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In life, there is no failure, but only NEW OPPORTUNITIES to learn something big.

Online vocal courses

Inborn Voice is a world leader in online Voice and Vocal Coaching

We regularly deliver online voice training sessions throughout Europe and the United States. We have raised and set the quality standard of the online sessions for all the competitors. If you think your voice needs a tune-up or extra gear, contact us and we will assist you with all the information you request. Don't worry, before proceeding with any training we will check that your specific situation is suitable for online training and that you have all the technical requirements to take advantage of our high quality sessions.

Distance Learning

Once you have understood the philosophy and ideas of Inborn Voice, you will also appreciate why we advocate personal distance voice training via the Internet, but only with a high standard of quality and coaches.

The technological capabilities at our disposal are so great that we can reach you with audio and video quality superior to modern HD TV channels. We also take into account the possible difficulties of relating to a screen, but the advantages of the immediacy with which you can reach me are so great that they disappear quickly.

We use the online training also when dealing with the very busy client, like CEO, CFO of high level executive, to let them save time.

Online Voice Training is great only when the teaching method is designed for the digital era. We strongly advise everyone against follow any online training that follows the principles of classical "singing lesson" or repeated vocalizations.

We officially oppose the idea than training is possible in a passive way, simply watching a recorded video over youtube. Any type of training requires interaction!