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Everything has already been said and explained, but it is better to REPEAT once more to avoid any misunderstanding.

Voice-education and pedagogy

Educating the voice

To educate the voice means nothing more than to develop and refine its inborn qualities through teaching or exercise. In that sense, it seems to be something really simple, but in the practice of the limited aware capacities of our "human" being, none of us can consciously pause to control all the details of our body without actually interrupting the action!

This is a fundamental teaching point, which only a few Vocal Coach can fully grasp. In other words, you can even know the whole Voice training theory perfectly, but then you have to put it into practice in the correct way.

This delicate step is where the Inborn Voice method begins: it is used to guide the student towards learning without using the conscious part of the brain. You will, therefore, understand that entrusting your voice to a Vocal Coach who knows what he or she is doing is crucial.

Each exercise must have a purpose specific to the learner needs: it is not conceivable that every learner needs the same exercise! Anyone who deals with the study of the voice with this philosophy can only create disasters!

Teaching pedagogy

Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with teaching as a whole, whatever the subject, and that cannot lead to failure.

When you study how to use your voice to speak or whatever, you often get the impression that things, instead of simplifying, tend to get complicated: this is the first symptom that shows that you are facing the learning process without a pedagogical method. The teacher does not guide the student one step at a time along a clear and precise path, but tries to make him/her skip the most important stages to quickly bring him/her to results that will only last few moments, never lasting and perhaps even harmful!


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