Interview released for Ovunque6, RAI Radio2 by Mylena Vocal Coach

Today I was a guest on Rai Radio2’s “Awakening” program, Ovunqu6, a playful and irreverent program to start the day with information and lightness.

Below you can find my full interview and its transcript, if you want to listen to the entire program you can find it on RaiPlay.

Here is the transcript of the entire interview of Mylena Vocal Coach for Radio2, Ovunque6 Morning Show:

To begin this our third and final part, this morning Sunday, November 28, it’s 7:04, you’re on Rai Radio2, Ovunque6 Morning Show.
What do you clear your voice Matteo Osso?

La La La La…

What do you have to say? Then our voices join, you know around 7 a few minutes, that of a very lucky, in this case very lucky guest,

of a very prestigious guest

Yes by the way… what are you doing with your voice?

I’m doing the voice down, the one set….

Ah that one, yes, yes…

The sensual one…

Yes, of course, the authoritative one…

The voice of the party, the voice of the first communion…

Come on, let’s hear the voice, the usual voice.

So let’s say good morning to Milena Origgi who, not by chance, speaking of voice, is a vocal coach, and perhaps the best in the world, shall we say it without being ashamed of the truth?

Now we understand it together, Milena good morning

Good morning, good morning to you and to all the listeners.

So Milena, Matteo Osso suggests that you could be one of the, or the best, vocal coach in the world because

Because I’ve never heard of any other vocal coach that has been given a green card for “extraordinary professional ability” by the U.S. government, so maybe there’s something special about it.

Yes it’s the same green card they gave to Albert Einstein, to say, Milena.

Exactly, you are right Matteo and you are right Natasha, it is a green card “genius” and it is very unique, unique, and I am the first Italian, the first person, the first woman in the world to receive it from the United States of America. It was very important and it’s a recognition that has now gone down in history, so it’s something really significant.

But Milena, are you the first Italian and first there was a man, or are you the first Italian and if you are a woman, to understand to receive this Green Card?

Never, there has never been anyone before I am the first person.

You did the double!

So my guess is that it will come to you at the very least….

Let’s say the first Italian citizen ever to receive this recognition, in this particular week, has an even greater value, because you are also a woman as well as being a professional. But excuse me, what do you do Milena?

You have invented a method, which is called Inborn Voice, but before you did something else Milena, but how did you get this thing here Milena, because you are a great talent, also a great entrepreneur, you have famous clients, actors, even ordinary people, but great managers. By the way you said in an interview, almost all men.

Eh yes, we have men in particular precisely because communication, but especially using the voice alas, is not so simple and especially for men some nuances, often missing, and are very important precisely for the expressiveness and achieve what is most important today, and long ago, to have a clear and precise direction, but also softened in the right way, then

Ah, so those are the nuances that are missing, especially for the men who come to you… I mean they are more assertive….

Yes, mainly yes, then we can have all the possible ranges imaginable, let’s say to be told in a very important way, they can be related to fears, to a voice that doesn’t come out, to a voice that is difficult, and particularly missing nuances, which then don’t give motivation or don’t give the effectiveness of the message that comes from the authenticity and identity of the person, which is one of the elements that I describe with extreme desire, to make others understand this effect of our voice, related to our emotions, but above all the truthfulness and affection of the identity that represents us.

Then, it is also important that the voice is used in the right way. Those of us who work in radio know that we realize the importance of the voice when we miss it and when it becomes difficult or even painful, so it is also right that those who use it for work learn to use it in the right way.

An awareness, yes. Milena, you are currently in Boston, right?


But you are from Busto Arsizio…

No, she is from Boston Arsizio!

That’s right, that’s right, in the interviews you tell us that you left a piece of your heart in Italy, you tell us how you got to this job, to this method, to this enterprise that led you to the American green card “genius”, the first Italian in history, but in my opinion you will get, look, an acknowledgement also from our President Sergio Mattarella, I expect it there, there, to see it.

He’s got another month…

But in my opinion it’s coming!

Good, I would be happy!

He listens to us, so Sergio, kindly, this Milena here is a good girl, let’s give her what she deserves.

So how did you get to this job, Milena?

Then I try to make a summary of course for the situation, as they write books was born with me, there is no real and precise explanation or if we want that you can the canning, was born with me, I listened to him, he continued, and I noticed from day to day that I was helping my friends from elementary school to high school to express themselves and to make this voice not only, or the singing, or the part let’s say acting, but mainly the voice of every day, which is actually like singing, inspired by the word Incantesimo, so this magic in the voice. Everyone found tremendous benefits, from any artistic part to the deepest part, which is what I mainly deal with, so going forward people kept telling me “why don’t you dare, why don’t you try, why don’t you do, why don’t you believe, and so important what you can do, it really goes straight to the heart”. Having said that automatically I found myself very early to teach how to use vocality, and especially to use it with this method, which is very unique, and after that what happened, I started to open my own studio, I then opened a studio also in Milan and in various parts of Italy, they started to call me in London, I opened one there too, and then finally came the first requests also from the United States and so decided to move me.

And here you are an American citizen thanks to the green club and giving yourself to the geniuses, Listen Milena you will be also in Italy, if friends want to book for this event, which is really addressed to anyone who wants to find their own vocal identity, Inborn Voice means that thing there,, on January 16th in Milan and January 23rd in Rome. Milena can you give us some introduction, can you tell us something about how you work?

Then also this complex question, but anyway I try to dissolve it quickly, I often repeat in the books, especially in the last one that was written, my guys talk about this very thing to explain to anyone in a simple way, what they have experienced working with me. The Workshop, the event that there will be on January 16 in Milan with Inborn Voice, so the voice that is born with you, very deep, your vocation, this is the message. It’s a full day, it’s a full day where I take off any mask and then we get to the truth, the truth of our vocation, our identity, our mission and how I define Inborn Voice, so how we really are by following the vibrations of our voice and taking away completely the power of the mind, so some people come out completely disoriented, with an infinite joy.

Yes, I believe it, it takes courage to take off every mask. Thank you very much

Milena, a quick question. What is the most beautiful voice you have ever heard, feel free to say my name….

Well, if you want, I’ll tell you your name, I’m a very clear person, my voice is the voice I prefer, if I have to do a male voice, then Massimo Ranieri absolutely.

But come on, Massimo Ranieri is today in the newspapers telling, I don’t remember if it’s Repubblica or Corriere, how in order to pursue music, therefore this dream of his, in the end he lost his love. And this is a bit ‘the summary of what he brings in this sense

Losing love

In this sense, taking off every mask, I must say that it is not easy that a character of the show, a person who does that job, then have the courage to lay bare, saying yes, maybe my professional dream has come true, and says maybe with some regrets, I would be today a great father. Thank you Milena Origgi, congratulations indeed, Italian citizen by birth and now American by merit! Thank you for being with us and have a nice Sunday

Thank you and have a nice Sunday.


well goes the voice of Massimo Ranieri, indeed. I was crazy about Massimo Ranieri when I was little.

Here is the video of the interview for Ovunque6 of RAI Radio2 by Mylena Vocal Coach


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