Vocal Coaching Italiano

In life, there is no failure, only new opportunities to learn something.

Online vocal courses

Inborn Voice: online tutoring

I will offer online services all over the United States. If you are willing to have online lesson, please contact me via email to receive detailed information. There are some technical prerequisites that must be verified upon starting. I will prefer to have a first contact by person, if someway possible.

Distance Learning

Once you know my philosophy and my ideas, you will also understand why I do support personal distance voice teaching, through the Internet.

You must understand that the technology capacity at our disposal will compress the audio and the video part, losing more than 50% of the information reaching me. So any online learning course will we with a slower learning curve compared to a one to one meeting.

Any serious musician, without even mentioning the area of vocality, can understand the implication of this type of training, so that's why I ask for some serious technical prerequisites.

This type of training may also be used in addition to personal interaction, as a means of emergency or a part-time tutoring.

Personally, I also oppose those who tend to simplify voice training with a few courses in a few minutes expressed in a video: if no serious practitioner launched themselves into this huge market it is because it would destroy their credibility in an instant.

This does not mean that there cannot be any distance teaching!