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The human voice can reach the faint voice of consciousness ONLY if it's totally natural.

The Teaching Philosophy of the Inborn Voice Method

A holistic philosophy

Someone's philosophy, that is the set of principles, ideas, and beliefs on which he/she has built his/her entire life, is always something indivisible. In other words, no one can be incoherent with himself. If someone hates red, they will not own anything red. If somebody lives a foolish life, everything he/she expresses will be foolish. These are examples to make you understand how important it is to always assess everything as a whole, without dwelling only on one detail.

Inborn Voice philosophy is very similar to the Eastern vision of life: the human being must aspire to achieve balance in everything. Only while being in balance perfection can be achieved.

In this reality nothing can be isolated: theory, philosophy, and daily practice are always fused together, they are one. For this reason, people who choose to improve their voice will rediscover and appreciate a more serene life, free of stress and headaches, with a re-establishment of all body functionalities.

There cannot exist a rigid educational path, the same for each student: each individual is unique, whatever the age at which they try to regain their natural voice. Once you have begun training, you can move on to the next step and start shaping your mind, to organize the stream of words you want to use to communicate your ideas or needs, at last fully understanding the meaning of what really is efficient communication.

On the other hand, voice is the expression of our soul and no technique can mask it from the subconscious of any other person. To work on your own voice you must first accept the idea of no longer pretending to be someone else. This is the only way to reach your maximum expressiveness.

Removing to avoid adding up

Often when you take part in a Voice Training class you immediately think you have to learn new things. But you don't have to forget that you already know a lot about how to use your voice. Adding new techniques without first addressing the one already present, is a huge mistake! It is completely useless to learn something new if you do not first correct your basic mistakes, which otherwise will remain present and participate in creating new, increasingly serious ones.

From a student's point of view, it is more important to stop misusing the voice than to learn how to use it more effectively.

Those who choose to train the voice with Inborn Voice decide to improve the voice in a natural way, without wanting to mold it on a fake personality that has been built over the years or created recently from scratch. All these tricks can not fool ourselves, let alone others!

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