These are messages that everyone send “accidentally”. You receive them when others speaks too. It is not magic, although some might call it a “sixth sense”. Those who are aware, or rather conscious, of these signals can use them to their advantage. And even then it’s not magic, it’s just training. Training can be “natural”, from parents or a mentor, or acquired from a great Vocal Coach.

Learning to listen to these “infra-frequencies” is quite easy and once you get the hang of it, you become like a lie detector. Mastering them to “disguise” your truth or hide your true intentions is not for everyone, but it can be done if you spend enough time training.

Want to get a head start at your next important meeting or social event? Here’s a look at what messages you’re sending.

1. Your level of stress

This is the infra-frequency that you can sense practically every time during a face-to-face meeting. it is easier to sense the stress level because, in addition to listening to the voice, you are able to detect stress in the speaker’s movements or sweating. When you’re talking on the phone and can’t use your eyes, things change. You will definitely be surprised at how much the “first” impression on the phone is able to influence even an in-person meeting. Once people have gained your trust over the phone, you lower your “watch” and ignore visual cues.

2. Your trustworthiness

Trust is the most intangible of all assets. Trust is tied to instinct. And instinct is tied to experience. That’s why we say “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. This needs to be extended as “fool me twice with the same trick and I can only blame myself”. In Latin it was said “Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum”. We find the same idea since the dawn of time, yet few people have understood the importance of voice in establishing business or interpersonal relationships. Again, we assess trust based on all the input we receive: eye and hearing. It’s easy to spot someone who is truly incapable of hiding his or her true intentions, but when you’re dealing with an “expert,” he or she probably knows more about how to win trust than you do. Modern masters of this art can be found in politics or social media. But even then, you can learn how to avoid blindly granting your trust thanks to the Inborn Voice method.

3. Your authoritativeness

This word may be new to you. There are many kinds of “authority,” but here I’m talking about “yours” – the kind that comes from within you. When someone speaks it can be either bragging or authoritative. Usually people “believe” in the boasted content and define that person as “authoritative,” but this is a mistake. Someone is authoritative when he or she believes deeply in what he or she is talking about. If he is trying to convince you, then he is not expressing authority. The nuance is imperceptible, which is why it’s very easy to be fooled if you can’t “read” the stress level or trustworthiness of the speaker. Becoming authoritative is a degree of mastery subsequent to confidence that few can achieve without proper voice training.

4. Your Professionalism

When you have experience in a particular field, you can pretty much tell the difference between an amateur and a professional. If you know nothing about cooking, you can be fooled by an amateur. If you are a good cook, you are able to recognize a chef immediately. Similarly, your voice expresses your professionalism. Your voice, not the words you use. Usually those who want to sound like a professional without really being one, use big words to scare you into thinking they are “the best”. A true professional is able to translate “geek speak” into normal human words without losing credibility. Your voice expresses a lot about you when you are trying to explain complex topics to others. The greatest speaker is the one who can speak to the masses in a simple and understandable way.

5. Your Sociability

As soon as you open your mouth to say the first word, those around you will immediately sense your predisposition to be more or less sociable. Everyone senses when you don’t want to be involved, when you’re in a hurry, when you’re trying to divert the conversation somewhere else to your advantage. It’s something in which virtually everyone has sufficient experience. Everyone understands when they are welcome and when they are not. The hard part is learning how not to impose yourself first and how to make yourself available for good social interaction. How to become the most interesting person in the group? It’s not about your dress, your perfume, your smile or anything else. It’s about how you talk!

6. Your health status

Trained people with a lot of experience can identify some diseases just by hearing your voice. People with terminal illnesses usually stop talking. Our Inborn Voice is our power source and if you are not well, your voice reflects that. Even a mild headache can shine through your voice, especially to people who know you most closely. Learning to recognize these situations in other people can help you a lot in improving the previous 5 points. It can also help you if you want to get ahead in certain job fields, such as medicine, politics or marketing.

7. Your Fertility

It may sound like a joke, but it’s a scientific fact. Especially for women. Generally, women are perfectly capable of “picking up” this message from men, so they “avoid” them with cunning. But the opposite is also true. This is a secret known to many famous Latin Lovers who have been able to seduce many women. Although it is almost impossible to “erase” one’s fertility status since pheromones are also involved, it is possible to learn how to manage it in order to “seduce” the opposite sex. In the experience of my students, this applies to LBGT relationships as well.

So how you can see, your voice says a lot about you and there is nothing you can do to change it unless you take some proper Inborn Voice Training.

Your voice says a lot about you and there is nothing you can do to change it. A voice assessment session with Mylena Vocal Coach could help you understand how to improve your communication skills.


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