Vocal Coaching Italiano

The human voice can achieve the faint voice of the conscience only if it is natural.

Philosophy of teaching

A united philosophy

The philosophy of a person, i.e. the set of principles, ideas and beliefs on which it bases its entire life, is always something united. That is to say that a person cannot exist if they are incoherent with themselves. If someone hates red, they will not own anything red. If a person lives a reckless life, everything that they do will be foolish. These are examples to help you understand how important it is to evaluate all as a whole, without focusing on only one detail.

My philosophy is very similar to the Eastern Taoist vision: a human being must look to seek constantly for a balance in all that concerns him.
It is in this balance that one can achieve perfection.

In reality nothing can be separated: theory, philosophy and daily practice are always fused together, they are as a whole. For this reason, people who choose to correct their vocality rediscover and appreciate a more peaceful, stress-free and headache-free life, with a rejuvenation of all the body's functions.

A rigid training program cannot exist, which is identical for each student: Each person is unique, whatever their age when searching to regain possession of their own natural voice. Once learning has begun, you can move on to the next step and begin to mould the mind, so as to organize the flow of words you want to use to communicate to others ideas or necessities, finally fully understanding the meaning of effective communication.

On the other hand the voice is the expression of our soul and techniques may not exist to disguise the unconscious of others. To act on your voice, you must first accept the idea of stopping all pretense to achieve maximum expressiveness of our being.

Remove but don't add

Often when attending a vocal training course it is thought immediately that one should have to learn new concepts, but in reality, one must first shift focus from those already learned incorrectly! It is quite useless to learn something new if you do not correct the basic errors beforehand, which would otherwise remain and participate in creating new, ever more serious errors.

From the point of view of a student, it is more important to stop using your voice incorrectly than learning how to use it in a more effective way.

Those who choose to work with me, decide to work with the voice with which they were born, without wanting to change it to forge their current personality which they have built up over the years or create out of the blue. All these tricks cannot fool ourselves, let alone others!