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What we can learn from

Interactive Training Videos with Mylena Vocal Coach

Interactive Training Videos with Mylena Vocal Coach

Mylena has released numerous interviews and TV training videos over the years, and now she is releasing a brand new and exclusive series of Videos over Youtube and Patreon.

Mylena Vocal Coach training videos are not cheesy, they dig right into the session and they deliver exactly what people ask: a solid training that the audience can value and take home.

Each Video has a clear goal in mind, and as Mylena has the experience to know what her students need more to focus to improve in a short period of time, she teaches her viewers how to reach a specific goal with proper training, and without any time wasted.

The videos will be delivered first over the Patreon platform.
Each student will have the option to select three different levels of training.
The entry-level is just the training video.
Starting with the second level there is the opportunity to interact directly with Mylena Vocal Coach and have her directly assess your progress within the training.
At the third level, there is even the opportunity to practice live with her with a regularly scheduled session at a bargain price.

The videos will be tailored for different types of voice training.

There will be training videos aimed at Acting students who want to improve their script preparations as Acting and Voice are an indissoluble twin.
Only fools go to an audition without any training, and very few of the contestants have received valuable voice training. This is your great opportunity to have an exclusive edge over the others!

There will be videos tailored for Voice Over students who want to be able to better express emotion using only the voice. This may sound easy, but Mylena is one of the few vocal coaches that does not focus on singing training, but actually teaches voice over acting with regular online sessions and classes. She has more than 20.000 online sessions of experience! Again is your great opportunity to have an exclusive edge over all the others!

There will be also videos tailored to the business men and womens. Business effectiveness, career advancement, job interviews, university essays, you name it! Mylena is among the world leaders when it comes to present or speak in front of an audience. She is also a Topic Expert for the Communication Skills Course at the U.C.S.C.. She was the world’s first Vocal Coach to get this title and at present, she’s still the only one!

Finally, there will be videos created with common people in mind. People that simply want to better express themselves, better interact in the social environment, build a romantic relationship, or grow a better aware child.

As an additional benefit, training and listening to Mylena’s video will nourish and blossom your Inborn Voice. It’s not AMSR, its the power of Mylena’s voice! Seeing is believing!

Voice is so important in our modern everyday life that is incredible that there is so few vocal coach expert out there in this training.

At some point the videos will be released also over Youtube, but without any interaction as the platform does not readily permit it.

Here is a sample of the first training video:


What we can learn from Robin Williams’s Inborn Voice to improve our acting and our everyday life

What we can learn from Robin Williams’s Inborn Voice to improve our acting and our everyday life

I have just started a new adventure of mine. I’ve decided to share some of my personal knowledge related to voice training and vocal coaching in a new series of videos: “What we can learn from”. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me!

When I started this project I wasn’t aware of the HUGE amount of work involved in creating a video, but now I’m committed and I plan to release a new video every week. At present time all my new Vocal Coaching videos will be released for Patreon supporters only and they will be in English!
If you would like to enjoy the full video without being one of my patrons, you will have to subscribe to my Mylena Vocal Coach Youtube Channel and activate the little bell to be among the first to know when they will be released. At some point I will release them also for free. I will earlier release the video over my Vocal Coaching App for IPhone and IPad so I suggest you download it right away!

I would really love to receive your feedback so to improve my next videos. Please comment on this post, the video, or on Patreon to let me know!

The first video is about the Inborn Voice of the great actor Robin Williams. In this video, I will review the evolution of his voice during his career.

If you are an actor or a voice-over artist, this is a huge opportunity for you to grasp how to practice his roles or how to express the same set of emotions. If you are a businessman or a common people, you can still learn a lot from Robin’s voice.

The Inborn Voice is the connecting bridge between what you feel deep inside and what you are able to project out. Every single time that you use your Inborn Voice your acting is more intense: you will become a great actor and a great actress if you follow my teaching, I can guarantee that!

From Robin, we can learn to exaggerate a little bit, especially if you are shy. Try a little bit to raise your voice, stretch your face, and enjoy playing the scenes I have selected while following the script.

We can also learn the passion! if you think that you’re not able to express passion through the voice, if you’re a teacher and your students are not paying attention to your lessons, the scene I have selected for practice will be of great inspiration!

We can also learn how to be funny, how to enjoy life, and how to put a mask and try to be someone else playing with your voice, with a little bit of high tones.

Finally, we can learn how to manage pauses. Silence. This is as important as the voice itself, to give people time to stop and feel the emotions you are transmitting!

If you have any questions about your voice, your Inborn Voice, or any other topic of this video, please let me know in the comments below!

Here is a preview of the video!


The full Vocal Coaching Session about What we can learn from the acting of Robin Williams is exclusively available on Patreon.

The video will feature clips from these movies:

  • Good Morning Vietnam at 1:19 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id480078729)
  • Dead Poets Society at 3:24 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id206329496)
  • Mrs. Doubtfire at 7:24 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id434021427)
  • Bicentennial Man at 11:40 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id188705997)

and the What We Can Learn section at 16:15.

You can find the script for practicing at ScriptCity or ScriptFly. Remember that the movie transcript is not a Script. The Script includes notes and things that are in acting but not in the words.