Voice and expressiveness: The secret to success in life and business

   Voice and expressiveness: The secret to success in life and business

Have you ever tried to change someone’s mindset or behavior, only to find yourself frustrated and disappointed? If yes, you are not alone. Many people waste time and energy trying to get others to see things their way or behave a certain way. But the truth is that people change only if they want to (if they really want to, I might add!).

What can one do in the face of this reality? How can one deal with the disagreements and disagreements that result from dealing with people who do not intend to change? The answer is as old as it is simple: you must focus on yourself. You must educate your communication skills (aka soft communication skills), that is, your listening skills, your speaking skills, and above all, your expressiveness. Only in this way will you be able to communicate your thoughts, feelings and needs in a way that will arouse others to want to change and follow you.

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The Art of Doublespeak: Unraveling the Emptiness of Modern Communication

   The Art of Doublespeak: Unraveling the Emptiness of Modern Communication

Doublespeak, as a concept, has long intrigued communication enthusiasts and scholars. Coined by George Orwell in his dystopian novel “1984,” it refers to the use of language to obscure, distort, or reverse the meaning of words. At its core, doublespeak embodies a form of communication that appears clear and straightforward on the surface but is often deliberately crafted to be ambiguous or even empty. Here at Inborn Voice we are leaders in Vocal Coaching that expresses emotion and truth, so we will explore the prevalence of doublespeak in contemporary communication and its implications, with a particular focus on how it often results in the emptiness of the message being transferred.

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Diaphragmatic Breathing: How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress – The Whole Truth

   Diaphragmatic Breathing: How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress – The Whole Truth

Diaphragmatic breathing is a technique that can help reduce anxiety and stress, if you own a smartphone or a latest generation smartwatch you will have seen how even the largest corporations place emphasis on this practice. It is no secret that through the proper use of the diaphragm during breathing, numerous benefits can be achieved. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises, whether sitting or lying down, can promote improved sleep quality, muscle relaxation, and reduced blood pressure. In addition, diaphragmatic breathing can help regulate emotions and promote a state of well-being.

How to breathe using the diaphragm

Believing that diaphragmatic breathing is a technique for establishing conscious control of the breath, promoting relaxation and mental and physical well-being, is very limiting. It is important to understand early on that we breathe rhythmically, throughout the day, exactly using the diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing is our “regular” breathing; there is no alternative. Even now, you are breathing with your diaphragm! That is why it is important to understand that you do not have to learn a new type of breathing, nor is it enough to practice it correctly for a few minutes a day to solve problems. You need to restore proper diaphragmatic breathing by removing what you have learned “the wrong way ” over the years. Here at Inborn Voice we are able to realign your breathing so that correct diaphragmatic breathing, becomes a part of you again, every minute of every day, without the need to put your attention to it.

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Workshop: Your voice, your identity – London January 07, 2024: Master your vocal expressiveness, love your voice and assert your identity

   Workshop: Your voice, your identity – London January 07, 2024: Master your vocal expressiveness, love your voice and assert your identity

This event is now ended.

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Mylena Vocal Coach
Workshop: Your Voice, Your Identity – London.
Master vocal expressiveness, love your voice, and affirm your identity.

07 January 2024


09:30 – 17:00 GMT (London)

07 January 2024 – from 09:30 am to 5:00 pm

The workshop will take place in the center of London in a hotel easily accessible by metro/train/airplane.

Number of Attendees
The event is a closed number event, limited to 25 Participants.

The Workshop is priced at 799£. You can reserve your place now with only 150£ down payment. Contact us to learn about installment options and, for a few people only, the opportunity to attend just the morning for half price.

Workshop run in English and led by Mylena Vocal Coach.


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Why is it necessary to learn diaphragmatic breathing?

   Why is it necessary to learn diaphragmatic breathing?

Diaphragmatic breathing, sometimes also referred to as belly breathing or deep breathing, is the natural way in which all human beings begin breathing. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a technique that you can learn; in fact, the opposite is true. As we grow up sometimes, because of posture-related problems, we stop breathing deeply through the movement of the diaphragm and begin to develop a more shallow type of breathing, in the upper part of the chest.

Is it possible to control breathing in moments of stress and anxiety?

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