What means to have good diction and how to improve it

   What means to have good diction and how to improve it

What is meant by the term diction? What does diction teach and why is it important to have good diction?

Before answering these questions, let’s start with an important premise: the key to any form of communication is the integral reception of the message you want to send.

Just as good calligraphy serves to make a handwritten message easier to read, good articulation and pronunciation serve to make an oral message fluid and more understandable.

It should be understood early on that diction in the strict sense is only an embellishment, an element that facilitates communication, and not a substantial part of it.

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How to give public speeches and be understood by everyone

   How to give public speeches and be understood by everyone

Virtually everyone, at least once in their lives, has experienced the excitement of having to speak in front of a small or large audience. A birthday, an exam, a job interview. Some have been shocked, others thrilled. A lot has probably changed since that first time, and if you are looking for answers related to public speaking, you probably belong to the former category.

Don’t worry, here at Inborn Voice we help hundreds of people just like you every day who are wondering how to learn public speaking, where it is possible to take one of our courses, or how to speak in public without getting flustered. We would like to say right away that our approach differs substantially from that of the mainstream. In fact, for us it is more important, indeed fundamental, to make yourself understood by everyone: no one else will educate you on how to make yourself understood, how to deliver your message with authenticity.

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Live on Instagram with GirlsRestart – Women and voice: the leadership of the future

   Live on Instagram with GirlsRestart – Women and voice: the leadership of the future

On October 21, 2021 Milena Origgi joined the “Class Matters” column of the Italian community Girlsrestart with an interview with Federica Pasini. If you missed the live broadcast, here is the full video.

Here you’ll fine more information about the community GirlsRestart

Is it possible to choose our emotions?

   Is it possible to choose our emotions?

In the modern era we are increasingly taught how to overcome an unexpected situation, whether pleasant or unpleasant, through the use of the mind and intellect. However, we must not forget that the intellect, our brain, is a tool at our service and not vice versa. This essentially means two things: our essence, our soul, and our thinking are two separate things. And more importantly, we did not come into the world to be slaves of our thoughts, but to experience on the skin something that thought can neither generate nor manage: emotions.

If you have already investigated this topic you will surely have found the most popular idea: “We cannot choose our emotions, but we can decide how to deal with them“, or its direct antagonist “You can control your emotions with meditation“. Both of these solutions involve the use of the mind, of thought, to interact with emotions. In the first case you try to impose a plan of action and fight against emotions, in the second case you simply impose yourself not to focus on emotions. Both these solutions involve ignoring emotions, creating in the first case personality disorders, in the second case “Zombies”. Clearly there is another way to deal with this problem: The Way of the Voice.

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The difference between acting a part and being yourself

   The difference between acting a part and being yourself

Normally every month I receive about a thousand emails from people who seek from me simple advices, impossible solutions or desperate requests for help. I usually receive emails from people who believe there are ready-made solutions, from more mature people who have understood the importance of speaking and want to make a positive change in their lives and careers, or from people who are simply curious about the Inborn Voice and want to experience it for themselves. Unfortunately, in May and June of this year, the emails asking for help have exponentially increased in number, a symptom of something serious and dangerous going on. When I receive these types of requests, I always try to offer my support, but in this case, it’s important to take it a step further and alert everyone of the situation.

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