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The style is much more truthful because it shows the reality.

Vocal Style

What is vocal style?

How many times have you heard of Vocal Style before? Probably never. You have always heard many other terms, more or less in error, but in the context of the voice, everything that constitutes the voiceprint and the personality of an individual defines their own style

Each person has their own vocal style that reflects their idea of personality that they want to show the world. The problem is that what a person thinks they "hear" with our own ears is actually completely different from what others perceive. The more a person tries to make themselves different to what they truly are, the less you will be recognized in a voice recording.

Many people, mostly unknowingly, speak with a voice tone higher or lower than what it is natural to them. This effect is produced during childhood when, in an attempt to make themselves feel better, instead of turning up the volume, which was banned with the phrase "do not scream," children tend to alter their tone to differentiate it from that of the people around them.

The task of a Vocal Coach is to strengthen the vocal style of a person, rather than trying to develop their vocality. Although it's true that the voice changes along with its owner, the reverse is also true: altering your voice in an attempt to create something "special" breaks a psychosomatic balance so that, sooner or later, you will have a deep existential crisis. This fact can be read in all biographies of singers, in the name of success, they have sacrificed everything even going to extreme measures, such as self-destruction.

A dynamic voice

A dynamic voice is a voice which expresses itself with a great variety of volume, tone, rhythm and emphasis.
Monotony expresses, as the name implies, boredom and lack of interest in the message that you are communicating. Since it is essential to be able to maintain consistently high attention of the listener, you have to make the message we want to convey interesting through the use of voice. Yet the difference between a good communicator (or singer) and any one lies in the mastery of vocal dynamics.

When it comes to the voice, you should never underestimate the importance of silence, or the brief respites of a speech or song. During these moments, only the voice remains silent, all the other paraverbal languages with which we are equipped are hyperactive: the body, the eyes and the subliminal.