Coach Milena Origgi earns the “green card” for her Inborn Voice method

BUSTO ARSIZIO – The country of the constitutional right to happiness has realized the dream of Milena Origgi from Busto: to have a permanent residence permit without expiration in the United States. She is the first woman in Lombardy to have obtained the American “Greencard Genius”, the green card reserved for people with abilities defined as extraordinary. Genius, indeed. Born in 1972, she is a vocal coach. She has been living in Boston for a few years. She created the Inborn Voice method, considered the best in the field of vocal training and awareness by managers, as well as being considered a valuable soft skill by the academic world, including Bocconi and Cattolica Universities in Milan.

“The innovation that I bring to the field of voice training and my great determination have been the key to success,” Milena Origgi explains to Prealpina: “Today, experts of all kinds are popping up, urging us to communicate better, a sign that there is discomfort. The problem is that for over 100 years people have continued to insist on the power of the mind. Everyone pretends that it is enough to think of doing something to succeed. It’s not. My innovation lies in not going through the mind but through the emotions related to the depth of the Inborn Voice.”

The application to obtain the “Greencard genius” began in 2019, a process slowed down by the pandemic that has now been unblocked: the official release of the green card arrived in these days. That it is an exceptional achievement is told by the numbers: according to the official report of Uscis (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) in 2019 148,411 applications were submitted but only 614 were approved. The process was complex: the assistant Damiano Calza was in charge of the file and presented over 1,000 pages of arguments: more than 4 kilos.

It’s also a success as a woman: “It makes me even more proud. Because almost all of my clients, from CEOs of the world’s largest corporations, managers, actors and everyday people, are men.”

Nostalgia? “I’m always tied to Busto Arsizio, born from its ashes like the phoenix,” says Milena: “I return there every year and recharge my energy and motivation for future projects and the love of my family. I would like my hometown to benefit from my success. I would like to carry out vocal training projects for young people, because they are the ones who need it most in this world that leads to vocal silence and digital incomprehension. For me, Busto is the city of the heart”.

Having achieved the American dream, what’s next? “To continue to get people to understand the importance of their Inborn Voice to their own happiness and well-being,” the 48-year-old replies, “When commitment is not enough to get the results you may need to reconsider how you present yourself and how you expose your value while speaking. My next practice will be in Manhattan, then Miami. After that I’ll have to devote myself to Los Angeles, where more and more aspiring actors are looking to me to give their careers a boost.”

Here is a video interview released from Mylena Vocal Coach about her Extraordinary Abilities Green Card in vocal coaching


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