How to be more […] and have people listen to you

The trend of “I want it all and right now” seems to have no more limits. It is evident that one of the main problems of the modern society lies in the area of interpersonal communication.People feel like they are ignored, that no one is listening to them or worse: they feel empty inside.

Once the difficulty has been identified, “easy” solutions sprout up like mushrooms after the rain. When the slogan sounds like “how to get rich by investing in the stock market”, how many people really believe it? According to the number of ads I see, plenty enough! Definitely many more than those who will actually become rich from their ads. In fact people running those fishy ads will get rich, and so will do people who have been investing their money in the financial market for a long time. There are no “easy” solution. Among my clients I have many financial managers and I know how much work, study and dedication is involved in order not to risk “gifting” our money to those who are more prepared.

Recently I have seen too many ads conveying the same idea, an “easy way out”, tied to my work field: voice and communication. Ads like “how to be more authoritative”, “how to be more sexy”, “how to be more appealing” and so on. Sure the “easy” solution lures, but does it work?
To be fair, the ads should at least be replaced by “how to become more” or “how to look more”. In fact they will teach how to imitate, how to play a part, a script. Faking it is never a solution because at the first setback, at the first hitch, the castle of cards on which a human connection was built will fall.

In my career as a Vocal Coach I don’t “teach” how to be or sound like something you are not. My job is to make sure that what is inside of you flourishes and shines on the outside to bring happiness, whether it’s in a business, a career, a personal or even a romantic relationships. I’m not saying that the real solution will be difficult to reach. Sometimes expressing your truth is much easier than learning how to “act”. What I am saying is that you should never believe in the existence of “easy” solutions.

My staff and I here at Inborn Voice are helping people find their truth and restore the strength, the life energy needed to let blossom the beautiful things they have always kept hidden away. Why would you want to become someone else when you can be something unique and irreplaceable?


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