Vocal Coaching Italiano

You cannot change and find your own voice if you do not accept to change and to find yourself.

Verbal Communication

Oral Communication

The term communication is really a multifaceted one, but in its essence is defined as an exchange of messages through a vehicle, the voice, and a code, the language, which is shared among a common group of humans beings.

Body Language

If we were to pause for a moment to think about everything we do unconsciously when we utter a single sentence, we would be truly amazed. If we only had to think consciously and to control with precision breathing, posture, balance and body language, articulation and coordination for speech signals, facial expressions and all the rest, our brain would not have time to think logically about anything else.

In human reality, our capabilities consciously are very limited. According to the latest medical studies, less than 10% of the population is able to do two things at the same time. Many people are convinced that they are able to do more than two, but they are only deluding themselves that they are in control.

Having clarified this concept, it’s obvious to everyone that, when communication fails, the cause for the famous line “I didn’t get it”, or “I’ll let you know”, that we have all been told many times in life, needs to be understood, not as to what was done or said consciously, but what was communicated or missing unconsciously.

This step is critical as all of this teaches us how to “add” something to our own way of communicating, without worrying about our “voice” tool and without analyzing all the instinctive behaviors that each of us has developed through our own personal life experiences.

To give an example that is even more simple to understand; if each of us began to recite a poem from memory in front of an audience, such as "The Infinite" by Leopardi, you would get the same results whatever Public Speaking or personal Growth course you had followed, as all teaching would be aimed at adding something to the content and use of the voice, body, face and emotion.

Perfect communication

Communication is not just to be understood as speaking before the public.
The mechanisms are exactly the same as when we chat among friends, when recited or sung. Flawless execution can be completely communicated without a real message. I will go further: no one would notice this absence. In fact, our brain tends to "give" meaning to everything received automatically. You could listen to a speech and it could be delivered whole-heartedly, even though it was completely devoid of content, because our career depends on it, or we get excited to hear a song regardless of how it was performed because that song is tied to our most profound memories.

Because the communication is perfect, or free from faults, it is necessary that our message is communicated using a voice, body language and an awareness that they are completely in sync with each other, otherwise the recipient of the message will not see the consistency and misunderstand the message without knowing.