Vocal Performance: How to talk for hours without having voice issues

No one believes any more in the POTENTIALITY of the human being, yet they are STILL available to everyone.

Vocal Performance: How to talk for hours without having voice issues

The human voice is something extremely resilient. Theoretically, each of us could speak or sing 24 hours a day, without any apparent break. This can only happen if you have always cared about your voice very carefully. Caring doesn't mean becoming a maniac for vocal hygiene , but understanding all the mechanisms that regulate it.

Does it take a voice technique to keep from losing it?

It is necessary also to learn how to listen to the messages that our body sends out in order to intervene at the first signs of an issue: afterward it is always too late. I meet more and more reckless people who instead of worrying about finding the cause of a phonatory pain believe they can solve the problem using local anesthetics. An anesthetic removes the pain, pushing us to go further, increasing the damage disproportionately.

The healthy, natural voice of someone who has never abused it is therefore super strong. Instead, the spoiled and abused voice of someone who mishandled it becomes incredibly delicate. It can fade in less than an hour of speech or less than ten minutes of singing.

When you damage the voice, or rather the vocal cords, it takes at least six months before you hope to return them to a condition of normality in which to experience their full potential. Anyone who feels pain during a vocal lesson must be aware that they are facing a decrease in their expressive possibilities of more than 50%, as well as a whole series of medical problems. Voice and pain are never together.


The word performance is of English origin and, contrary to those of you who are thinking, it means nothing more than the concrete demonstration of the competence of the speaker. That is to say, the content of what is presented to listeners is certainly useful and valid.

When we talk about vocal performance we are not talking about duration or resistance, but about the level of excellent communication that reaches the speaker.

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