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  • Vocal exercises: how to train your voice (and make it charming) – Interview for Vogue.it

Here is the translation of Mylena’s Vocal Coach Interview for Vogue Italy.

There are exercises to improve your voice, to make it more persuasive. We reveal how to do them.

Vocal exercises: from emotions to posture

The voice makes us recognizable, in some way it identifies us. Even and especially when it is not “canonical”. Let’s think of Adelaide (Vivian Blaine), Frank Sinatra’s eternal girlfriend in Guy and Dolls or Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) in Singing in the rain, who was dubbed by a very young Debbie Reynolds, charismatic women but with a repelling voice. A beautiful voice, warm and sensual, can make any person interesting. But what characterizes a beautiful voice? And is it possible to improve it, making it more fascinating?

Here is a little video presenting the Vogue Interview to Mylena Vocal Coach


” Voice is connected to one’s deepest self, the secret is to use one’s own voice through one’s own identity, without filters, letting emotions through, only in this way can one improve one’s voice,” explains vocal coach Milena Origgi, of Italian origin, but for years transplanted to Boston, known as Mylena Vocal Coach or The Voice Guru and creator of the Inborn Voice method.

“It’s not an easy path, but it’s not an impossible one either; it takes time and commitment. The first step is awareness of one’s vocal abilities to connect them to emotions. Voice is an instrument that must be educated, not only with vocalizations, posture and diaphragm performance, but also through the interaction between vocal vibrations and daily life. My innovative method is a real ‘voice makeover‘, not only the voice is transformed, but the whole person, through a path of vocal realignment. It is necessary to bring out the voice that everyone has inside, but is unable to free. With the voice we express ourselves, we communicate and we must learn to break the chains of our deepest emotions”.

The Inborn Voice method

An improvement in one’s voice is not only an improvement in speaking skills, but also extends to having better personal relationships in all areas: work, social and emotional. “Before starting a training course, a 45-minute online vocal assessment is done where you will have feedback on your voice and current communication skills,” explains Origgi, whose clients include prominent actors, singers and politicians.

“If the person decides to continue, a tailored program is designed to improve the voice, but also to strengthen self-esteem, not to be afraid, and to be able to control anxiety, sweating, dry mouth, and memory lapses. My method is constantly evolving, and today it is divided into 3 areas: the technical area, the emotional area and vocal realignment. The first area does not involve sound exercises, but silent exercises, slight modulations, strengthening of the diaphragm, and then move on to the emotional area, removing what has been learned wrong in the tone of voice, then moving on to the emotional area, removing in the tone of voice what has been learned wrong, voluntarily and involuntarily, trying to return the voice to its original state.

At this point, the vocal realignment begins, where the person rediscovers his own balance, his own essence, the purity of his voice. At the end of the process, diaphragmatic breathing increases by over 400%, breathing difficulties are eliminated, gastric reflux is eliminated, correct pauses are learned, vocal nuances are developed, and one feels better and more self-confident. And with a beautiful voice.” The course requires a commitment ranging from 10 to 20 sessions, depending on the needs of each person. In her book The Way of the Voice, the vocal coach explains the Inborn Voice method, a holistic vision of vocal training. The book was included in the bibliography of the Communication Skills course at the University Cattolica of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

Exercises to improve your voice

The Inborn Voice method has nothing to do with “public speaking” courses where pre-programmed exercises are performed that lack naturalness and do not touch the emotionality of the voice. “I consider myself a tuner of the soul, the voice comes from within and must be in tune with ourselves. It can’t be a rigid voice, but it must be fluid and vibrant – continues the Voice Guru.

“Vocal exercises to do on your own? The simplest exercise, within everyone’s reach, is to record yourself speaking during a romantic or business conversation and then listen to yourself again and become aware of the difference between the emotions you wanted to express and those that actually came through. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how their voice resonates with others. Doing exercises on your own, however, is a double-edged sword; without proper supervision, you risk introducing bad vocal habits. This is why I advise those who consider the mechanical repetition of a speech or technical exercise to be a cure-all, not to overdo it. This is not the solution. The advice I always give my clients, especially actors, is to stop as soon as they feel the right emotion coming through, to make it their own. When it comes to vocals, the quality of nuance is more important than the quantity of practice.

Here you can find the original Vogue Interview Mylena Vocal Coach

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