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When we speak, the vibration gushes out of the mouth like the waters of a rushing river.

The sound vibration

Air and sound

Vibration is always linked to a physical phenomenon or a feeling we come into contact with. We can also perceive the vibration of a sound with the rest of the body, for example by placing a hand on the speaker or feeling the tremor of our internal organs.

If we try to tamper with the voice, to force it to a constraining will, it can only obey our orders by renouncing part of its natural abilities. Intimately we will begin to disassociate ourselves from our voice, no longer recognizing it as part of us: here begin many problems of mental or physical health, which no one acknowledges except when it is too late.

We must develop our voice like good parents, avoiding to shape it to our will, but educating it to make it express the best of its vibrations and natural capabilities. Only in this way, our whole body will participate in the construction of sound, without hindering anything, resonating completely.

Vibration and medicine

The idea of sound is one of vibration. Thinking about it, everything that surrounds and perceives us is a vibration. Light is vibration, sound is vibration, heat is vibration.

Mylena was the first Vocal Coach ever to talk about Voice, Vibration and Quantum Physics. She has written all her ideas in the book "The Way of the Voice", available in any bookstore, even online.

Almost all branches of alternative medicine have been developed on the concept of vibration. From homeopathy to chromotherapy, from music therapy to Bach flowers.

Without going into their effectiveness, it is undeniable that if so many people have been treated and cured by vibrations, these are really an important part of our lives.