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  • How to measure Voice Improvement?

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It. This sentence, which makes sense in a mathematical environment, has been applied everywhere, sometimes without too much consideration.

How can you measure something “intangible” like voice improvement? Let’s find out together!

One way to “measure” the improvement of someone’s voice is surely to evaluate their “durability”. If your voice does not support you all day long, i.e. you find yourself gasping as you expose or talk, or you lose your voice and get a sore throat after talking, then you can be sure that your voice can definitely improve with proper teaching. Not “any” teaching, we will see why in the last paragraph.

Another way to “measure” the improvement of someone’s voice is surely to evaluate the “volume”. If you still need a microphone to be heard in a room, or in a small convention center, then your voice can benefit enormously from proper vocal training. Not “any” training. Again, we will see why in the last paragraph.

Another way to “measure” the improvement of someone’s voice is certainly to assess “flexibility”. If you speak with a monotonous voice or a two/three different tones, then the voice is not flexible. Starting from a monotonous and boring voice to an elastic voice, adequate coaching is required. Not “any” training. Again, we will see why in the last paragraph.

These are the most “objective” ways to measure any improvement in voice. There is no need for any measuring device. You only need feedback from people to determine whether or not your voice is really improving. If sore throats become more frequent, you are going in the wrong direction. If you can talk all day long then you are fine. The same goes for volume and tone. Do not be brainwashed by the “nonsense” that you find on the Internet or that come from inexperienced Vocal Coaches.

Obviously there is much more to “measure”, especially when I talk about Vibrations. What is a good vibration and what is not? It is not simply Voice Training, it is something deeper and connected to the intangible. To measure these elements there are not even adequate technical tools, you need the ear and sensitivity of a person naturally blessed with this “gift”.

Now is the time to understand why I always say “proper” training and not “any” training. This is one of the most obvious things that nobody ever tells you. It is true that you can only get better by learning, but whatever you are learning, you have to learn in the right direction. Especially with vocal training, I very often meet people who discover their voice weakened by vocal training with other vocal coaches. Some people have strange voices, for example they tend to scream with the idea that their voice is clearer, others tend to speak softly. Still others are more monotonous and boring when they give a speech than when they speak freely and so on. When I ask them why they have this strange behavior, almost everyone tells me “it’s normal, I took a class”. Let me be very clear on this point. These examples are not of a normal vocality, on the contrary they are symptoms that something has to be corrected. If you are really following “a class” and you recognize yourself in these flaws, you are actually learning something wrong! (you are not getting better!)

The Inborn Voice method I developed is the only “correct” way to retrieve your voice. Everything is centered around a healthy voice and a healthy voice is always available with good volume and great tonal richness.

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