10 truths about your Inborn Voice that no one wants you to know

I meet every day new people online. I receive Voice Assessment requests from all over the world. Almost every one of them is aware they have is a problem related to their voice, to the way they communicate, or in how they express emotions to others. They are lucky because they have found my website, read my books, or watched one of my youtube videos and they had a glimpse that there may be a solution for their problems. And the solution is simple: Voice Training!

Here are 10 things everyone must remember to help him/her self or anyone else understand that there is a voice problem to address.

  1. Remember to express joy with your voice
    If you find yourself complaining almost every time you speak or you communicate. then this is a red light. People around you will capture these “bad vibes” and they will resonate with you. You will be quickly surrounded only by people with the same attitude. The “good vibes” people will instinctively stay away. The same is true in business, in a relationship, and personal success.
  2. Remember that anyone can manage emotions
    You can change your attitude and how you manage your emotions. It’s something even easy to learn. It is easy to pretend to manage emotions instead of really managing them. One great example is considering yoga and meditation as a tool to address emotions. These are tools to relax, to think more clearly and not to learn how to manage emotions. Just remember the first point. You’ll resonate. If you start resonating with a group of people that are keeping their emotions under a cover, you’ll feel this as a way of control. It is not. It’s just a cover, you’re not learning how to express and communicate your emotions. If emotions are there, there is a meaning. Keeping them under a hood, will not serve you well. Learn how to use your voice, the instrument created just for that purpose.
  3. Remember you are unique
    When you see someone you consider successful or way happier than you, remember that also the opposite may be true. The one you’re looking at could think the same about you. So don’t try to copy his/her life. Try to stick to your goals. And your goals are coming from your Inborn Voice, from your emotions. And I can assure you, they are not meant to imitate someone else way of communicating or speaking. I still have not met anyone even similar to my Inborn Voice. Everyone is unique.
  4. Remember not to give voice be envy
    Again, we resonate. If we start resonating with envy, life will become stressful and haunted by guilt. We are meant to communicate emotions, not to dwell in bad vibes that, sooner or later, will destroy us.
  5. Remember to always keep a balance in your Inborn Voice
    Your voice is the instrument we have to express ourselves. Our expression can take to the light knowledge, ideas or physical work, cooperation. Pretending to be on one side or the other may derail your life. You may become the happiest farmer but you’re stuck in being a seller. You may be the best TV host but you’re stuck in a factory. Try to learn to listen to your Inborn Voice and let this guide you in your life.
  6. Remember to stick to your words
    Once you start grasping your Inborn Voice and understand what it drives you, don’t overthink and let your thought paralyze your actions. Stick to your Inborn Voice Words as you’ll never know, until the end, if there were more pros than cons. Once you said something that’s coming from your Inborn Voice, don’t second guess yourself!
  7. Remember to have faith in your Inborn Voice
    Everything in this world and life has a spiral form. What’s around, comes around. Everything will be back to you, sooner or later. If you keep faith on your words, on your Inborn Voice, there will be always hope and you will see your life unfold in front of you. Doors will opens and success is granted. It doesn’t matter who you are. A road worker, a teacher, an artist, a president, a CEO, a salesman. Everyone will have the success they deserve once they follow their Inborn Voice.
  8. Remember to voice your emotions.
    There is no such thing as bad emotions. They only exist if they are not understood from the Inside as they will take you to stress, hopelessness or worse. Every time you have an emotion arising, remember to voice it correctly and you’ll discover the perfect communication.
  9. Remember that your Inborn Voice is way stronger than your brain.
    Once you realize the meaning of the Inborn Voice that is resounding inside you, you’ll start to use your brain as it is meant: an instrument. Your brain is not the master of your life. You’ll have to be spontaneous and sincere. Stop lying to your self and to others and you’ll be happier.
  10. Remember that everyone has a unique Inborn Voice.
    It may be buried deep inside, but it’s possible for them to dig it out. It’s not possible for anyone else to dig it out. If you want to help, show them how you do use your Inborn Voice and they will resonate.

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