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  • What we can learn from Kenneth Griffin’s Inborn Voice to improve our career and our everyday life

What we can learn from Kenneth Griffin’s Inborn Voice to improve our career and our everyday life

This is the third video I release on my new Patreon page. If you missed the previous two, just go to my new Vocal Coaching videos page. All of them will be in English, with captions!

This time I have selected a different approach to the Inborn Voice topic, the one related to the business and finance world. We all have to make a living and there is always something new to learn from the others, especially from the great people we have the luck to meet and work with, like Kenneth Griffin.

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This video is about the Inborn Voice of one of the “geniuses” of the finance, Kenneth Griffin. In this video, I will give you suggestions and insight that you can use to improve your career.

If you are an executive, a business leader, an influencer, this is a huge opportunity for you to grasp what your voice need to express and if the emotions in your inner core are the one your need to have. If you are an actor, a voice over artist or a common people, you can still learn a lot from Kenneth’s voice.

We can learn that even if everybody consider the brain as the master of our live and voice, this is not true. In every moment of our life is what we feel that is guiding our actions and our voice.

We can learn that understanding what to do is less important than feeling what we must do to be true with ourselves, that is key to staying with the decision we take is more more important than making the right decision.

We will discover the importance of timing and rhythm in the voice of a business leader or anyone working in business and finance, why is crucial to be present at the right time with the right voice.

We will understand why is necessary to keep dreaming deeply inside to stay in touch with your Inborn Voice and being able to transfer to the others the value of things we have in life

Finally we will learn the importance of the experience associated with the emotions because your Inborn Voice, your identity, never lies

Here is a preview of What we can learn from Kenneth Griffin’s Inborn Voice by Mylena Vocal Coach


I have separated the full video in six different clips. While the full video is available to Patrons only, these clips will be FREE to anyone willing to take some glimpses on what to look for when training the voice for acting.

Here is Clip 1, extract from How to tap into emotions to reach financial success.


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The full Vocal Coaching Session about What we can learn from the acting of Kenneth Griffin is exclusively available on Patreon.

The video will feature and Interview made for the David Rubenstein Show and aired by Bloomberg.
You can watch the full interview either on:
– David Rubenstein Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wRQIhtX0Wo)
– Bloomberg website (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-03-27/the-david-rubenstein-show-citadel-s-ken-griffin-video)

  • The first clip is at 1:07
  • The second clip is at 4:33
  • The third clip at 6:20
  • The fourth clip at 10:19
  • The fifth clip at 13:25
  • The sixth clip at 18:40
  • The seventh clip at 24:04
  • The eighth clip at 26:53
  • The Ninth clip at 31:04

and the What We Can Learn section at 38:17.
The full video by Mylena Vocal Coach is 47 Minutes long.

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