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Vocal health is as natural as rare, yet no one seems to complain.

Vocal Health

A perfect vocal

Vocal health has always been something unclear, often shrouded by mysteries and myths. Also in this case, it is important that you learn to think with your head and you become critical in the extreme.

I will only give a few guidelines that you should consider in order to judge all the voice advice that you will encounter in your life.

The first undeniable concept is that whatever is put into the mouth cannot in any way touch the vocal chords. In fact, these are placed in the respiratory tract and not in the digestive tract, where solids and liquids we eat pass through. As a result, anything we put into our mouth, if it ever interacts with the voice, can only be done so after being passed through the digestive tract and then entered into the bloodstream.

The second undeniable concept is that everything we take in by air, or breathing, comes into direct contact with the vocal chords. Here I am clearly referring to smoking. Smoking heats and dehydrates the vocal cords that are naturally covered by a sort of natural gel. Dehydration is the number one danger to the vocal cords, which could easily get inflamed and be ruined.

The third undeniable concept is that any anesthetic substance (and lozenges for the throat or on the Hedge Mustard based products are nothing more than local anesthetic) does not solve the problems to do with the voice, but it just gets rid of the perception of pain (which remains very present!).
Have you ever heard of other Vocal Coaches recommending the use of Hedge Mustard or drinking alcohol? This should make you think, and not a little!

The last concept that I would like you to listen to closely is that the expressive possibilities of the healthy and natural human voice are such that nothing is impossible if you are guided firmly. But with a compromised and misused vocality, it quickly loses most natural extension and possible tones.

No compromise

You must begin to assess vocality as a true gift from God, affordable to everyone and not just a select few. Our genetics impose and limit vocality only to lower octaves and nothing more.

Learn to look after yourself and do not become trapped by the illusion of shortcuts: you should have learned from the tales when you were a child that shortcuts only cause trouble.