Vocal Coaching Italiano

Learn to listen to your own voice is to know oneself.

Hear and Listen

The Magic Ear

The ear carries out a sensory function linked to the perception of sounds and noises, but also takes care of the balance of our body. One of our five senses is often underestimated in its importance.

I purposely did not include descriptions of anatomical organs or physiological operations, but let me emphasize that it is not a coincidence that the organ we use to listen to sound vibration of the outside world is the same organ predisposed to perceive the balance of our body in space. This underline the link between voice and hearing, and between body and space: if we use an artificial voice, we risk great psychosomatic imbalances.

Our whole body is a sounding board, like any instrument made of wood. We must not forget that musical instruments have been created by man on the model of the man himself. The human being is able to hear the sounds it emits, as it creates them. This close link between ear and speech means that, quite unconsciously, we tend to prevent the spread of the sound vibrations that we do not want others to hear.

In in this bio feedback "system" that must be investigated why we do not recognize or do not accept our recorded voice. In fact, we can only hear our "inner sound", that is much better of what we usually sound like on the outside.

Emitting a sound is above all a work of self-control in real time performed by the ear-brain. You have to imagine the sound and then launch it into space, correcting any discrepancies in the very moment in which it is born. How many times in your head you have the idea of producing a sound but then, in fact, you cannot recreate it?

We must not think, even for a moment, that our body has evolved in this way by coincidence: this is why our voice influences on the evolution of our body and our mind in a symbiotic relationship. It therefore seems clear because any vocal problems are reflected in the body and vice versa.

Each vocal learning process by hearing

Our ears begin to hear the voice of the others well before you understand the meaning of words. The right tone of voice can literally save the life of a child who instinctively gets "stuck" in front of unknown danger, just because he perceived the alarm in the voice of a parent. From this example you're can guess that in reality what we say always carries an unconscious meaning that comes to those who listen without filters compared to the verbal content that is filtered by the conscious thought.

Each of us has learned to talk without apparent teachers, but actually has developed our voice so as to make it resemble that of those around us such as our parents. In practice, the voice that everyone of us hears from inside is similar to that which we heard when we were little from our parents. We have not done anything but imitate.