Vocal Coaching Italiano

The perfect vocal technique is unique: if there are two, one is wrong.

Vocal Technique

An innate or an artificial technique?

Even the term "technique" It is often abused in the world of voice. A technique is nothing more than a set of rules to help you get the best result in the execution of an activity, whatever it is. It is, therefore, evident that vocal technique, in the singular, is always related to the intended aim. Given that vocal apparatus is unitary, it is not possible to change its use because, by definition, it will have only one way to operate at maximum efficiency. Obviously, there are many other ways of working, but they cannot guarantee the same quality. A little like trying to use a fountain pen. It was designed, conceived to work in a certain way. If someone wanted to use it vertically or with the nib upside down, they would not be able to get the results with respect to the intended use.

Vocal technique is therefore the result of the evolution of human beings, and is innate by definition. It is not a gift for a few, or rather it is a gift for the few who respect it fully in its natural physiology.

Learning to Self-correct

Having a beautiful voice in speaking or singing is not only linked to a single aspect of vocal technique, but a complex set of components that I prefer to define as term "vocal communication".

The normal process of learning in the brain is always the same. A mechanism of trial and error combined with reward and punishment. Is the same we we self-taught. A person who is "learning to sing" is actually also changing unconsciously their own way of speaking. The two things are not unrelated or independent. Only that the learner does not have the capacity to judge success or failure, so they must rely on a Vocal Coach.

The task of the Vocal Coach is also to give the right "reward" to the student. This little phrase hides the biggest disasters of vocality. How many times is a student encouraged to go "beyond", to physically harm the vocal chords, or given compliments for an obvious error? Every time this happens our brain records that learning which then will become a part of us.

In general, no one teaches self-correction because no one knows what it is. Yet it is the most natural 'pedagogical learning of human beings. Vocal technique is, as well as others, judged by the results obtained that cannot be expressed in subjective terms such as "I like it", but in objective terms: dynamic volume range, vocal range, etc.

The voice can also save lives in dangerous situations. In those moments no one "thinks" to scream, but only to do so, almost unconsciously, and in fact it succeeds beautifully.