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Improve your Social Relationship Skills

Voice training to socialize: Improve your RelationShip Skills

Your Journey starts with a Voice Assessment

Human beings are social by nature, but we all search long-term relationship and to form lifelong, monogamous bonds with someone special. It should not be forgotten that the way we use our voice influences and shapes also the lives of our children. Communication skills are the main factor in the success or failure of all friendship and romantic relationships. And your voice is the main ingredient of any communication.
When your voice does not reflect your true self, there are often situations that if neglected lead to the ruin of a relationship. How long have you been thinking about solving them?

Here are some examples of some very common symptoms of bad relationship skills:

  • Silences/lack of communication
  • Yelling/overpowering voice
  • Childish voice
  • Shut up
  • Sarcasm
  • Fear to tell the truth
  • Overtalking
  • and much more!

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