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Vocal Coach reacts to YouTube

Vocal Coach reacts to YouTube

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How to become a better freelancer by training the voice

How to become a better freelancer by training the voice

Sometimes resonances also occur in the silence of the ether. Curious how a social network like LinkedIn can prove once again that “there are no accidents” by creating a “magic”.
My followers know that I have many projects in preparation, including a new Youtube channel. “Time” is the only scarce resource for those who work on their own, for every “freelancer”. The goal of every good freelancer must be to be able to forge an intimate, firm and lasting relationship with good customers and not simply gain new clients. He/she must strive to get more serenity and “free time” for him/herself. It seems like a play on words but it’s a reality that most people are understanding.

Sometimes we work so hard to produce such small results, but if you stop and listen, our Inborn Voice often speaks to us. And it speaks to us about decisions, choices, problems that involve us at that very moment. I’ll put you below the interview Mylena Vocal Coach gave to Barbara Reverberi for the PodCast News for Freelancer.


Here’s the transcript of the entire video:

Barbara Reverberi:
Hello welcome or welcome back to news for freelance.
This is the podcast dedicated to our life, I’m not going to linger long, I know that many of you already listen to me since a long time, others do it while they do pilates, rather than other activities and this is the magic of podcasting!

So thank you for being here and thank you for the comments and feedback you’ll give me. You know they are always welcome for a constant improvement and especially to identify the issues that are most interesting for you and that we can share.

Before introducing today’s guest, a very interesting guest, in line with my research on the voice in particular on the improvement of our vocality, “in a broader sense”. This is a bit the message, it is the legacy of the podcasting festival that was just last Saturday at the talent garden: an extraordinary event.

I would like to give you a report of this too, it left me a lot especially because I met many people, many enthusiasts and emerging podcasters. We were over 150 and I must say that it was nice to listen to meet, talk and share.

I also thank Giulio Gaudiano, who was a bit the forerunner, the one who encouraged me to start with his book, and I also thank Andrea Ciraulo because, really, with his very calm voice is very interesting.

So let’s return to the theme of voice but before doing so I remind you that I’m Barbara Reverberi I’m a journalist I deal with media relations and digital PR

Why all this freelance stuff?
Because this is my passion, but because this is my life. It’s my life! I’ve been freelancing for over seven years. after a first period of solitary freelance I realized that maybe it was better not running alone, so I decided to share this experience with a colleague Moira Perruso and then setting up “MOBA Comunicazione” and then to create Freelance Network Italia.
This is a large group of professionals in communication and digital media. Freelance Network presents itself to us al: we collaborate and present ourselves to the customer in a modular formula so we try to meet their needs in an agile way. here are a little of the news about the free lance network that is growing We formed as an association in June, if you want more information look for the freelance network Italy group, now open to everybody, and if you like what happens within this group what we share that are experience. Sometimes we even share discounts that we can get from other partners, but above all we really share news and everything that is useful to our training for our improvement.

Useful for our improvement!
So I come straight away to tell you about today’s guest Today’s guest impressed me! I read an interview dedicated to her by Roselina Salemi in the magazine ELLE some time ago I did a post on linkedin dedicated to the voice and I must say that this post has really engaged because many are interested in the voice system. I say system because it is really a complex area of interest.

Milena Origgi, also known as Mylena Vocal Coach is really an expert of the voice and run and followed several activities. She run several conferences and workshops but the extraordinary thing is that I liked her story because she started from Busto Arsizio! She initially worked mainly on Milan and then she grew so much to reach Boston where she now lives since 5 years and her project is becoming even bigger than that.

Her project is to bring the method she created called Inborn Voice around the world. the starting point is beautiful in my opinion: the voice identifies us and when we will find our originary voice, our Inborn Voice, we will have really grasped the essence of our existence and we will be able to transmit it to others.

So starting from the voice the improvement will reach and benefit our entire life! I’ll leave you really soon to Milena but I take this opportunity to bring your attention to three focal points that she will touch the first point is the originality, the second is listening to our voice but also the voice of others and sometimes I would say especially the voice of others just to enter into a relationship and create healthy relationships with the customer because this help us to work better and finally love our voice. beautiful: to love our voice! I have a question for you all. How many of you have recorded a vocal note, have listened to it again and have not loved the voice?

This is a good awareness point. This happened to me and for this reason I’m studying and working a lot on my voice from here we start also for a more extensive improvement of our very existence starting from the fact that the voice is what makes us immediately recognizable identifiable

Try to do an experiment if you were in a large room and began to speak without being seen maybe someone who knows you would identify you immediately and this I think is already extraordinary in itself

So love your own voice to improve not only our voice but ourselves! and now leave you to Milena Origgi

Milena Origgi:
Hello to all news for freelance listeners following Barbara and her podcasts I am Milena Origgi, also known as Mylena Vocal Coach or the Voice Guru

My life is a real roller coaster!

I am originally from Busto Arsizio and currently live in the United States precisely in the elegant city of Boston I moved about five years ago to respond to the needs of my American customers and to further spread my method Inborn Voice in this great country

I immediately agreed to be interviewed for the podcast because this is a topic very important to me and I love to share my international experience As all of you, I have started my company from scratch by making it grow first in Milan, then throughout Italy, I opened my second studio in London, then my third in Boston and the upcoming project I’m working on are New York and Los Angeles

For more than 30 years I’ve been dealing with the voice of people, to professional voice training at 360 degrees with the method Inborn Voice and I invite you to dig a little deeper by reading my website www.inbornvoice.com or my latest book “The Way of the Voice”

The results of my work have spread so quickly and well beyond the Italian borders This unexpectedly led me to become a pioneer of online lessons and today my customers range from Hawaii islands to Hong Kong

Maybe you do not know but there are thirteen different time zones between these two extremes of the planet! So it became necessary for me to live and work in a time zone that was more central to these requirements The east coast of the United States is the perfect place!

Luckily for me more and more people understand the importance of the voice in modern interpersonal communication the famous “networking” especially in the working field and in the world of politics.

Every day so, with joy and passion, I spread my experience to managers, entrepreneurs, actors, dubbers, youtubers and clearly many freelancers! But I also love working with ordinary people, especially mothers, couples and teenagers.

Summing up all this presentation, I can say that: “What’s my secret?” Obviously the voice!

Barbara Reverberi:
We are freelancers, for us the voice matters a great deal as for all other people but perhaps for us who must make us recognizable that we must be appreciated because we must know how to “sell” what we are the voice matters even more I want to ask you how someone can begins to train the voice?

Milena Origgi:
Dear Barbara, how do we start?
With an act of will!
It is essential to recognize when our voice has some difficulty and not only “recognize,” but also to “feel” that there is a difficulty because it is from there that you start from there that you choose to do an act of will and start to discover a new land and start to cultivate your voice

Barbara Reverberi:
Milena, The second question for you is this one: is there a way in which we can better present ourselves or better present our project to a customer How to to speak the truth during a presentation?

Milena Origgi:
Voice is our most powerful business card, even powerful than a designer dress! I created the Inborn Voice method precisely because it is fundamental to “find your voice”, find your own way in this world. Too often we are confused and we mistake one of our personalities, built during our life experience, for our true identity. The fulcrum of all my work is linked to this concept, that’s why I have written the book “The way of the Voice” and my most exclusive workshop is called “Your Voice, Your Identity”.

The best way is to start looking for our true identity so that it can reflect very well what we are saying to avoid to “sell” to our customers a personality that does not correspond to us and therefore does not reflect our passion undermining the trust and credibility in front of our clients.

Barbara Reverberi:
Can you also give us three tips to improve your voice?

Milena Origgi:
Three tips?
I will have in many more to give!
Let’s summarize

Above all not to copy others for example looking at videos, learning generic notions and so on this makes us “standard” our originality is dispersed and we have a lot more to offer!

Second: to take a pause to listen at the harmony between our voice and the one of the client clearly during a negotiation you have no idea how much a good training affect this point.

This point alone streamlines your and my work time

I give you a simple example a freelance client of mine went from staying awake until midnight every single night to prepare the strategy to “propose” to the client to going to bed at ten after watching a movie with his family

Inborn Voice does not add burden does not add new things to know, but removes and lightens giving fast and lasting results

Third and final advice: start listening and loving your own voice so that you can hear and highlight the weak points without hiding them from yourself

Why this? Every weak point is fertile ground for your fears your uncertainties and as Simona Ventura says, these fears reach directly in the belly and can undermine the success of a job to which you have dedicated yourself for a long time.

Do you know that even a few “humming” like our “mhm”, our “but” have much value in the success of a sale?

The stats I have highlighted in thirty years of experience is almost the loss of the sale of 70 percent

Confidence gushes out in a firm and present voice that will always give you the result you expected.

Barbara Reverberi:
You have written several books the last one, “The way of the voice” and you recognize that identity is fundamental for our voice or vice versa voice is the key to give emphasis to our identity I know that there will be a great event of yours in Milan and I would be glad if you could talk about it a little so I can leave a link in the post that will follow this podcast

Milena Origgi:
Dear Barbara, of course! “Your voice, Your identity”, the identity and the voice are indissolubly linked

There will be this event, in Milan and it will be a workshop!

It ‘s my flagship one, after so many years of hard work, dedication, not always easy, I guarantee you We finally reached the thirteenth edition that will be the one in Milan

The tour began in Los Angeles, touches New York, London, Paris and last stage of 2019 will be my beloved Milan

Then I will devote myself to the following dates in 2020

What is this event all about? It is a real workshop so you will receive some brief notion and soon after we will start to reach, awaken, activate the maximum expression of your identity through the multiple potential of your Inborn Voice. I love it!

You will be the protagonists of the day and I will be your guide who will respect, free and embellish, your incredible communication tool, your voice.

You will stop using that voice that lies event to yourself and does not represent you You will remove vocal blocks, energy and physiological ones, for some is a beautiful experience in which their most hidden essence awakens

Clear examples of the feelings that you will experience can be summed up topical moments of these movies

The first is Harry Potter: imagine yourself in front of the door full of hundreds of locks that with a single key, which I call Inborn Voice, opens magically and reveals the philosopher’s stone: the treasure!

Then we also have Dead Poets Society its intensity I will make you live the same intensity.

The last film love very much and that I’ve seen hundreds of times is Eat, pray and love. when Julia Roberts summarizes the journey to find herself, the real herself, in a significant sentence: If you’re brave enough to set out on a truth-seeking journey, either externally or internally, and if you are truly willing to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be withheld from you

This is what you will live at the workshop in Milan an experience closely related to your voice, your communication but the beauty of human expression that I defend every day with great passion and confidence

A greeting to all, thanks for listening a greeting to you Barbara and good freelancing!

Barbara Reverberi:
Well dear friends who listen to me dear friends freelance have noticed the difference between my voice the voice of Milena? considerable! I have so much to work you perceive how my voice still needs to be educated and so I’m just happy to have met Milena on my way happy because in fact responded to my appeal with enthusiasm after that post on LinkedIn

So it comes to me to say how useful are the social networks when they are used with common sense and criterion even for a personal project on the other hand I thank Milena for this pill of her suggestions that are definitely useful for us to help us freelancer that we want to change the way we see the world of work with greater freedom of choice and therefore what’s better than an Inborn Voice, the one that identifies us and that we have lost over the years because of the imprinting that we received?

Then I strongly want to proceed with this path so I shared it with you I hope you listen carefully that you also go read all the information available about Milena and her method in particular I will leave you in the post also the references to find Milena

There is also an opportunity of discount for three of you who want to participate in the workshop in Milan. Milena travels the world so it’s an opportunity to have her here in Milan too if someone is particularly interested I can write in private I remember my contacts I’m on twitter, I’m on LinkedIn and of course on telegram in any case if you want to contact me and leave a message in private I’ll be happy to give you more precise information

I leave the in-depth links below the post I’m happy that Milena was our guest thank you once again and thank you especially for following me so faithfully I’m really pleased I hope to do a good job for all of us

Thank you!

Mylena Vocal Coach aired over RAI Italia

Mylena Vocal Coach aired over RAI Italia

Today it has been broadcasted on RAI, in the program L’Italia con Voi, dedicated to Italians abroad, an interview that has been delivered in New York.

Accidents don’t exist and whoever follows me will know that I accompanied Giovanni Scialpi to the RAI show “Ora o Mai più” conducted by Amadeus and with Jessica Morlacchi as guest. Well, the episode of the show opened with Jessica, followed by Amadeus and immediately afterwards my interview. I take this opportunity to send a big hug to Amadeus and to all the cast of the show, but also to all the operators of the Studio!

But let’s see at my interview (with captions):

Here is the transcript:

First, however, I must launch the next report by Andrea Fumagalli.
We go to New York and hear a vocal coach
Oh, great!
Milena Origgi is a vocal coach originally from Busto Arsizio (Italy)
After an experience in London, Milena has moved to Boston three years ago

Tonight she is in New York to present her book “The Way of the Voice” in which she illustrates her method of voice training: Inborn Voice®

This method is the only one in the world that does not try to introduce new knowledge into the people, but tries to extract, to remove, to let out, to remove, errors or incorrect learning, to free completely our ability, our vocality and all our expressiveness!

I carry the flag of Italy high for its “craftsmanship” concept

My classes open in at least three ways.
Generally they are lessons that deal with vocality at a practical level for those who choose the “technical” part than the first place, therefore the exercises are not exercises like the usual vocalisations but they are almost mute exercises, done in silence.
And yet the voice gets better!
And that’s the first magic.
Second magic: some people ask me to go even deeper so here we start in the second part of this method and it is the “emotional” part, as well as the technique.
People begin to improve their socializing attitude, couples talk to each other and improve their communication.
Third and last part that the most complex and I must say almost 3-4% of my clients is that advanced: the Vocal Alignment®.
What it means is that not only is there a link with the external and internal voices, but this is reflected in the universe in all that we encounter on a quantum physical level, but above all, of course, it is clear that it is also on a spiritual level.
I’ve always wanted to live in the United States since I started traveling when I was 16 and I didn’t exactly plan to do this but I definitely thought I would be successful and so I never gave up and determination was the main element.

Tonight’s event is organized by Learn Italy, an agency that promotes the spread of Italian culture and language.

We organize events to promote Italian talent to promote Italian excellence that are many and with the event tonight we launched a new series of projects called “Talents on the net” so we will bring to America especially in the city of New York talents that may be a Vocal Coach as today in the case of Milena or may be creators of fashion or experts in food and wine and similar things.

Our agency is also important in terms of the formation of Italian culture in the world. In fact, for several years we have been carrying out post-graduate and post-graduate courses of higher education and in addition we are authorized and recognized by the University for Foreigners of Siena for courses in Italian language and culture in particular aimed at all those who want to achieve internationally recognized certifications such as CILS, which is the certificate of Italian as a foreign language that is valid for universities for access to our country for applications regarding citizenship, study visas and more.

I am very happy about an evening like this because training institutions like Learn Italy USA have managed to build a bridge over the Atlantic by networking the Italian talents who are making their mark abroad because this is our wealth, our culture, our intelligence to discover new paths through which to help us to become better.

a greeting then to Milena Origgi and also Silvana Mangione of the General Council of Italians Abroad, who was also our guest a few weeks ago together with the members of the presidential committee.

Here is the full TV show L’Italia con voi from RAI, where you can see Mylena Vocal Coach

My interview published in the Voice of New York

My interview published in the Voice of New York

The voice of New York is the most widespread Italian newspaper in the United States and today was published an interview of me made by the talented Liliana Rossano.

The interview is very long and embraces different aspects of my career, not only the most recent ones that have seen me featured by Learn Italy as “Italian excellence” in the world in the presence of the Consul General in New York Francesco Genuardi and the Deputy Secretary General of the Italian General Committee Abroad, Silvana Mangione, then televised by Rai.

Here is the link to original Inteview to the Voice Guru Mylena Vocal Coach

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Mylena Vocal Coach Interviewed by Valeria Robecco

Mylena Vocal Coach Interviewed by Valeria Robecco

You have probably already had the opportunity to read in the newspapers or listen to the TV news of my last event in New York to present my work and my book to the entire city.

I was chosen by Learn Italy Communication USA, a leading cultural agency in the United States, as the first testimonial of the Italian Excellence in the World during an event organized at Urbani Truffle, the undisputed leader in the Italian truffle industry.

The event should have been presented by Francesco Semprini, La Stampa reporter in New York, but since he and his photographer were the victims of an unfortunate episode in Syria, where they were on a reportage mission (the photographer was injured in one eye, he was unharmed), his place was quickly taken by Valeria Robecco, journalist of Il Giornale and ANSA, as well as the newly appointed president of the UN reporters’ association.

During the event Valeria has asked me very interesting questions that have taken me to talk about my story, explain my method and tell more about my book. I also had the honor of receiving two questions from Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins, the renowned Mediaset correspondent in New York.

Also present at the event was the deputy secretary of the General Committee of Italians Abroad, Dr. Silvana Mangione, who also gave a small speech to congratulate with me.

The entire event was broadcasted for Italian Television by RAI Italia, here is the link to Mylena Vocal Coach interview by RAI.

Here is the full footage of the interview, with Captions.

Here is the transcript of the Interview:

Massimo Veccia:
Buonasera a tutti!
Can you hear me?
Well, good.
So Good Evening everyone.
I’m sorry I’m gonna speak more Italian than English
Bonne soirée a toutes les personnes Francophones, c’est juste une!
I welcome all of you, our students, our teachers, some of whom are already here, we are still waiting for a couple of others: they are a little late because of the weather.
I am very happy to be here and I greet Valeria Robecco, I greet Milena Origgi, our guest today.
I greet Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins, I greet Dr. Silvana Mangione and I greet all our collaborators in their various roles, including of course our GianMarco Capogna.
I would like to say my GianMarco because by now we have become almost one thing!
So thank you for being here!
Today we are launching a new path on which Learn Italy has been working for some tim, which is called “Talent’s Network”.
Talent’s Network is inaugurated with Milena Origgi, whom I have known for five six years, we met in Milan a few years ago.
Milena does a particular job, she’s a Vocal Coach.
She will explain to you herself, together with Valeria, how she does it, what she does, what she wants to convey, how she can also be of help to a great number of people. 
Last night we had a great chat together, very interesting!
I want to thank Sabrina Notarnicola, a friend of mine from childhood, and Urbani Truffles who is hosting us today.
I want to thank RAI international, or RAI Italia as they call it today, for the TV coverage.
I would like to introduce you to Valeria Robecco, a journalist from Il Giornale of Milan and ANSA agency
She was recently elected as President of the correspondents of the United Nations, so congratulations!
Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins is a very famous face of Mediaset, many of you already know her for her “Stars in Stripes” show that I follow a lot when I’m in Italy.
Whenever I can, I tune the TV to Mediaset and look at Maria Luisa with her raids on Italian-American politics.
I would leave the floor directly to you after having once again thanked you for being here!
Today begins a path, another path of Learn Italy, which will lead us to have new meetings in the near future. Of course you will be updated on all our activities on our next projects.
I hope that at the end of the meeting Dr. Mangione will say a few words.
We will see later, based on how the cards will be on the table.
To you Valeria and Milena!

Valera Robecco:
Welcome and thank you!

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Good evening, everyone.

Valera Robecco:
It’s a pleasure for me being here for this interview with Milena Origgi.Milena is one of the greatest international experts in the field of Vocal Coaching and is the founder of the Inborn Voice method, which she will then explain to us.
She has over twenty years of experience in lessons, workshops, retreats around the world and is also dedicated to online training, in fact, to date boasts over seventeen thousand sessions of vocal coaching via Skype.
Today is also the opportunity, you see it here near me, to present his new book “The Way of the Voice“, which was released in Italy in the two thousand and eighth after the great success of her first book that sold over ten thousand copies.
In “The Way of the Voice“, Milena tries to explain how the interaction between the vibrations of the voice and everyday life is the only secret necessary to achieve personal realization.
The book was also translated into English and was published last September  globally.

So Milena, first of all tell us a little about your story.
How did you get to where you are today?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
So my story started not so long ago. It starts some time ago.
I was born in Busto Arsizio. It’s a city that I carry with pride even though I say that I’m from Milan, otherwise here in the United States it’s not easy to
understand where it is located in Italy.
Busto Arsizio is a city that has given birth to famous people like Mina and many other important figures.  It is the city famous for being reborn from its ashes, like the phoenix, and this fact fully represents me!
In Busto Arsizio I was already a prodigy child, at least that’s what the people around me were saying and by the age of six I was already taking care of the church choir, I was the soloist and a few years later, around the age of eightI was already advising adults on what they should do to sing better within the church choir
This then led me to continue to love my voice deeply, not only when singing, but much more.
From Busto Arsizio then I decided to move progressively to study my passion for the voice, so important for me. so I traveled around the world, I studied many different disciplines.
From oriental disciplines to more “technical” disciplines, if you like.
From Busto Arsizio I then moved to London. I opened Inborn Voice in London and then arrived in Boston, about three years ago. And today we’re in New York.

Valera Robecco:
What is your Inborn Voice method? 
Is it a path that only concerns professionals in the industry, therefore actors, singers, voice actors and politicians, or is it a path that anyone can undertake?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
It is a beautiful path because it can be undertaken by anyone.
Because we all speak and communicate, not only with our voices!
It’s a path that works for everyone, and it’s very important to say: it’s not only for those who specialize in the voice industry!

Valera Robecco:
What does it is about?
Explain us a little better.

Mylena Vocal Coach:

It’s a lot complicated to explain the method, but I’m trying to simplify it.
It is a method that as the most important imprinting has to remove everything that is wrong with our voice, in our way of using it.
Ever since we learned to speak as children, not only if we took a few classes to learn how to speak, but from an early age.
Everyone else wants to introduce new notions, teach new things, new theories, new techniques, new exercises.
Inborn Voice, no! 
With Inborn Voice you are the protagonist, it’ s never me.
My method aims to remove, eliminate, and free everything that is inside. 
Errors are removed and this “Inborn Voice”, which is actually our primary essence, is released.

Valera Robecco:

You teach private lessons, workshops and retreats all over the world. 
What is the difference between them for a person who wants to approach your path?
How can they choose one way over another?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
I must say that my websites (www.lezionidicanto.com and www.inbornvoice.com) already present the different options very clearly. 
Usually people already choose from there.
Every path, be it a retreat, a workshop, a private lesson, a group lesson, an online lesson, a vis à vis lesson, is already recognizable at first glance.
I always respect my client’s request. 
For those who don’t like working online, I won’t teach online.Those who just want a quick taste about the Inborn Voice method, will sign up for the workshops, and eventually they’ll continue with online sessions.
Those who want to fully immerse themselves in the Inborn Voice method, sign up for a retreat. However, those who prefer a more serious, more challenging training, because they are also more determined, take lessons regularly.

Valera Robecco:
Let’s talk about online. You’ve had so many online lessons!
How do your clients approach online lessons and how do you approach them?
Not having a visual relationship with the person who is taking the lesson, do you still manage to convey what you want, and they can convey theirs to you?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
When I started the online path it was definitely something challenging, especially since it started in Italy. Even though I was in Milan, a cutting-edge city.
One, for the Internet connection, which was obviously not very fast.
Two because my customers told me “where does this Vocal Coach go? She goes abroad! And I have to follow up online? I can’t believe it’s the same thing!”
At first there was someone who chose not to continue with the lessons because the idea of being online was really remote.
Today I work almost twelve hours a day and online gives me the same satisfaction of vis à vis, in person, because it is an art that I have refined over time.
When I return to one of my studios, for example in Milan, the students who have followed me online and are in front of me in person, make this beautiful move (They’re watching if there’s a screen).
That tells me everything!

Valera Robecco:
Your customers come from different professional backgrounds, as well as from all over the world.
What do they ask you most often?
What is the goal they hope to achieve by training with you?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Also in this case I separate the types of customers-
There are “dreamy” customers, the ones who want everything.
They want a beautiful voice, warm, strong, with the right pauses. 
They want to never suffer anxiety, to be one of the best speakers in the world! 
I stop them for a moment and tell them “it’s possible, but it takes time, the most complex exchange currency”.
Then they stop, understand, and say, “All right, I want to focus on that.”
The requests range from execution, whether it’s the singer, the actor, the dubber, to the businessman, who has to prepare speeches or present his work to shareholders or an audience. There are even people who deal with politics, but for me the most interesting people are those who say to me: “I got lost and I know that something inside me keeps talking to me. It’s not my head!”
There’s something deeper: it’s their Inborn Voice!
This is my favorite customer!

Valera Robecco:
Do they therefore have the patience to take a path, which may be more or less long, to achieve the goal they have set?
Or do you find someone who would like to do it all, right away?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Yeah, when I got here, the All and at Once was kind of a brand thing. Everything and right away! How long? In ten lessons, five lessons?
I always answer in five lessons you will get this, in ten lessons you will get that, in thirty lessons you will get that too.
The most interesting thing is that some people only take one lesson and that’s enough for them!

Valera Robecco:
Do they accept this here in America, too?
I mean if it is more frequent that here in the United States to find someone who wants to reach results as quickly as possible?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Yes, I help them to clearly identify what they really want, but often I need only a little time, one lesson, five lessons, ten lessons and they understand on their own where they have to go and what they have to do in order to reach that goal.
Some people can also be discouraged at some point, because they need to be very determined to progress. And some even stop the training.
Then, with time, they all return. 
I am of the sign of the Scorpio, everything returns. 
After an average of two years, those who have stopped the training call me and say: “Hey listen, it’s possible for me to start again?”.
Because they believe that I may have a grudge against them. 
Absolutely not! 
And I continue their training. The Inborn Voice method, if it is temporarily suspended, because someone need, I do not like to say “digest” because it is not nice, but “internalize” the training, may very well require a moment of stasis, to settle the crisis.
I love philosophy. There always comes that moment in your life when you have to overcome the crisis, with a little effort, but when they come back we start again together. We don’t start from scratch, but exactly from where they have left, to continue building their expressiveness.
This is a characteristic of mine that I value very much. In fact, I asked Massimo Veccia to highlight in the billboard of this event, forgive me if I interrupted you while breathing, the fact that I consider myself a craftsman. I carry the flag of Italy high for its tradition of craftsmanship, even though my method is expanding all over the world! Maybe the word “craftsman” is starting to get a little tighter. In reality for me to be meticulous, the attention to detail, is like drinking a glass of water. I’m not proud of it, but I’m deeply happy about it because it’s the detail that makes the difference!

Valera Robecco:
Why is voice so important to personal fulfillment?
For your personal affirmation, not only at work, but precisely for a private matter, to feel good about yourself?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Our voice, although some people think that our body is the first means of communication, and in part it is, manages to do magic: it reaches directly into the unconscious.
Not to an unconscious that can be managed, rationalized.
No. Like music, it reaches such a deep, intimate point that when it does it manages to make all our colors explode. 
If a person has any social issue, communicative problems for example, I also work with couples, with parents, with children, with young people, when they manage to communicate that wonderful music they have inside, it’s something amazing!
That’s why our voice is so important!
This happens only through the voice, the body can’ t!
The body is, like a violin, the structure. The voice is like when the strings start to vibrate, and touch really important keys. This leads us to be able to relate to others more easily, but above all to relate to people who play the same music! 
The rest is wasted time!

Valera Robecco:
Since you mentioned parents, kids, children, how important is the voice of a father or a mother for a child?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
My eyes make a small circle.
A lot, a lot!
Let me give you an example, not a private one, because I will not mention anybody.
I found myself in front of a sixty year old man, who had been told when he was a child to “shut up”. This person spent many years in psychoanalysis and never managed to exteriorize his feelings.
Today, clearly he’s a student of mine, he says, “They told me to shut up, but thanks to my Inborn Voice, I decided to scream too!”
It was a cathartic lesson if you will.
Now all that inner torture of being silenced by someone in their own personal expression has vanished. 
I won’t go any further, but I’ll leave a little tip.
I’m someone who follows very much alternative medicine, linked to quantum, vibration: a broken voice, one day they will be able to measure it, creates incredible damage right at the cellular level. Sooner or later they’ll be able to prove it.
I see it every day!

Valera Robecco:
Let’s talk about your book for a minute.
Your second book which is here: “The Way of the Voice”
What’s this about?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
This is a book that not only in Italy, but especially in America have defined as “unexpected”.
What is it? They expect exercises, they expect the usual “la la la la” stuff, they expect breathing, they expect pauses tips.
“The Way of the Voice” is a book that deals with the world of the voice on a quantum, physical, mathematical and vibrational level. Because everything is vibration!
It raises the voice to this level and moreover it deals with philosophical situations, religious situations and shows, as there is then in the small subtitle, how much our voice, the sound of our voice, hides a secret.
So it is very original, as is my last name.
I believe in resonances, the book speaks of resonances: my family name is Origgi: “original”.

Valera Robecco:
Someone who reads your book, how does feel enriched?
What can he find in your book?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Then I’ll give you two feedbacks that I’ve received several times.
The first is “I read the first chapter, wonderful!, but the second chapter I did not understand a thing!”
Great! I always answer that the moment will come when, reading the second chapter, they will understand.
Someone else, however, after reading the book, not only improved his/her voice already, began to take care of it with a different attention, but understood that perhaps the road he/she had taken was not the “resonant” one. Many then contacted me for help for finding their voice.

Valeria Robecco:
During your more than twenty years of Vocal Coaching, in your career, what were the challenges, perhaps the difficult moments?
Were there any moments when you thought “maybe if I turned back time I would do it differently”?
If there have been, of course

Mylena Vocal Coach:
I have been thinking and I still think about this question right now.
Difficulty: a lot!
I was the first Italian Vocal Coach to bring a method of vocal training abroad, especially in the United States.
I repeat: very complex!
This was one of the biggest difficulties, but as I write in my book: it was my destiny!
So every time they ask me:
Was it difficult?
Was it tiring?
Did it take determination? 
Yes, and above all courage!
Perhaps the only thing  that was difficult, and still is, is to stay away from home!
Because I deeply love my family and this is the thing I miss the most, but for the other things all is possible and everything is inside me, it flows like a river in flood!
It flows with this ease!

Valera Robecco:
What was the best moment ever?
The one when you said “I really found my voice and everything I did was worth it, because right now I feel like everything’s perfect”?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
This is one of those moments!
Right now!
When I was told “Yes, you can work into the United States”, it was another important moment.
When I look at my customers smiling, their rebirth, reliving, those are the most important moments!
I’m not the protagonist, but my clients, my students, my followers, the people who listen to and follow their Inborn Voice. 
It’s constantly expanding!

Valera Robecco:
What has changed, if anything has changed in you, since you arrived in the United States?
Since when did you start to live in this country, which certainly has many positive aspects but also presents many challenges? A country different from Italy for many things, but I think it can also enrich a person. Has something changed in you? 
Has it enriched you both professionally and personally?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Getting here for me was like coming home.
The first time in the United States, in New York, was when I was sixteen.
So I was a minor. My parents weren’t so happy, but I wanted to visit anyway and it was like coming home for me!
Different mindsets? Yes
Different ways of acting? Yes
Hard work? Yes
But it was exactly what I was already in Milan, nothing different.
As if I had reunited with who I was.
So certainly enriched, certainly satisfied, but even more, merged, completely, with my true identity.

Valera Robecco:
You left Italy, went to London and came to the United States.
What are the next projects or goals you have in mind or would like to achieve?

Mylena Vocal Coach: 
The United States have always been my country par excellence, the one that represents me, so I will probably not stop here in New York, but this will be my most important center.
Instead with my Retreats, my workshops and everything else, I will continue to move around the world. From New Zealand to Fiji, I already have everything on my website with my retreats. For example in Hawaii, all places I have already visited, but I want to feature them again, because I have not mentioned it before, but it is written in my book, everything I bring here today, in this interview and to you, is a person who has travelled to many places in the world, not as a tourist, but as a child curious about the sounds of the natives.
From freezing with the Inuits in Alaska, to ” becoming ” a Maori, with tattoos! So New York is not a point of arrival for me, but a Hub, because the United States reflects very well the concept of expansion that I have.
Inborn Voice won’t stop there. It will continue to be present, I hope, in the most important places in the world because there is a message I want to give today and it is a message that really makes people feel good about this work, not only those who learn to use their voice, but also those who listen to those who use it to speak and express themselves. Today, as never before, we need not only to communicate with words but also with facts. Especially in this vibrational world! It’s enough that we look at each other, it’s enough that you talk, that I talk and something is already happening on a vibrational level: it’s a real music!

Valera Robecco:
Of all these places you’ve had the chance to go to for your workshops, for yours retreats, is there one in particular one that you particularly remember, for a reason or because it left you something that you’ll carry with you forever?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
There are many, not all, because they are not them all. 
Perhaps one of the most important places was New Zealand with the Maori concert, because they still sing legends and stories in a wonderful way.
They chase away demons with their own eyes and voices!
So I really like that country!
And then I can add Japan, because it represents me as a concept of “politeness “.
I could spend hours talking about this, but if you ask me right now where I feel most connected: New Zealand, absolutely!

Valera Robecco:
Let’s get back to voice, which is why we’re here talking to you.
How important is the voice to become a leader?
Not only for your own personal affirmation, but also for the affirmation in the profession that someone chooses. 
I’m referring to a leader not only in the field of politics, but also in the field of business, in the field of acting: in general.

Mylena Vocal Coach:
For a leader, voice is essential. When you asked me about my customers, I did not mention the “leaders”, but many of them are leaders! They are businessmen, leaders in their area.
It’s very important and fundamental because it makes everyone understand who they are and what they’re saying, in the moment they speak.
There is one more element that a leader needs. My Must is: never copy. Never!
Imitating the voice of another, the pauses of another, makes “fake”, does not work.
Originality is what matters, what reaches us.
Another thing that is always important as far as leaders are concerned, is that they must always be considered as the conductor of an orchestra.
Among my clients I had a fashion stylist, who works with an important brand, obviously in Milan. She said “I’m here because what I say to my staff doesn’t happen”.
I made her understand that she is the conductor and only by using her voice can she succeed. Only with your voice!

Valera Robecco:
You mentioned a stylist, then a woman.
For women, having a powerful voice, an important voice, how much does it matter in their career? In establishing themselves professionally and also personally?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Women, on average, those I meet, make the biggest mistake of setting their vocality on a tone similar to that of males.
They think, generally all women, that only a male voice is suitable for leadership.
I say to these women: “You are a woman and you must also be a leader, let’s try to fuse these two elements”. 
Thanks to my help they find the sensuality of a woman, the attention of a woman.
The emotiveness of a woman can not be missing otherwise it is fake!
A woman does not impose herself!
There’s a beautiful film, I don’t know if I can mention it, but it’s “my big, fat, Greek wedding”. I don’t know if you remember the scene. Here they say yes!
I love it, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it. The wife of the protagonist’s father, Gus, says: “The man is the head, but the woman is the neck!” and she turns the head wherever she wants!
We women have one additional art and we have to use it through our voice.
And here we have a confirmation!
We have to use it, we can’t replace it because we’re not men.
We are women!
But, we are not the weaker sex. We have much more powerful weapons in some circumstances.

Valera Robecco:
And how important is presence, not only in the sense of moving while speaking, but also in the sense of physical presence?

Mylena Vocal Coach: 
Here, too, I say that the physical presence must never be copied by someone else.
It must be very personal and, especially in my method, the physical presence is fused in a perfectly tuned way, with the body. So a person who takes certain pauses will have certain movements in those pauses. We cannot disassociate the body and the voice. For me they are united. As voice is united with emotion.
Those who say that the voice can become without emotions, not to make them shine through, have already lost from the start!

Valera Robecco:
Did you happen to meet people who might have an important voice, a relevant voice and maybe who were also good speakers, but who were missing something?
Maybe they weren’t able to convey emotions, at the level of empathy, what they had to communicate to their audience?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
So, Valeria, this is a complex matter.
Yeah, but I’m gonna make a point.
As I explained before there are several levels, so if someone has a nice voice for me, for most people it’s beautiful or interesting.
Some of my students say “that person has a beautiful voice, go and hear it”.
No. I realize that it is not so beautiful, Here I carry Inborn Voice in favor of a necessity to acculturate on how to define a voice. It’s not just an age-old concept linked to the sound and musicality of the voice, there’s much more to it than that.
So there can be someone who until that point is able to communicate, but lacks more empathy: He/she must work on it!
But empathy, passion, other nuances, are much more complex!
It does not mean that he/she is not a good speaker: according to me he/she is a speaker at fifty percent!
He misses the other fifty percent!
Of course, for a person who is not a speaker even at fifty percent, that person is like a divinity!
Is that clear? I can make you understand that there is no single answer: there is a split answer.
I work with a someone who is presenting at Cupertino, so I do not make other names, this person asked me exactly that. 
“I have no problem to talk, to present, to be a speaker.  But I realized that emotions are missing. I want to be more even if they say I’m good”.
I said, “All right! You’ve chosen the right person!”
Of course, I’m just a little bit tight with him because I enjoy the challenge.

Valeria Robecco:
Listen, since I’m sure there’ll be plenty of questions from the audience, and plenty of curiosity to ask you,I’d like to ask you one last thing, actually two.
What do you think about the voice of American President Donald Trump?
Or maybe not only the voice, but also the way of presenting himself.

Mylena Vocal Coach:
I’ll stop evaluating his voice!
I got to know him, obviously I haven’t met him yet in person, but I got to dwell on the video of the debate he had with Hillary Clinton.
Trump’s voice communicates a lot
We must bear in mind that in that debate, from my point of view, he was contained. So there wasn’t completely himself.
Content for obvious socio-political reasons: That’s television, and it is always not reality
The first moment, you see it immediately, as Trump is slightly embarrassed, and that means that he was moved
He was experiencing an emotion
Then the voice, I repeat, he tries to be a bit restrained, as far as you can see from the breathing he would like to add more elements and in this debate he says two words that have impressed me a lot, and he was able to give them a precise impetus and therefore believes it.
We start from the assumption that for me, if you know how to give the right impetus, according to my method, it is guaranteed that you will live those words.
One word was “Potential” and I am sure that he believes it.
The other word was “We.” He didn’t say “I”, he said “we”.
I liked that very much!

Valera Robecco:
Since we have mentioned the debate with Hillary Clinton and also for a matter of par condicio, let’s talk about Hillary, so what do you think of Hillary’s voice?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Hillary’s voice is a completely different one.
I had the immediate feeling of a someone who was repeating her homework in front of a mirror, so in a self related world.
At some point during the debate, you’ll all have noticed that there’s someone from the public asking her a question.
There was no sound/vibrational tuning of Hillary’s voice to the person’s question from the audience.
That means she didn’t even consider him. 
I haven’t heard any “we” and her voice tends to be monotonous.
I go a little further
I’m allowed to say this because I have a lot of clients from that profession, a bit of a psychoanalyst. the one who by trade must contain the emotions

Valera Robecco:
Do you think that a job like the one you do with your customers, could help her maybe create a little more empathy? Because I say this is a personal opinion of mine but in short having had the opportunity, and Maria Luisa more than me, of having a chance of seeing her from close distance during the electoral campaign , she is definitely not a person able to create a relationship with her audience. When she speaks always seems very detached.
Do you think that she need a training path of your kind to try to bring her a little closer to her audience? Or when the character is in a certain way becomes difficult to change it?
To change the approach, the attitude?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
I rarely speak about the character, it’s one of our excuses: “This is my character”.
I say that there is a beautiful word that divides the word “character” in two and is ” intention”.
If a person wants to reach his/her audience he/she wants to get to his/her public, he/she wants to reach his/her people, he/she can!
Even if he is sixty-five years old.
I have customers of sixty-five years old who today say to me “Hey, the voice energy! I went back to playing tennis and got my old habits back, I’m not saying that my hair has grown back but I mean my voice tends to be energy!
So my answer is yes.

Valera Robecco:
I could continue for now but I would like to give I would also give the opportunity to someone in the audience to ask Milena what he/she wants
Does anybody have a specific question?

GianMarco Capogna:
I’m Gianmarco, I’m very happy.
We chatted last night with Milena and Valeria to get a little preview and we were all very pleasantly impressed by how Milena is able to make us enter the world, her world, of Vocal Coaching. This is not necessarily so easy. Who does choose to approach a workshop, a lesson, a meeting, and then is not specifically predisposed in that sense, to listen to a voice and/or to understand what this voice is saying?
I was pleasantly impressed about Milena’s ability to make accessible the topic of voice. Mylena’s ability is to make accessible a very complex topic and to relate it to the hidden potential that each of us has in expressing ourselves, in listening to ourselves, in being able to listen to ourselves also to relate with others. This is what communication is all about and in my opinion this is really interesting.
I’ve listened to you very much and, as Massimo Veccia said at the beginning, I’m also very happy that this new direction and planning of Learn Italy, which ranges from training Italian Language to the promotion of Italian talents, has already started a brand-new path with Milena.
Precisely because our idea of promoting talents of Italy’s excellence are not only the gastronomic and culinary talent, which are perhaps the one that is most easily linked to our tradition, but is also the history of culture, experience, widespread and even particular professionalism, which have therefore built an experience 
They are start-ups, emerging people because of the type of work they do for the contribution they make, in this case in the United States and in the rest of the world also for a contribution of generational vision. 
So I listened to you with great pleasure and I think this speech is very interesting, because it touches everyone because we all have to somehow communicate, somehow we need to relate with other people so know, be aware of our voice tool, our possibilities is in my opinion fundamental.

Massimo Veccia:
I say two things.
The fact that Gianmarco expressed the concept so well makes me think, as he is the one that organized all this great event, which is a beautiful resonance both in the United States and in Italy in these hours and will have it in the upcoming days!
So that he himself said these words convinces me even more of the right steps we are doing, the steps we are doing I know well how much work there was behind because I pointed it out, but he’s the one who actually brought it to fruition, so good!
I have a doubt as to why our doctor Mangione, deputy secretary general of the CGIE, did not say anything?

Silvana Mangione:
I’m here!

Massimo Veccia:
I was worried about you!

Silvana Mangione:
I’m a short, from here you can all see me.
A flood of reactions!

Mylena Vocal Coach:

Silvana Mangione:
A multitude of reactions, why?
The first thing “chapeau”!
and this is obvious, given for granted, end of transmissions!
The second thing that made me think is that when we think about communication, we are all used to consider the contents of communication and not the form in which communication takes place. This is because it involves us in certain scenarios and in others it does not, and because sometimes we are convinced that something wonderful has been communicated to us when in reality the contents are not there.
But it exists this ability to “offer”, as it was said in the ancient and antiquated times, that however always remains one of the techniques that can save the lack of the things that you were describing to us.
So my first feedback is this.
The second one is I want to read your book immediately. I will start tonight, then tomorrow afternoon I will interrogate you when we see you at the Italian Consulate, that’s a fact!
The third ons is I noticed, here I return to the technique for a moment, because the public speaking is a delicacy thing of importance and it is such a duty to do it right because if you communicate to an audience, that listens to you and it is impressionable, something wrong in the right way or something right, interesting, in wrong way, you betrayed yourself, but even who is listening to you.
The “famous”, I make the concept of the “vibration” much smaller, but the vibration that can be established when one of the two pieces is missing becomes very dangerous and is something of which we also talked with the girls during their training!
There’s one more thing.
There is the matter of humility with which to speak to others because each of us has made a path of knowledge and then two or three mini certainties, let’s not exaggerate, the great certainties do not exist, but mini certainties we have achieved them
The humility of telling in a way that I do not make my mini certainty become something carved into the stone, that you have to learn to copy immediately, that this gives you certainties of some kind, is not true
our mini certainty can only be a starting point for the thought of those who are listening to us and
so it can be a mini gift, always a small thing, a beginning of thing, a gift that can lead the other person to reason if certain things and then to return us a reasoning enriched by the other who listened, heard, perceived through our humility in offering,
Thank you so much.

Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins:
I have two questions:
The first is, I am convinced that depending on the language used by who speaks, who communicates, changes not only tone, nuance, but also personality.
The same thing said in Italian is completely different if it is said, expressed, in English.
Do you, in your profession as Voice Coach, change your way of learning, teaching and transforming your client’s voice, depending on the language?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Of course there is a study first from my side. If the culture is very different, of course I have to know it, but the sound is more important. That’s why I traveled a lot listening to the native language of each of these populations because they gave me a clear vibration that when a person who has that origin comes to me, I already know that it has that vibration and that culture, because the culture comes after a vibration following where we live. 
Every country has a resonance.
The United States has many natural elements that affect the language of the United States
when someone complains with me “English in the U.S. has few words, they’re poor.”
How come?
That may be true. How come?
Because this country is so vast that if they had to make a treaty to say something someone would be lost in the desert someone else would be dispersed somewhere else
so it is immediate that the message comes above all that of need so the exact answer is this yes I must know, but Inborn Voice has the ability to make the message universal
But of course I have to give a work of knowledge, linked first to the sound and vibration of the language we are talking about.

Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins:
The second question is specifically addressed to you as a therapist, because in English it is said “to find one voice”, which means finding yourself.
It doesn’t just mean talking properly or communicating.
How much the process of a person who wants to talk, wants to find herself, marks her as a therapist.
How much does the process of teaching a person mark you as a therapist?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
It’s like taking a rough diamond and making it shine!
It is still crucial for me, I repeat, I am not the protagonist, I am a messenger
So this message, when someone manages to communicate, to reach the others, here is why people call me “Voice Guru”, so let’s go to the most spiritual, deep and internal. I receive automatically a wonderful feedback, a great satisfaction because it has enriched me too, but above all because seeing people, not only happy, would be a word too “easy”, satisfied, it’s my job.

Valeria Robecco:
I would like to ask you another question, another thing that also inspired me a bit what you said before.  Trump said “we” and “not me” and also a bit about what Silvana said. How difficult it was, if you happened to find a person who came to you, a customer of yours who may have had a certain presence is a good speaker but was too focused or focused on itself. 

Mylena Vocal Coach:
Do you mean egocentric?

Valeria Robecco:
Yes, or that in any case that happens in our trade when you always say, “I”, instead of maybe talking in the plural, it happens if you are the president of a company
If you are the CEO of a company sometimes you feel reassured when a person uses the “we” instead of “I”?

Mylena Vocal Coach:
When this happens, luckily I do not know for what strange reason it is certainly not a rational reason.
I say this again: my student, my client, the person who comes to me,
is the protagonist. If he starts with an “I”, “I”, “I”, “I”, he/she will stop very quickly because I never reply with an “I”.
So after about 15 minutes he realizes and says, “What about you?”
And the “I” becomes an “us”.

Valeria Robecco:
This is awesome!
Thanks to all, but especially thanks to Milena because I think she taught us so much, not only of her method, but maybe she makes us understand something better than ourselves so really thank you for this interview!

Mylena Vocal Coach:
You’re welcome!

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