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  • Inborn Voice is the essential tool for expressing emotions and being more incisive and charming in public and in relationships

Inborn Voice is the essential tool for expressing emotions and being more incisive and charming in public and in relationships

This time it is the monthly magazine Amica that gives us a deeper look at Milena Origgi’s work. The article opens with this sentence: Everyone has their own voice, unique, personal and unrepeatable: the Inborn Voice is the essential tool to express emotions and be even more INCISIVE AND CHARMING in public and in relationships. But to keep it young and full of energy, you have to take care of it day after day.

Here is the interview:

THE TEST TO DO is simple: just seclude yourself in a quiet room and record a short speech on your cell phone. How does it feel to hear your voice again? Do you like it or do you feel uncomfortable? If, all of a sudden, you no longer recognize yourself in that “breath that becomes matter” of which Giuliano Scabia wrote (poet and playwright, who used the voice as a tool for research and treatment for his entire life), it is likely that inside you there is a conflict between being and saying that, in the long run, could generate imbalances. Physical and emotional. With the massive popularity of podcasts, calls and webinars in the last while, we’ve come to realize that the voice is an exceptional means of power within the reach of everyone, not just singers, actors and speakers. That’s why it’s even more important that it be healthy, clean, but most importantly, authentic.

“It is the sonic imprint of our soul, because it has an intimate link with our emotions,” explains Milena Origgi, known worldwide as The Voice Guru, who has been active for over 20 years in the United States with courses based on the Inborn Voice. Her work consists of accompanying people to the natural way of communicating, the one you were born for (hence the name in-born-voice) and that sometimes can be lost along the way. “Typically, those who come to me suffer from aphonia or recurring sore throats, maybe they can’t be incisive during a meeting, they get stuck or go into a wheeze,” illustrates the expert. “Many also confess that they’ve lost the sound of their true voice or that they feel something vital inside that needs to be expressed and they can’t get themselves heard. Yet, I only need to dig a little into individual stories to discover that at the root of the discomfort is a problem with one’s Inborn Voice.”

THE METHOD of the Inborn Voice is the vibration that uniquely characterizes us from our first wailing until our last breath: “It’s a unique imprint that, despite the passage of time, remains the same but, if it’s not nurtured and if it’s neglected, it weakens and slowly dies out,” warns Origgi, who is the author of the essay The Way of the Voice: Hiding a Secret on Everyone’s Mouth and the e-book The Art of Keeping Your Voice Healthy, which you can download for free at Inbornvoice.com. “When timbre and intensity change suddenly, it’s no use intervening with gymnastics and vocalizations based on standard techniques that don’t take into account the emotional component of phonation,” points out the vocal coach, the first to have collaborated as a topic expert with Cattolica and Bocconi, the two universities in Milan. “That’s why I developed the Vocal Realignment™ program, a protocol that not only improves communication modes, but also acts more deeply, because it helps to reconnect voice and emotions”.

If, in fact, it is true that the voice is the mirror of the soul, the advantages that can be obtained by regenerating it range from the more material, such as being hired after a job interview, to the more personal, such as finding a partner, rebuilding a relationship or raising happy children. In any case, “you mustn’t forget that there are only two vocal cords, they don’t grow back and they can’t be repaired”, Origgi points out. That’s why, to keep your voice in shape, it’s best to follow a few hygiene and dietary tips: “First of all, you need to drink more, the famous two liters of water and infusions a day, because a lack of liquids dehydrates the vocal cords,” he advises. “Smoking, then, deprives them of the thin film that keeps them soft and efficient. So it is to be avoided, along with dairy products that increase secretions and promote hoarseness. To de-inflamatize, turmeric, honey and propolis are good, and to hydrate, green centrifuges are wonderful, for example with spinach and kale, rich in vitamin C and sulfur, which protect the respiratory system”.

IS IT TRUE THAT PEOPLE WHO USE their voice in a distorted way often also suffer from digestive disorders? “All efforts, including vocal efforts, pass through the diaphragm, the muscle located between the chest and the abdomen that is the main sphincter of our body. When, for example, you scream or if, on the contrary, you are silent and hold your voice, the diaphragm is compressed and stiffens, and this is why gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux can appear”.

Chapter throat lozenges and emollient herbs: “You don’t need them,” cuts the vocal coach short. “Any anesthetic substance, even a natural one, does not solve vocal problems, but merely quiets the physical discomfort. The Inborn Voice, in order to stay young and not lose energy, requires daily care, attention and, above all, listening: our listening.


DO YOU WANT to rediscover your Inborn Voice? Follow these tips.

  1. Start in stages and learn to listen to yourself. Your Inborn Voice already exists and is perfect just the way it is: it’s up to you to bring it out into the open. Get used to hearing it in the right way and stop before you start to feel pain or fatigue.
  2. You must respect its natural characteristics if you want to improve the speech process. Therefore, do not work on the limits of the vocal cords and avoid virtuosity and dangerous and unnecessary straining.
  3. The voice is not trained with increasing or decreasing sounds, too low or too high, but only with constant sounds: these are the only ones capable of exercising it correctly and effectively, and of re-educating the ear to listening.
  4. Pay attention to symptoms: If you often suffer from hoarseness, sore throat, bronchitis or stomachaches, you may be using it wrongly. These disorders appear, for example, in people who frequently raise it or, conversely, hold it back, preventing it from flowing out.
  5. Don’t imitate: every voice is unique and special. If you try to conform it to a model, it will lose its authenticity, passion and personality. And it will become like so many others.

To learn more, you can sign up for one of Milena Origgi’s workshops (the next in-person courses in Italy are scheduled for January 16, 2022 in Milan and January 23 in Rome) or use the free Mylena Vocal Coach app, which can be downloaded thanks to the QR code published in L’arte di mantenere sana la voce. How to make it survive in the jungle of the Internet (Ed. Inborn Voice).

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