Every time we meet someone new, we put them through a kind of “evaluation” through all our senses. Contrary to popular belief, the information we gather through our eyes are not the most important. No wonder it is said that “the clothes do not make the man.” The most important information actually comes from our ears and the interaction that takes place during the meeting. The same happens not only on a personal level, but also on a social, romantic and especially on a work level. In fact, when we show up for a job interview, what may be mistaken for a simple chat is a truly this kind of meeting. So what is the assessment session that Inborn Voice offers?

First in the world to set these guidelines

Mylena was the first coach ever to adopt the assessment session to share with the client right from the beginning all the perceptions and resonances she gathers. Today it is crucial indeed for the client to understand what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are. Only by knowing these factors is it possible to understand whether the coach is guiding the client toward his or her goals, or if is accommodating him or her at a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all course and not one created ad hoc. As Mylena says, this creates within the trainees a kind of “greenhouse effect,” where they all develop a new kind of language that makes them all the same: the “coursese”.

Regrettably, many coaches continue to act in a sneaky way, offering the first meeting for free, conditioning and engendering confusion in the client about the goals to be achieved. They prefer to impress the customer by hitting him in his most obvious weak points, in order to trigger a kind of dependence, a spirit of protection, precisely with regard to his/her weaknesses. According to Inborn Voice, this approach is not only wrong, it is also deontologically incorrect, because it does not lead to any improvement. The trend will be to turn one’s weaknesses into a kind of imaginary friend, who will always stay with him or her and consume precious energy by making them put their attention on insignificant details rather than on basic needs.

Teaching is never one-way

It has now been almost half a century since teaching has been deemed to be about the transmission of knowledge from the teacher to the learner. The learner is not a passive subject, but must be actively involved in the learning process. This is precisely why a voice assessment session has enormous formative potential and can bring enormous benefits, even if no other lessons will follow later. Gathering even a tenth of the enormous experience that is made available to you by Mylena Vocal Coach will lead you to make a quantum leap not only in your communication skills, but also in your ability to evaluate other coaches and courses.

One meeting, multiple approaches

During an assessment session, it is important that more opportunities for insight are offered, more keys to understanding. In fact, there is no such thing as a standard client, always identical to himself and others. Each person includes within him or her multiple modes of thinking and feeling: sometimes he or she is analytical, sometimes he or she is creative, sometimes he or she is practical. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and the assessment session is also about understanding how to balance these different aspects to give each person the best chance of improvement. When you treat all clients in the same way, when you follow a one-size-fits-all “teaching formula,” you run the risk of creating many clones, all the same, sacrificing the more complex, more delicate aspects of personality, which especially in the field of vocal coaching make personal identity shine, making each one unique and recognizable.

A holistic and unified assessment

The Inborn Voice assessment session goes beyond just voice, the technical aspect of verbal and paraverbal communication, and embraces all soft skills related to charisma, personality, and effectiveness, to go to identity and make it shine. Believing that voice is independent from everything else and manageable as a separate compartment is surely wrong, not only for managers and those who leverage their voice to get ahead, but also for those who simply want to express their personality. Very often we tend to sew a “dress” on ourselves, to give vent to our personality through clothes, tattoos, hairstyles, listening to music or whatever. Yet the main tool for giving free rein to our deep personality is precisely the voice, capable of billions of nuances and resonances.

An ongoing evaluation

A good coach continues to assess the progress of her students during each lesson. She accurately picks up all the nuances that show the eradication of some past difficulty or instead make her suspect the emergence of a new weakness. In fact, what no Coach tells you is that very often instead of disappearing, problems prefer to move elsewhere, and usually to fester.

What to expect from an Inborn Voice assessment session

It is not always obvious, but during the 45-minute assessment session you will have Mylena’s more than 30 years of experience at your fingertips. In a world where experience is everything, very few Vocal Coaches can boast such a long experience, especially in the professional and business fields. You will get a clear and precise understanding of the current situation of your vocal expressiveness, understand the origin of the main problems that have been plaguing you for a long time or that you have always underestimated, such as hoarseness, nasal voice, ringing voice, monotonous voice, tendency to speak under your breath or shout, shortness of breath, waning sentence endings or memory lapses, and any other imperceptible nuances that you have never even noticed, but can be caught during the assessment meeting.

How much does an assessment session cost?

First of all, we recommend that everyone take the incredible opportunity to do an assessment session directly with Mylena Vocal Coach. Besides getting to know her firsthand, you will have at your service all of her incredible, world-class experience with more than just the Inborn Voice® method.

You can book your assessment session directly online through this website. The cost is listed on the booking page. We apologize already if you will not find availability, sometimes Mylena’s waiting list gets really long and you may have to wait even a couple of months. 

Should your interest in the assessment session be less than elite, Inborn Voice also makes all of its Coaches available to you with an assessment session at a lower price. If you are interested in this service, if you have special needs, urgencies, or anything else, please feel free to use the contact form. Finally, for those who want to give a priceless gift, it is also possible to gift a professional Voice Assessment.


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