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Vocal health is as NATURAL as it is rare, and yet no one seems to care.

Vocal Health

A perfect voice

Voice health is always something ambiguous, often wrapped in mysteries and myths. Here, too, it is important that you learn to think with your own head and that you become extremely critical.

I will only give you a few guidelines that you need to remember in order to evaluate all the voice tips you will find in your life.

The first indisputable fact is that whatever is assumed by mouth cannot touch at all the vocal cords. In fact, these are located in the respiratory tract and not in the digestive one, where the solids and liquids we assume pass through. As a result, any formulation we may take by mouth, if it ever interacts with your voice, can only be after it has been processed by the digestive system and then entered the bloodstream.

The second indisputable point is that everything we take by air, i.e. breathing, is in direct contact with the vocal cords. Here I am making a clear reference to smoking. Smoke warms and dehydrates the vocal cords, which are naturally covered by a natural layer of water. Dehydration is the main danger for the vocal cords, which can easily become inflamed and injured.

The third indisputable idea is that any anesthetic substance (and throat or Erysimum-based tablets are nothing more than local anesthetics) cannot solve any problem we may have in the voice, but simply silences the perception of the pain.
Have you ever heard of any other Vocal Coach who advises against the use of Erysimum? This should make you think, and not a little!

The last notion I would like you to have in mind is that the expressive possibilities of the human voice, healthy and natural, are such that nothing is impossible when you are firmly guided. Instead, with a deteriorated and misused voice, you quickly lose most of its natural range and nuances.

No compromise

It is necessary to begin to assess the voice as a true divine gift, within the reach of everyone and not just few chosen ones. Our DNA imposes and limits only our lowest note, nothing more.

Learn to love yourself and how to avoid the pitfalls of shortcuts or false promises: you should have already learned from the fairy tales that shortcuts are always the source of trouble.