Verbal Communication: voice is more important than words

You cannot change or find your voice unless you resolve to change and find yourself.

What is Verbal Communication

The term communication is indeed multifaceted, but in its essence it defines nothing more than an exchange of information through a medium and according to a specific language shared by the parties involved. In the case of humans, natural communication occurs through the voice, and for more than half a century this has been the definition of "Verbal Communication".

What are the elements of verbal communication

Science has always tried to separate the various elements of verbal communication, simplifying and minimizing it. Now, thanks to the work of Mylena Vocal Coach, things are changing and we are beginning to consider verbal communication as something unified. Previously it was believed that verbal communication, or rather the part that involves vocality, had less importance than a more ancestral sub-layer linked to facial and body expressions: paraverbal communication. Now, thanks to Inborn Voice, we are beginning to talk about paralinguistics, giving the scepter of power back to the human voice. As a matter of fact, today science recognizes that our method that aims to highlight the infrasounds and vibrations related to the expressiveness of the deepest and most intimate emotions is the preponderant layer of communication compared to all the others.

What is the difference between verbal and nonverbal communication?

As we have just seen, it is useless to distinguish between the various components of human communication, because they are inseparable from each other and are mostly unconscious. Today we can define as verbal communication everything that is a sound audible by the human being and not only the words used anymore. So we can define non-verbal communication as everything else, i.e. body movements and facial expressions. Today it is believed that verbal communication occupies more than 3/4 of human communication (1/4 verbal and 2/4 paralinguistic), relegating 1/4 to the paraverbal.

Body Language

Body Language

If we just stop for a moment and think about all that we do unconsciously when we utter a single sentence, we would be truly amazed. Science has proven beyond any doubt that our brains do not have the ability to actively control our breathing while speaking , the correct posture , body language , articulation and coordination of the phonatory system, and facial expression. Not to mention that in addition to all this we should also build the thread of logical thought.

Really trying to control all of this actively, we would find ourselves stuttering or forgetting words. According to the latest studies, less than 10% of the population can actively do two things at once. Although many people believe they can do more than two things at once, the reality is quite different. In fact, it is possible to do more than two things at once, but not actively. That is, the heart beats, the breath happens, the balance remains and whatever else only because our brain does not deal with it directly.

Once this point is made clear, it will be obvious to everyone that when we suffer from communication problems, when communication fails, the famous "I can't get it" or "we'll let you know" that everyone has heard many times in their lives, we must look for the cause not in what was done or said consciously, but in what we communicated or failed to communicate completely unconsciously.

The voice's role in verbal communication

Understanding this step is key to understanding the value of the Inborn Voice method. In fact, we give priority to the voice, to human expression, and not to what surrounds it. We don't want to "add" anything to the way you communicate, we don't claim to teach you anything new. We focus on removing all those blocks that prevent the natural flow of communication and that each of us has developed while growing up.

To give an example that is easy to understand, if you were asked to rehearse a poem from memory in front of an audience, such as “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” by Emily Dickinson, you would get the exact same result before and after taking any Public Speaking or Personal Growth class that focused on old ideologies or methods. In fact, if someone is already overloaded with information, doubts and anxiety, adding other elements to be kept under control will certainly not improve the situation. Sometimes it can happen that you may become self-suggested and believe that you have really improved, but just by listening to a recording you will realize the illusion.

The perfect communication

Verbal communication is not limited to speaking in front of an audience. The mechanisms are exactly the same when chatting among friends, acting or singing. A flawless performance can also be completely devoid of any real message to communicate. I'll say more: no one will notice its absence. In fact, our brain tends to automatically "give" meaning to everything it receives. We listen to a speech and we support it wholeheartedly even if it is completely devoid of content because our career depends on that speech, or we get excited when we hear a play regardless of how it was performed because it was performed by our daughter.

For communication to be perfect, the message to be delivered must be in tune with our deepest selves, and for this reason the highest expression of the Inborn Voice method is Voice Realignment®. A perfect voice is natural, tailor-made and perfectly represents the personality, exalting its identity and authenticity, making it finally free.

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