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Improve your social entertainment skills

Voice training to socialize: Improve your Entertainment Skills

Your Journey starts with a Voice Assessment

Human beings are social by nature. Entertainment is communication elevated to art. Youtube and Podcast allow a growing number of people to express emotions and passions to others. The difference between a novice and a professional, is the ability to use the voice expressively, involving the audience.
When your voice is not able to express your emotions effectively or you're not able to catch people's attention, all could be linked to one or more symptoms. Are you ready to transform your voice?

Here are some examples of some very common symptoms:

  • Weak volume
  • Boring tone, wrong pauses and bad rhythm
  • Lack of expressiveness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stage fright
  • Voice Cracks
  • Frequent repetitions/hummings
  • and much more!

Mylena vocal coach, thanks to more than thirty years of experience, offer you more expertises at once. ...

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