Vocal health: why it's important and how to get it

Vocal health is as NATURAL as it is rare, and yet no one seems to care.

Vocal health: why it's important and how to get it

A perfect voice

Vocal health is always something vague, often shrouded in mysteries and myths. Again, it is important that you learn to think with your head and become highly critical to save your voice.

I will give you just a few guidelines that you must keep in mind when considering all the tips you may come across in your life.

Three fundamental principles for perfect vocal performance

The first fundamental truth is that whatever you take in your mouth cannot touch your vocal cords. In fact, the vocal cords are located in the respiratory system and not in the digestive tract, where solids and liquids pass through. As a result, any ingredient taken by mouth, if it ever will affect the voice, will do so only after it has gone beyond the digestive system and entered the bloodstream.

The second undeniable fact is that everything we take in through the air, or by breathing, comes into direct contact with the vocal cords. Here I am clearly referring to smoke. Smoke heats and dehydrates the vocal cords, which are naturally covered by a sort of natural gel. Dehydration is the number one danger to the vocal cords, which are easily at risk of becoming sore and injured.

TThe third undeniable idea is that any anesthetic substance (and throat candy or erysimus-based candies are nothing more than local anesthetics) does not solve any problem we perceive with our voice, but simply silences the perception of pain (which remains very present!).
Have you ever heard of any other Vocal Coach discouraging the use of erysimus? That should make you wonder how little they care about your voice health.

Here are some natural remedies for your vocal health

TThe first remedy is also the healthiest and most natural. Avoid putting your vocal cords at risk by following any prerecorded courses or training. Following instructions without having the reactive, present feedback of whoever is teaching you something puts the health of your vocal cords at serious risk. Remember that once damaged, they develop calluses and lose elasticity. A hoarse voice is something that can be healed and restored.

The same is true for those trying to learn dangerous vocal techniques such as Scream, Vocal Fry and others. Mylena personally supervises several students who need to use these techniques for their work, but they are not recommended for enthusiasts and beginners.

The second remedy is for those who suffer from mucus or feel like they have a lump in their throat. Contrary to what is normally believed or recommended, clearing the voice is counterproductive. If mucus is present it is to protect the vocal cords that are irritated and by clearing the voice you further irritate them. Much better to fight the habit and drink water to hydrate. The ultimate tip is clearly to learn to pay attention to one's vocal cords in order to avoid ruining them, learning to manage breathing to avoid breathlessness and apnea, and learning to manage one's diet by avoiding all foods and drinks that create additional mucus during the days leading up to an important event.

No compromise

The expressive capabilities of a healthy, natural human voice are so good that nothing is impossible if you are guided properly. Instead, with compromised and misused vocality, one quickly loses much of the natural range and nuances available.

We must recognize voice as a true divine gift, available to all and not just a select few. Our genetics dictate and limit our vocal range to the lower octaves and nothing more.

Learn to love yourself and not to be trapped by the shortcuts' illusions: you should have learned since your childhood tales that shortcuts are always and only troublemakers.


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