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You cannot change your voice if you don't accept to change yourself.

The Inborn Voice Method

Why Inborn Voice?

Let's begin at the choice of the name. Many years ago, when speaking with a famous Vocal Coach from New York, I tried to explain my puzzlement about the recording industry's trend of wanting to always create particular voices, in an attempt to fill the creative void made by artists to distract the inexperienced listener. Those who are Vocal Coaches by profession know that this "construction" limits and destroys any expressive possibility of the human voice. At the end of dinner I went back to the hotel and decided to publicly express my idea of creating a method able to stand out from modern consumerist views: the Inborn Voice method.

I chose to have the name in English and should already be clear to everyone, but it is good to clarify anyway.

Innate Voice

The literal meaning of Inborn Voice is "Innate Voice." These two words have a deep meaning. First, I focused on the concept of Voice in its entirety and in all its implications. Then I had to specify Innate to emphasize that this is present outside of each subsequent learning. In fact, everyone already born is naturally prepared to use their own voice to the highest potential, just consider the first cry of every newborn. Anyone who listens immediately can tell the volume at which is uttered and the emotions it conveys. The baby has an effective and efficient communication from the first breath: it can cry for hours and make you hear its cry for help for miles.
Yet many adults have lost or ruined these innate abilities.

Nature is perfect

That's why I talk about teaching methods: the course that I plan for any person is different from that of the next person and is designed in relation to the direction in which you need to go. Every student, even if they don't realize what they're doing, always puts great trust in their teacher who often abuses it. It is essential that each teacher operates according to a method that is well defined and certainly educational. The teacher must understand where the student's strengths lie and where they don't so as to help them find their voice's natural balance: you will then understand that neglecting the weak points is a fatal mistake!