents: when a parent has a good voice that is not set, I reiterate, but a voice connected to its purest part, because then this is Inborn Voice, the birth voice then, the voice with which we came into the world and then our mission and this purity, we transmit positive experiences. Positives. Educating children through the proper use of voice in a positive way, that’s the better world we’re looking for.

With an unaligned voice in relationships you risk, you create friendships that crumble at the first difficulty. Why? Because they were based on resonances that didn’t even remotely belong to us. We pretended to be someone else, with our own voice. In the romantic relationship, on the other hand, dry relationships and the scheduled deadline begin. Why? Because our voice isn’t natural, it isn’t loose, it isn’t fluid and so we are interpreted differently and when we use our voice differently and not respecting ourselves for sure the partner we find is not one that will resonate.

Couple. Relationships don’t evolve and complicity is lost, so we don’t talk anymore or we talk very little, or we get attached and this then leads to work. Parenting. Give me a second because again 75 percent of the people who reach out to me and they are also executives, managers, CEOs, important people tell me, “you know, I received during my growing up a simple indication, in a pretty commanding voice, to silence” and now these people I guarantee you that they need a good path with me because that “do silence” has led them to get stuck at work, in a presentation and also in social and personal relationships. It’s a topic that I care deeply about, silence. It’s as good as we’ve seen it before. Silence and shushing someone is not good for them. When this someone need to express themselves, with respect.

Let’s go to the last area: the social area. Voice defines success. I love this so much.

Customer support: obviously voice is helpful in maintaining attachment relationships with customers. You will notice that customers who attach themselves to you, come back, even perhaps after many years. It gives you satisfaction. Thanks to your voice and your resonance.

Selling to the customer: finding extra monetary value, so not only is money the currency, but the person.

Presentations and keynotes: actively transferring, as mentioned before in a present way your vision to others. But how great is that?

Influencers and youtubers: they happen to me regularly. Create relationships of loyalty and just because they will continue to follow us maybe the voice is not perfect, not round, but it expresses who you are. Sometimes and it’s important to maintain identity

Podcasts and experts: podcasts now is going so much is important and it’s all about the voice. Imagine how great it is if your voice could express everything that is you in a podcast. I hear so many podcasts and you’ve seen my eyes, some done well, some not. And you lose so many important elements that maybe the other person has built with great enthusiasm. I also have my own podcast on Vocal Coaching. What happens with a good voice or a well aligned voice, better yet? We convey confidence and know how, so what we know, how it works and our confidence, this authority, if we then go to high performers the people who almost never have time and for them the framework of being able to use the social area is very rare. When they come to me they say “I don’t have this framework” and I tell them well let’s start working on your voice, your Inborn Voice and you’ll see that your social footprint will improve. Yes, because my method confirms that by working very well and deeply we will find that the emotional part of the Inborn Voice will erase the technical defects and I say this with great enthusiasm because I am the first one who can say this and I see it every day, the emotion, with this method, erases the technical defects: accents, stuttering, pauses and so on.

But if the voice is not aligned in the social sphere, very important today because our work is the basis of a social sphere, today more than ever, you unknowingly lose customers, for those who are customer care support a business relationship for those who sell is really hard to win back, you know that, right? Introductions. What happens? You don’t get consensus despite the ideas being wonderful, great, perfect. You scatter content and resources for influencers. So much work, so much work. For podcasts and experts – we’ll open a huge chapter on this – they appear to be amateurs in the dark, and I’d like to reflect on this. The voice is fundamental, precisely so that our podcast and our experience can truly arrive with seriousness and professionalism, not to make space that instead thinks it’s so simple. Coming in with good professionalism. High performers on the other hand with a misaligned voice needlessly waste an incredible amount of energy. The high performers I work with tell me “look, now I have a little time left to go play tennis, I don’t believe it!”. Moms? “look I have a little time left to go work out at the gym or bake a nice cake or something”. Well it seems small, but that’s life!

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Here is the seventh part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

So I’m going to conclude or I’m going to get closer to the conclusion by telling you that the voice can fill your life and I’m going to write it down because for me it has been like that and I will always continue to fill your life, I’m almost moved because it’s true I wanted to do this animation for you because it really plays a fundamental role in all of our lives, and here we can start from this state where we don’t have energy because the voice is energy, he shook my hand and told me you have a great fortune teaching how to use the voice through the deepest voice which is all pure energy without that energy we don’t have vital energy

For me the voice is vital energy at any age and here’s what happens when you start to work well and with expert guidance the little we have we think is enough we start a little bit to get up Of course I also put some gold coins on the side because all my clients can confirm that working well and seriously on the voice well not only improves life improves your profession and your earnings and you have more time for your quality of life then we get up here is how just this energy of life in the voice but how wonderful here we are up to, here’s Inborn Voice has the most pleasure when the person jumps rejoices lives reborn flourishes why? listening to our own voice as I am doing right now with you you can really fall in love and re-energize yourself the emotions if directed correctly can enrich the vocal expressiveness and with it the quality of your work and social life

Many of my clients say when we work with her we have at our disposal many professionals in one person it’s the truth and I like it very much clearly and then talk to Giulia if you are interested in some of the topics that I have treated in a fairly broad way and want to deepen them I will be at your disposal then talk to Giulia I will be very pleased because it is a vital topic for me important and if I can give you a cue

Today I am delighted because it is really a wonderful tool I give you the last insights it is estimated that the company with more than 100. 000 employees support costs and losses of more than 60 million euros due to some kind of communication barrier and it just so happens that 75 percent of our communication is through the voice spoken or listened to and we spend more than nine hours a day talking or listening deserves it is estimated that managers who are able to communicate with energy and their vision are able to ensure profit margins 50 percent higher than the competition and I say with this smile this enthusiasm and this and eyebrows that raise because it’s true I happen to thank me and say it’s wonderful a promotion, 50 percent more is wonderful

People who can communicate to others their emotions suffer less stress is estimated 50- 60% less stress than my clients in their lives and enjoy a higher quality of life and for a longer period of time Success can also be achieved by some kind of luck, I am not saying no, but you can maintain it, I repeat, maintain it only by communicating your essence to others, there is no shortcut, no shortcut, no shortcut,

With voice training you accumulate experience and save time, experience, time, you do all this in a job together, you really combine many elements, or two precious and limited resources, precious and limited, no joke. we are joking it is not with experience nor with time especially with time that does not come back and this defines our life and since time does not come back I leave you of course the references for questions or other information that you want to know and reach if clearly this explanation this speech you liked this my website we have the linkedin contact that many will know my channel patreon where there are already many videos that talk about Inborn Voice we have youtube we have instagram and of course you will also know that there is a book the way of the voice, the way of the voice now I thank you again and intensely I leave the word to Giulia and your wonderful and curious questions I hope

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Here is the eitghth part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

Giulia: Thank you, thank you Milena it was very nice to listen to you, thank you so much for telling us about how it is essential to be aware that the empathic and emotional aspect is crucial when it comes to voice and that thanks to this awareness we can achieve success and as you said a little while ago also improve the quality of our lives so thank you, thank you really some questions have already come in. So I’m going to start right now with some questions and I invite our participants to continue to write in the chat their questions and comments I’m going to start right at the beginning, so let’s go back and ask you what do you mean when you talk about voice, harmonics, structure and color? you mentioned this at the beginning of your webinar if you can tell us a little bit more?

Mylena: then I’ll delve into it in a fairly light way clearly because the topic is complex the harmonics which obviously are based on harmony to explain it the easiest way musical harmony. Actually it’s not only musical, it’s a harmony of vibrations and frequencies that are used by one voice with respect to another, so if a dissonant voice, in a very simple way, to the other absolutely the communication doesn’t arrive, the structure is the set of resonance and harmonics, so it’s everything that completes the phonation, the enunciation of the moment, so sounds, words, movements, but also nuances and especially inclinations, flexions, it’s the last era, harmonics, structure and… I’ll be right there… Color: here is color, let’s say there is a little more experience, but color is an element that helps when you’re new to vocalism to understand if the voice is warm, so it’s reflected by a color, mainly red, and joyful, which could be linked to yellow, so we have this chromatic aspect, clearly you understand that for me colors and their nuances are not enough because the vibrations of frequencies are even more complex,

Giulia: Absolutely First you talked about fluency of voice and one of our participants asks us that sometimes it is difficult to achieve this fluency for example in an interview or during an important performance Can you give us some advice to achieve this fluency?

Mylena: Then this fluency, as you may have guessed, is clearly the result of working on the person and his emotions because it is the emotion that blocks fluency is fundamental. the tension of an interview into a weapon to be able to do it better, well, the secret is to work on that specific tension and try to transform it always at a vibrational level and frequency within the person so that it becomes an energy

Giulia: Thank you, therefore, in the first part of your speech you spoke of the answering machine, a nice example that I liked and that raised a question: often when we listen to ourselves, our own voice seems light years away from us, which is something you also said, and we don’t like it, what can you tell us about this aspect?

Mylena: How do we learn to like ourselves or become more aware of what we express with our voice? Then we say that this too requires, as always, I’ll say it again, it’s a job, it’s fundamental, it requires a voice realignment®. Here on the website you can find vocal realignment®. I align the person, that is, what is inside the person, the person who is speaking, and his or her voice, so at this point we can finally reach this aspect. If you want, I can give you a few little hints, but it would be really superficial. I’ll do it at the beginning and say, “You don’t like your voice when you record yourself,” so be careful that you also record yourself with, I won’t say a good microphone, but at least a good recorder, but at least a good tape recorder, but it is fundamental that you start trying to record yourself when you read at least three different contexts. I always invite poetry, I always invite the technical part, and I always invite you to maybe imagine an interview with a person we care about, and you will see how the voice changes and you will say “here I recognize myself in this”. often when I do the Voice Assessment people talk and tell me all about it, and at a certain point I say “this is your voice” they look at me and say “how did you do that?” at this moment I feel perfect, I like myself, it’s a tuning, as Elle Magazine explains, that I do constantly, and it’s very important, but these little tidbits that I’ve given you may help you understand a little more,

Giulia: thank you, what are the techniques for aligning the voice?

Mylena: So, the techniques for realigning the voice obviously those who know me, who have already aligned it and are among you, know that they are not easy to crumble, so I can say something important to realign the voice first of all you have to understand that everyone has their own, so as we have seen that little dog with his ears open, there is no one technique that is the same for everyone, I have not created it, I am a craftsman, one hundred percent, despite the fact that sooner or later I will go crazy with all these requests, but I am a craftsman, I stop, I analyze, I listen and I start to make the person work with a specific technique but above all a specific search for his or her emotion, so if I am not very clear on the technique, it’s because the technique, as I said, is not able to achieve this realignment, the technique is just an adaptation to what is known, I would call it more of a journey, a discovery, an adventure

Giulia: Very good Listen, now I’m going to ask you a question that intrigued me a lot I would like to know from you if you can express your potentialities in many languages or if it’s possible only in your mother tongue this is clearly a question that comes from the audience

Mylena: Very good question congratulations to whoever asked this question because I’m a polyglot so obviously I love languages, I would like to learn all of them for now I know five or six because the sixth one is not really perfect Yes of course, indeed the language can improve, of course it will be different frequencies so a potential that in Italian is exposed with a specific harmony and context maybe it will succeed in English in another way but absolutely yes indeed it’s the journey I prefer par excellence you see Giulia I’m already passionate about this question yes I saw that she liked it as much as I did

Giulia: So now let’s go back to talking about emotions, even if in reality we have never stopped how to manage the emotions that don’t help our voice to emerge you mentioned some clearly it’s not only necessary only to want it so how do we do it?

Mylena: So I’ll say this too, it’s always very personal, but it’s important to understand that a) we don’t have to focus on the rational aspect if we start thinking “it’s not coming out”, “but now it’s not right”, “I’m stuck”, “here’s the anxiety” it’s over, it’s over 98% of my work is this then what can I do? I move and I do not silence the mind I am not in favor of silencing the mind no, I move the mind I leave it free not in silence, free and I want to point this out because in Italian, which comes from Latin, we have this beautiful saying the mind, mind do you understand what I mean? So the mind makes us do things, it makes us feel emotions, but above all it makes us perceive relationships and sensations that are often filtered incorrectly, so what should we do? We should retire the mind, as I say, a little bit, not in silence, because I have so many people, with all due respect to those who practice meditation, obviously, they come to me and tell me to turn off my head, but I can’t do it. No, I always say, you have not turned off the fire of the mind, the fire of the mind is always the emotion so let’s try to make the mind really reach this inner part that in the artistic jargon is the belly while I tell you it’s just this path from where our vital energy starts and you will see that if you focus on this without silencing the mind but letting it go you will find the most beautiful part of you and this is the only way to really win against fear, anxiety, agitation, etc. but that starts to think but also in theater, in other situations I have many different situations the mind, mind. It doesn’t help so it’s useful to remember but not to focus on the negative emotion absolutely not

Giulia: thank you Milena then going back to something more practical they ask us how to train and not get tired of talking on the phone or in public

Mylena: then here we can dissect a little the two things talking to the public is not the same thing as talking on the phone first of all and then it depends on who I imagine, and I refer, then if there are other questions tell me someone who speaks in front of an audience that does not know is a complex topic and we can also see, if you want, in a webinar but let’s say that I try to focus by telling you that you must first of all work on the fluency of which we spoke before fluency coincides, as I said before in the liberation of the vocal instrument and obviously it is involved the diaphragmatic breathing on which I stop but I say two words because I am a nonconformist and I am against any idea and I prove it for 30 years very often you use the diaphragm very badly and you are not prepared when the diaphragm is loose probably you will see in a while there is an interview that is about to arrive. with Inborn Voice we reach 400 percent more breathing capacity and this allows that fluency that allows you to talk for hours, obviously not forgetting that breathing at that level tones the vocal cords, which is very important, so as far as those who talk on the phone are concerned, I must say that it is better to talk on the phone while sitting down, a little bit standing just to be very easy always sitting automatically we have this compression diaphragmatic posture that leads forward but absolutely we are huddled inside ourselves and we must be very careful because this important element, Julia not want to appear what we are not in our phone maybe being too exuberant and then doing these high-pitches these high tones or other to appear etc. but we do not know how to keep because they do not belong to us and then we must also have a lot of water as I did not so much but it is right and necessary

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Here is the nineth and last part of Mylena Vocal Coach free Webinar: the hidden potential voice:

And here is the transcript:

Giulia: About vocal cords does the voice age?

Mylena: another beautiful question who asked it, again congratulations! then the body, the organism ages the models age and can no longer work the singers, the good ones, and I emphasize good, but really good, who are completely immersed in the song, and people who speak with the same passion no here in the United States this question is current, I have been asked very often to work on voice aging, and then the age of the voice scientifically vocality loses a little ‘but in reality are let’s say diaphragm, the whole physiological part that loses a little bit, but if we have trained it well through emotions, not only through technique, and if our person is passionate and never stops, I can guarantee that we can maintain it for the rest of our lives. I make a small aside: I come from a family with great voices, not singing, but speaking, you can hear them everywhere, well, these voices are still there, and we have already passed 70 years of age. so if the voice has been used well before it remains forever it is a wonderful investment and gives energy here I was talking about that Harvard professor just now and he told me that people who are at risk of obviously losing vital energy as they age, even for serious problems, he noticed that people automatically lose the energy of life and let themselves go and no longer speak, I am sure that he surprised many of us with this answer.

Giulia: Moving on to the next question that comes from Elena Gerosa, our director, who liked very much the speech he made about vibrations when he spoke about water and how vibrations affect us because we are made of water, can you tell us something more about it?

Mylena: Good Elena! then I should not stick out so much and I will try not to do it in the States is not possible or at least is more limited because the medical ares obviously has a certain importance you hit the mark I have let you understand if we are more than 65 percent water in adult mode, an infant has 77 percent and as we get older we have a little less than 60 percent but always more than half of our body weight it goes without saying that those crystals with our voice we are creating day after day moment after moment and I will not say more but there are people who working on their voice really work on a real on their voice really work on a real total cleansing of their toxins and I won’t say more because I don’t want to go into it but clearly you understand many people reach me anonymously for this and they find vitality and energy by eliminating toxins so a beautiful topic then Masaro Emoto I love this wonderful thing, it’s really incredible how these formations, these crystals in these perfect golden forms, imagine having them inside of you. I can say that I’ve seen a few videos of what you’re saying, and maybe I’m at an advantage because you create these wonderful forms, and it’s really fascinating, and the voice does it, that is, we have an instrument that can do that without it, it’s wonderful, and in some of my workshops I put this thing in place, and then we see the crystals that come out from the beginning to the end of the work, and then I add for those who like, let’s say, the meditation part, and I’m often there,

Giulia: Lissen, it is now 19e 30 but if you agree I would like to ask a couple more questions because there are so many coming. We are happy, bravo to all of you who ask questions, thank you very much! Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and involvement always! then we are asked in part you have already answered, but I still want to ask you this question how important is it to have an emotional vocabulary in general I say, but in order to be able to work on the voice then what do we mean by “emotional vocabulary”?

Mylena: then, as I understood the question then if the person who made it wants to tell us something more in chat Emotional vocabulary, in the sense of knowing how to recognize the emotion that we are feeling and know how to give a name to this emotion I hope I have interpreted correctly

Giulia: here Paola, knowing how to give a name to the emotions that we feel,

Mylena: then dear Paola, it is fundamental to recognize them, but always be careful to have an expert guide because if we try to recognize our emotion from ourselves, it will be filtered, guaranteed, that’s why I speak of purity, having said that, because I believe that those crystals are born from a purity and not like that, if we start in a soft enough way to understand them, to recognize them as I said before, is it really important to give a name? is a satisfaction of the mind or a satisfaction of our feeling is a satisfaction of the mind, to give a name if we start, listen to me well because it is very important instead to perceive and start learning to perceive and feel the vibrations I guarantee you that they will not need a name you will feel them, it is like an earthquake I always say when someone understands this concept I say “but you feel the earthquake”? It’s sure they tell me the same thing, our voice at this moment is doing the same thing, so let’s develop our feeling more than giving names, let’s develop our feeling. We have seen 30 emotions selected by these important universities with which he continues to collaborate, are they really 30? No, they will explain them all and give them all a name? no because we have to keep a little magic a little curiosity indeed I add to Paola is not in the world, millions of people, billions that we are, a voice identical to another

Giulia: thanks to the hour last question that of Gino first of all congratulates her and thanks her for transferring this knowledge to all of us asks what are the five key things to improve from zero to one hundred

Mylena: then Gino we do the title of another webinar absolutely then the very first is to find a coach a valid and experienced guide first point is like a great teacher u n great mentor if the mentor is five stars, 6 stars, ten stars then it can take us there from 0 to 100 you also have to work all day or better per day, forgive me, not all day because the voice is present at all times so you speak my job is to insert myself in your breathing that happens continuously for many times a minute so you have to work but not intended with fatigue do you see me fatigued? No, we have to work with passion because that’s what the voice brings, and then we can absolutely say, always from this 0 to 100, we can absolutely start to develop a better listening with our ear, and then we can consequently start to see what others think of our vocality, and last but not least, it’s a really difficult thing, Gino, but let’s see, it can happen, I wrote in my book, there are moments in life when we feel perfectly aligned with what we hear, think, and say, here’s one hundred percent, in this simple way, It has happened to all of you in your life, and in that moment you have found what I call the Inborn Voice and what defines the ease and joy of using this instrument. I see Giulia all caught up in it, Gino, I hope I have given some direction, but obviously Gino will have understood that it was a question that is obviously complex, but certainly these are the five fundamentals

Giulia: thank you, thank you very much, our time is over, it was very nice to listen to you, thank you very much for all the suggestions you have given us. Really Milena, thank you very much I believe that each one of us had some knowledge and the many points that you have touched really deserve hours of study I was very curious about Japan but I must say that I had more than 30 questions to ask her Thank you for this gift you have brought us a little bit in a double dimension I think the things that perhaps struck me the most is the scientificity that leads to magic and dreams in their highest sense many times it is not easy to combine precisely these aspects of depth and scientificity to things that are perhaps a little more ethereal so thanks again, at least as far as I’m concerned I was filled in this hour and then really thank you for giving us this gift thanks to you thank you very much Elena and thank you very much for all the questions and your participation and I hope that tonight you will take it home with enthusiasm that he wanted to share with you I clearly take advantage to let him know that I am available to create other webinars if interested but above all I want to wish you all a happy Easter that is so close thanks and likewise to all those who stayed with us until the end and good evening Subscribe to the channel and like the video!

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