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Improve your Business Team Building Skills

Voice Training for Business: Improve your Team Building Skills

Your Journey starts with a Voice Assessment

In business and sports it is important to build trust and cooperation between all the people working together to a common goal. We transfer our ideas and vision to others only via the proper use of our voice, the main instrument in team building skills. The written form in not enough.
Your voice highlights any doubts and lack of confidence you may have in your team. How long have you been delivering the wrong message?

Here are some examples of some very common symptoms:

  • Do not like your voice
  • Fear of judgement
  • Rush to speak
  • Failure to listen/to be listened
  • Mixed messages
  • Doubtful Voice
  • Listless voice
  • and much more!

Mylena vocal coach, thanks to more than thirty years of experience, offer you more expertises at once. ...

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