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The difference between acting a part and being yourself

   The difference between acting a part and being yourself

Normally every month I receive about a thousand emails from people who seek from me simple advices, impossible solutions or desperate requests for help. I usually receive emails from people who believe there are ready-made solutions, from more mature people who have understood the importance of speaking and want to make a positive change in their lives and careers, or from people who are simply curious about the Inborn Voice and want to experience it for themselves. Unfortunately, in May and June of this year, the emails asking for help have exponentially increased in number, a symptom of something serious and dangerous going on. When I receive these types of requests, I always try to offer my support, but in this case, it’s important to take it a step further and alert everyone of the situation.

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Vocal exercises: how to train your voice (and make it charming) – Interview for

   Vocal exercises: how to train your voice (and make it charming) – Interview for

Here is the translation of Mylena’s Vocal Coach Interview for Vogue Italy.

There are exercises to improve your voice, to make it more persuasive. We reveal how to do them.

Vocal exercises: from emotions to posture

The voice makes us recognizable, in some way it identifies us. Even and especially when it is not “canonical”. Let’s think of Adelaide (Vivian Blaine), Frank Sinatra’s eternal girlfriend in Guy and Dolls or Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) in Singing in the rain, who was dubbed by a very young Debbie Reynolds, charismatic women but with a repelling voice. A beautiful voice, warm and sensual, can make any person interesting. But what characterizes a beautiful voice? And is it possible to improve it, making it more fascinating?

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Voice Evolution: the great return of the voice. My interview for the section Trends of Millionaire!

   Voice Evolution: the great return of the voice. My interview for the section Trends of Millionaire!

Today you can find on newsstands “Millionaire interviews Mylena Vocal Coach“. In the Trends section, with the title “Voice Evolution: the great return of the voice”.

Since there is no accident, I am also particularly in tune with the cover, which features a famous phrase by Mario Rigoni Stern that can be translated ad “Read, study, and always work with ethics and passion; think with your head and learn to say no; be rebellious for a just cause, always defend nature and the weakest; don’t be conformist and don’t follow the winner’s bandwagon; be strong and be free, otherwise when you are old and weak you will regret the mountains you didn’t climb and the battles you didn’t fight.”

Here you can find Mylena Vocal Coach Interview on Millionaire’s Magazine:

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Five tips for recording an emotion-packed audiobook

   Five tips for recording an emotion-packed audiobook

This week an interesting article about audiobooks is published in Italy’s weekly magazine “Starbene” and it was a real pleasure for me to help Lorenza G. to realize it by sharing my experience as a Vocal Coach. If you are interested in reading the article, entitled “This is the time for audiobooks”. If you want to read the full Interview, click on the magazine cover you’ll find below!

I have helped so many authors make their audiobooks that by now I think I know all the difficulties one can encounter and all the different excuses they create to justify an unsatisfactory result.

Today, hearing one’s own recorded voice is not uncommon. “Audio” messages fill our smartphones and yet, when you are about to record an audiobook, everyone is surprised that they don’t recognize themselves in the recorded voice.

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7 Things Your Voice Says About You

   7 Things Your Voice Says About You

These are messages that everyone send “accidentally”. You receive them when others speaks too. It is not magic, although some might call it a “sixth sense”. Those who are aware, or rather conscious, of these signals can use them to their advantage. And even then it’s not magic, it’s just training. Training can be “natural”, from parents or a mentor, or acquired from a great Vocal Coach.

Learning to listen to these “infra-frequencies” is quite easy and once you get the hang of it, you become like a lie detector. Mastering them to “disguise” your truth or hide your true intentions is not for everyone, but it can be done if you spend enough time training.

Want to get a head start at your next important meeting or social event? Here’s a look at what messages you’re sending.

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