Voice Evolution: the great return of the voice. My interview for the section Trends of Millionaire!

Today you can find on newsstands “Millionaire interviews Mylena Vocal Coach“. In the Trends section, with the title “Voice Evolution: the great return of the voice”.

Since there is no accident, I am also particularly in tune with the cover, which features a famous phrase by Mario Rigoni Stern that can be translated ad “Read, study, and always work with ethics and passion; think with your head and learn to say no; be rebellious for a just cause, always defend nature and the weakest; don’t be conformist and don’t follow the winner’s bandwagon; be strong and be free, otherwise when you are old and weak you will regret the mountains you didn’t climb and the battles you didn’t fight.”

Here you can find Mylena Vocal Coach Interview on Millionaire’s Magazine:


The evolution of voice and communication has moved hand in hand with that of our gray matter, along hundreds of thousands of years, while the written social communication, started from text messages full of abbreviations, and arrived to the modern facebook with videos, images and texts, in a very short period. … It’s not for nothing that new social platforms are addressing and investing on interactive voice communication, for example the recent success of ClubHouse.

My approach to Vocal Coaching is radically different from the now obsolete one, which for over a century has mainly privileged the technical aspect of phonation. When I apply my method to help people free their natural vocal expressiveness, I start by removing habits and acquired vices that impede or alter communication.

My latest book is titled “The Way of the Voice” and I am very fond of its subtitle, “Hiding a Secret on Everyone’s Mouth”. With this book I explain the vision of my method and why it is the voice that is the biggest secret to success for so many people. In fact, it is not enough to be able to do something, you must also be able to make it understood and deeply involve others. The book can be purchased in virtually all bookstores around the world, is published in Italian and English (La via della Voce), and the easiest and most immediate way is through Amazon or Apple.

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, I am able to cover 360° in the world of training and vocal expression. My work is divided between one-to-one lessons with managers and professionals in every sector, and Vocal Coaching courses that I hold at companies that have at heart high added value topics such as Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service or International Exchanges.

Here is the full interview, translated for you.

Voice Evolution: The great return of the voice, the world’s oldest medium. The voice has a very high power and emotional effectiveness. It reaches us directly, in the brain, and there it acts. It doesn’t disturb us and allows us to do more things while we listen. And so radio, web radio, podcasts, audiobooks and the new social network Clubhouse boom. Crafts and new businesses are born.

Profession vocal coach: I help people convey emotions to others

Milena Origgi is an executive speaker vocal coach. From Lombardy, she lives and works in in the U.S.A., following students all over the world, with lessons in different languages. Her method helps people find their authentic voice. She talks about it in The Way of the Voice. Hiding a secret on everyone’s lips (Amazon or Apple).

Why is voice so important today? «The voice has always had a fundamental importance in interpersonal relationships. Forms of static “social” communication have evolved more for reasons of technical convenience than of effectiveness. Images and videos have become tools for immediate, but not interactive, communication. Everyone will have experienced being misunderstood because of a written message. By using voice and ears, feedback is immediate and communication can be corrected instantly. This assumes that people have developed sufficient listening experience and voice management skills throughout their lives, something that is sorely lacking, especially in the younger generations.».

Can your method help us in our lives and businesses? «My method, which I have been working on for more than 30 years, I have baptized Inborn Voice, because it helps people to regain possession of their expressive abilities and to transmit emotions, enthusiasm and ideas to others with ease. More and more people “experience” anxiety and low self-esteem when they have to speak. My approach to vocal coaching is radically different from the one that for over a century has privileged the technical aspect of phonation (breathing exercises, use of the diaphragm, voice in the throat, in the head, in the cage, etc.). Emotions are the most important source of all communication. A positive spiral of events immediately begins for them. In fact, if at first they were used to receiving negative feedback, little by little they begin to express themselves empathically and to achieve small successes, which increase their self-esteem and also improve communication. Social and working life refine. For this approach, I have been dubbed the “Voice Guru” in the United States. My work has nothing to do with “public speaking“, where we talk about imitation, acting and programming and not about naturalness.».

Advice to those who work with their voice? «Assess whether you are suffering from any vocal o communication problems. The most common symptoms are zeroed salivation, lump in the throat, short finish, sweating, confusion, hoarseness, or ab- low voice, but others are more insidious.

Many people don’t recognize or like their own voice. Admitting and resolving your weaknesses, can turn your career around.».

What do you suggest to an author who wants to read their own audiobook or podcast?
«The best book in the world, read in an unsuitable voice will appear a flop. A book poor in content, read in an intriguing voice, will appear a masterpiece. Avoid the “set voice.” A poorly expressive voice disconnected from emotion will bore and dissipate he interest of even the most loyal listener. Record only when you are in tune with emotions that resonate with the content you want to convey.


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