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There is nothing worse than a vocal coach who DOES NOT UNDERSTAND how others may not be enjoying their own perception advantages.

International Vocal Coach

International Vocal CoachI have matured over 30 years of experience as an international Vocal Coach, quickly establishing an excellent reputation as an innovator in the pedagogy of voice training.

I continue to expand my skills in many fields related to voice, including music therapy, life coaching, Eastern medicine, and psychology, as I have a polyhedric personality.

As the creator of the Inborn Voice Method, I have brought all my enthusiasm to every collaboration in which I have been involved in Italy, in the United Kingdom, in the United States, and other countries. It's not my costume to flaunt high-sounding brands because I prefer to be hired for what I still have to offer, rather than for what I have achieved in the past.

My experience as a Vocal Coach began and continues even now at first-hand thanks to my own voice, as a singer, as a speaker or as a Voice Over Actress.

I've fought hard since a very long time to bring the right culture of voice training in the world, against preconceptions and ignorance that lead people to consider it as a gift restricted only to few people or that results can be achieved without taking care first of the fundamentals.

My one-to-one vocal coaching sessions deal with all voice-related areas, from singing to voice-overs, from storytelling to speeches, from the choreography of a single performance to planning an entire tour. I also offer consulting services for those who have to write speeches or music pieces, but also for those who want to improve their charisma or reduce performance anxiety.

I am also a member of SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), ASCAP (American Society of Composers & Publishers), and NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing).

My work divides between Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States and I deliver my vocal coaching session indifferently in Italian, English, French or Spanish.

Working with me

My clients include actors, entrepreneurs, managers, CEO, CFO, YouTubers, lecturers, singers, and producers, but I welcome anyone and I particularly like ordinary people, especially beginners, as they offer faster and more surprising improvements.

You can contact Mylena Vocal Coach for any kind of questions, you will always receive a reply