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To learn you have to take a step back and forget to listen in order to hear.

Hear and Listen

The difference between hearing and listening

Hearing is a verb that indicates when you hear or feel any physical sensation. You can hear with your ears, but also with the rest of the body. Instead, listening is a verb that indicates when a person pays attention to some form of communication. The thing is more easily understood if you imagine that you are in front of a Japanese person while he is talking. If we do not know well that language, we hear clearly the sounds he produces, but we do not perceive one word, losing control over the entirety of the speech.

Sound is the father of the world: It is the natural evolution of the first cry of a human being, we have all instinctively used it from our first day to communicate to our parents for survival, with no one to show us how to do it: it was a natural and innate mechanism.

Hear or Listen

In fact, each of us hears our own voice while producing sound, just like any other person present. Everything comes from the vibration produced by the larynx, which expands in the surrounding environment due to air emitted by our breath then back to us through the ears.

The physiology of the human being leads us to conclude that the means we use to control language is not, as everyone thinks, the vocal apparatus, but it is the air that surrounds us: we have just developed refined ways to put it into motion. By analyzing this concept better you will even understand that it is always air which allows us to hear what we say. Air doesn't only allow us to breathe, but also to communicate.

Everything is born from our ears

When someone consider the voice, is always underlining the ears, that are actually always involved because everything is born from the self-control mechanism in the brain-ear. The difference between us and animals has led us to have a highly developed brain, designed to relate to others. Without the relation with the others, there would be no need to communicate.

From here it is clear that our ability to communicate evolves in pace with our ability to listen. Without words, humans would no longer be what they are, ceasing to exist. The only moments of silence that we can conceive is the silence of those who do not know something or are afraid to speak, or someone who is considering to seek silence within.

In fact, none of us could manage to be silent: you talk within yourself even as you read this paragraph!