Vocal Coaching Italiano

Everything has been explained previously, but it is better to repeat it once again to avoid any misunderstanding.

Educating the voice and pedagogy

Educating the voice

Educating the voice does not mean anything more than developing and refining its innate qualities through teaching or exercising. Said like this makes it seems really simple, but in reality, we are limited in our capacity as conscious "human" beings, none of us can stop and control all parts of our body consciously without interrupting the action itself!

This is a key point of teaching that only a few people manage to fully grasp. Rather than you being able to learn the theory perfectly, you must then put it into practice in the correct way.

At this delicate stage, the teaching method comes into play: it is used to guide the student towards learning without the use of the conscious part of their brain. You will understand then that it is vital to trust their Vocal Coach who knows the ins and outs of what they are doing.

Each exercise should be specific to the individual student: It is not possible that every student needs the same exercise! Anyone who tackles the study of voice with this philosophy will be a bad teacher!

Teaching pedagogy

Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with education as a whole, whatever the subject, and cannot lead to failures.

When you learn how to use your own voice to speak or otherwise, it often seems that things become more complicated, rather than more simple: this is the first sign which shows that the learning process is dealt with through a non-pedagogical method, i.e. the teacher does not accompanies the student step by step along a clear and precise path, but tries to make the student skip the most important steps to get fast results which, in reality, will be merely apparent, not long lasting and perhaps even harmful!