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Voice Style tells much more than the TRUTH, because it proves what is real.

Vocal Style

What is a vocal style?

How many times have you ever heard about Vocal Style until now? Probably never. You've all heard so many other terminologies, more or less out of context, but in the field of voice training, everything that constitutes a particular vocal imprint and personality of someone defines his or her own style.

Each one of us has his or her own vocal style that expresses his or her idea of personality that he or she wants to expose to the world. The trouble is that what people consider they " hear " with their ears is actually quite different from what others are hearing. The more a person tries to build a personality different from the real one, the less he/she will be able to recognize him/herself in a recorded voice.

Many people, almost unconsciously, speak in a louder or lower tone than they would normally use. This has occurred during their youth when, in an attempt to make themselves be heard or considered, instead of increasing the voice volume, which was forbidden ever since with a cute "don't scream", they tend to adjust the voice tone to make it stand out from the people around.

The role of a Vocal Coach is to empower your vocal style, not to try to shape your tone or voice. If it is true that the voice changes along with its owner, it is also true the reverse: altering the voice in an attempt to create something "special" breaks a psychosomatic balance and sooner or later, he/she will face a profound existential crisis. This can be read in all the biographies of singers who, in the name of fame, have sacrificed everything, even reaching extreme actions, such as self-destruction.

A dynamic voice

A dynamic voice is a voice capable of expressing a wide variety of volumes, tones, rhythms and accents. As the word implies, a monotonous voice conveys a sense of boredom and lack of interest in any message being communicated. Since it is necessary being able to keep high the attention of the audience, it is important to make interesting the message we want to pass on by using the voice. Still, the difference between a good communicator (or singer) and an average one lies in the mastery of vocal dynamics.

When it comes to voice, we must never underestimate the importance of silences, i.e. the short pauses in a speech or song. In these moments only the voice remains silent, but all the other paraverbal languages we use are hyperactive: the body language, the eye language and the subliminal language.


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