Vocal Coaching Italiano

When we talk, vibrations are gushing from the mouth like the waters of a rushing river.

Sound vibration

Air and the sound

The vibration is always related to a physical phenomenon or a feeling with which we come into contact. We can feel the vibration of a sound with the rest of the body, for example, placing a hand on a speaker or feeling the tremor of our internal organs.

If you try to manipulate your voice, to induce a willingness to coercive, it will obey giving up part of its natural ability. You will inwardly begin to dissociate from yourself, not recognizing it more as a part of yourself: it is here that many health and physical problems begin, that nobody recognizes until it’s too late.

We need to grow our voice like good parents, avoiding moulding it to our will, but educating it to give it the best of its vibrations and natural potentials. Only in this way will our whole body participate in the creation of sound, without hindering anything, resounding completely.

Vibration and medicine

The concept of sound is vibration. Thinking about it, all that surrounds us and that we perceive is a vibration. Light is vibration, sound is vibration, heat is vibration.

Almost all branches of alternative medicine have been developed on the concept of vibration. Homeopathy to color therapy, music therapy to the flowers of Bach.

Without going into the merits of their effectiveness, it is undeniable that so many people deal with and are cared for through vibration, these are really an important part of our lives.