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Technology is an invisible monster that destroys the little bit of HUMANITY that we still have.

Voice and Vocl Coaching session online via Skype

Skype as a tool

A good Vocal Coach is not only equipped with a good hearing, which may be obvious to all, but also with an excellent spirit of observation combined with a great ability to communicate.

This is the main reason why I consider possible to do voice training, and especially vocal coaching, over the internet, through Skype or other technological means. Obviously is required a sufficient quality of audio and video, that's why my technical staff will check each case individually before proceeding further. It would be unethical to do otherwise. This step may seem unnecessary, but considering you will be paying the abilities of your Vocal Coach, it's best to make sure you will not be wasting any money with lower standards equipment.

The purpose of Voice Training is first of all to bring the voice back to its naturalness, eliminating all muscle tensions unconsciously introduced into the body and that prevent the expressiveness with which we are born. Obviously by no means all cases can be dealt with over the Internet, which is why I always start every new client with an assessment session before tailoring a training program.

When a Skype session can do the trick

Mylena Vocal Coach was a pioneer with online training via Skype. In over 15 years of experience with online sessions, Inborn Voice has always scored a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Inborn Voice was created by Mylena Vocal Coach as an innovative method of vocal coaching that departs from the traditional canons of vocal teaching, which are over three centuries old, and today is the most modern vocal coaching method available. Inborn Voice has been modeled to achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time via remote Skype lessons. Clearly some communication issues can not be addressed via Skype, as you may have guessed by reading this website.

Currently the research Inborn Voice is conducting about the quality of our services offered online, with customers ranging from Hawaii to Hong Kong, shows that the results achievable online are equivalent to those obtained in person only when using the method Inborn Voice and if the Coach has at least 10 years of experience with customers face to face. That's why we offer only experienced Coach that offer the highest experience and training available today.

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