What we can learn from Colin Firth’s Inborn Voice to improve how to convey emotions and overcome stammering

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Overcoming difficulties, especially those related to voice and communication, is not easy. You need good guidance, a good teacher and a solid method. That’s why I’m so proud every time a client of mine gets results that he thought impossible to achieve, maybe after a life of struggles and “closed doors”. There is much to learn from Colin’s acting, especially if you don’t feel very good at expressing your emotions to others or if you happen to stutter, hesitate or, worse, prefer silence. Inborn Voice is really a breakthrough!

There are many things to learn from this wonderful actor because he has the luck and the ability to portray many different characters. As you know I love the British accent but Colin has also got a very clear British identity and he never loses it, even if he play a comic, a social, an adventure or a romantic role. If you want to learn the British accent, or to remove a foreign one, this video is for you.

There is also an interesting coincidence about Colin’s career. It seems that the word and the sound “king” is becoming a common “theme”. Obviously will see the movie King’s Speech and Kingsman. I’m joking, but still this sound seem to be very frequent.

Colin is able to stretch the voice continuously, but has the particular ability to create subtle emotions with it. He’s able to hint a laugh without actually laughing, while keeping is composure. Nothing is too much trouble for him. The sound of his voice is perfectly connected with his acting, there is no gaps or delays. There is a reason for this? Yes, watch the full video to discover it!

I always say to my students, people or friends that ask me some trick and tips to improve the acting or the voice over, that feeling and transferring emotions is the key to any success.

When people need to speak in front of people that are staring to them, they start to feel some kind of adverse emotions. This emotions are the one responsible for all the trouble you may have while speaking or presenting in front of an audience. Some people even start stammering overwhelmed by emotions. A puff voice is also possible. Every time there is a deeply connected emotions surfacing, if you’re not trained, of worse, if you’re trained the wrong way, you’ll be stuck and all you “think” you learned, will vanish.

Many people take their voice for granted. Don’t. Even if sometimes words are not necessary to express an emotions, still you will use all your being to communicate it. This is what Vocal Coaching, real vocal coaching, is all about. Learn how we are supposed to communicate with our voice. And we are “built” for that, because there is always a positive response when you do it the correct way. Always.

This is truer when you need to speak about personal matters to someone you care. If you find trouble even thinking about it, then Inborn Voice may help you. I always say Inborn Voice, but many people think that is just the voice. I explain it again. Voice is the sound that come out from the mouth, Inborn Voice is the voice that we were born with. What does it mean? that is perfectly connected with the feeling the emotion we feel inside. When we were kids, we had very few communication problems. We all were good actors faking a need just to get something from our parents. So why all these abilities seems vanished? Growing up without proper training or role models.

When Colin talks and speaks about emotions, you can see how much is difficult for him. In all these movies. Probably is his experience that helped him to overcome that particular trait of his personality. Don’t think that Colin never experienced or watched or talked with someone that has suffer from stammering. No. You need to feel. It’s not possible to fake it. When he was ready to portray The King’s Speech he was able to connect the Inborn Voice of a sense of a king because he is British and he has got this culture inside in the blood. So it’s part of his culture and especially his childhood environment and in the meantime the desire to let the emotion flow express the emotion with joy.

Here is a preview of What we can learn from Colin Firth’s Inborn Voice to improve how to convey emotions and overcome stammering


The full Vocal Coaching Session about What we can learn from Colin Firth’s Inborn Voice to improve how to convey emotions and overcome stammering.

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The video will feature clips from these movies:

  • Bridget Jones Diary at 3:15 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id1520427706)
  • Nanny McPhee at 6:17 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id306473025)
  • A Single Man at 10:02 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id430964629)
  • The Kingsman Clip 1 at 14:40 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id957056432)
  • The Kingsman Clip 2 at 18:43
  • The King’s Speech Clip 1 at 21:56 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id1217954398)
  • The King’s Speech Clip 2 at 28:56
  • The King’s Speech Clip 3 at 32:07
  • The King’s Speech Clip 4 at 35:05

and the What We Can Learn section at 39:23.
The full video length is 56 Minutes.

You can find the script for practicing at ScriptCity or ScriptFly. Remember that the movie transcript is not a Script. The Script includes notes and things that are in acting but not in the words.


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