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The most common question we ask ourselves when faced with so many beautiful moments in life is “what present?” At first it is easy to come up with a good gift idea for a woman or man, perhaps for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, but when it comes to one’s children, a brother or sister, or mom and dad, as time goes by things become more difficult because everything seems superfluous or unnecessary.

It is also true that the most welcome gifts are the unexpected ones, so there is not even a need for a special occasion, it is enough to have a good reason. Whenever we notice that someone close to us is having some difficulty communicating their emotions to us or to others, whether it is a parent unable to say “I love you,” a friend struggling to get a promotion at work, or a sibling having difficulty finding the right girlfriend, the solution might just be to give the gift of a Voice Assessment session.

How do you gift a voice assessment session?

Nothing could be easier, just fill out the contact form below and our staff will walk you through the process to create the most suitable gift certificate, gift card, or any other idea you have in mind to help personal expressiveness without being too forward.

What is the purpose of a voice assessment?

Those who have some communication difficulty, speech defect, or expressive weakness understand the true usefulness of an evaluation session as early as 5 minutes after it begins. Meeting in person who can not only instinctively understand all your difficulties, but can also take you one step at a time to see that the solution exists, is something priceless.

Those who do not suffer from these kinds of problems (mind you, it is not written “those who do not have”) may not always understand the value of meeting with an enlightened professional, but they are certainly able to recognize this suffering in others, and gifting a Voice Assessment session with Mylena Vocal Coach can really change their lives. You can also read what is a Voice Assessment session and its purpose.

A gift that can change lives

Why gift an object when you can gift something that can really touch a person’s heart and emotions? The most valuable gift is the one that stays forever. Most people who want to gift a one-on-one meeting with a Vocal Coach are thinking something like “she likes to sing, let’s treat her to a singing class.” In reality, voice is something that envelops our lives 360 degrees, accompanying us from our first social relationships to our first friendships, from our first romantic relationships to our first loves, from our first job interviews to our career. That’s why a voice assessment meeting with Mylena Vocal Coach can really change a person’s life. Look at the testimonials you can find on our website to see how many people speak happily of their results, or read the book “The Voice Guru,” where you will find experiences of all kinds, from radical life changes to the beginning of a sparkling career.

Are all voice assessment sessions the same?

Actually, no. Every Voice Assessment is personal: it comes from and grows out of Mylena Vocal Coach’s more than 30 years of experience and the interaction she has with the person in front of her. Each one will feel sewn onto him or her the best suit of their life, a suit made of emotions that finally begin to reach the heart and, as if by magic, flow naturally. A large proportion of the top managers today who have reached success thanks to Inborn Voice started from an assessment sessions, but the same can be said of hundreds of very ordinary people who have finally found a good job, love or simply the happiness of being able to express themselves naturally.

Our assessment meetings are all 45 minutes in length. You have the choice of supporting them with one of our certified Inborn Voice coaches at a Christmas promotional price of 80€ (to book a meeting use the “Any questions? We’ll get back to you! below, specifying your request. You can also directly book a first meeting with Mylena, who despite being among the most sought-after Coaches in the world, is available to all who request one directly from the blue button “Book your first online session” below. Once you purchase the gift certificate, you will be able to book your personal meeting with a minimum wait, usually a couple of weeks.


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  1. Jennifer A
    February 12, 2023 at 17:32

    My mother in law has gifted me a Professional Voice Assessment with Mylena Vocal Coach and I got it yesterday!
    It was an amazing experience: I never thought my voice could tell so much about me without even uttering a word!

  2. Donna
    March 7, 2023 at 12:27

    Hello! I’ve just purchased it for my nephew, cant wait to hear back from him!

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