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Verbal Communication

What is Verbal Communication

The term Verbal sound complex, but it just means "using the voice". The term Communication is really multifaceted, but in its essence it defines nothing more than an exchange of messages through a medium and according to a specific language shared between the parties. So Verbal Communication is just a technical way to say "speaking".

Body Language

Body Language

If we focus for a moment on thinking about everything we do unconsciously when we speak a single sentence, we'd be truly amazed. If only we had to think deliberately and accurately control breathing for speaking, the correct posture for speaking, balance and body language while we speak, articulation and coordination of the phonatory apparatus, facial expression and everything else, our brain would no longer have time to build the thread of the logical thinking.

In the human experience, our conscious capacities are very limited. According to the latest US studies, less than 10% of the population is able to do two distinct things at the same time. Many people are convinced that they can do more than two of them, but they are just deluding themselves into believing it is in their control.

Once this concept is clarified, it will be evident to everyone that when communication fails you have to look for the cause not in what has been done or said consciously, but in what we have communicated or failed completely unconsciously. How many we have heard the famous "I don't get it" or "we'll let you know"? This is exactly what I'm talking about.

This step is critical because everyone teaches how to "add" one layer to your communication style, without worrying about the "voice" instrument and analyzing all the instinctive behaviors that each of us has developed in his or her very personal life experience.

To give an example which is even easier to understand, if we were to recite a poem by memory to an audience, for example "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, the results will not change, no matter how many courses of Public Speaking or Personal Growth we attended. In these training they do not address HOW you use the voice or HOW you connect and express your emotions.

Perfect communication

Communication is not just about talking to an audience.
The mechanisms are exactly the same as when you talk to friends, act or sing. An impeccable performance can be completely lacking a real message to communicate. I'll say more: no one could notice its absence. In fact, the brain tends to automatically "give" meaning to everything it receives. You listen to a speech and support it adamantly even if it was totally devoid of content, maybe because our career depends upon that speech, or maybe you are moved to hear a song regardless of how it was performed because we tied our deepest feelings to that song.

For perfect communication, i.e. free from faults, our message must be communicated using voice, body language and awareness that are completely in sync with each other, otherwise the receiver of the message will not see consistency and will misunderstand it blamelessly.


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