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  • What we can learn from Jack Black’s Inborn Voice to improve and enjoy our life

This is the sixth video I release, available in full only on Patreon in my Vocal Coaching videos page. Being a Patreon it’s just $5.99 and you will get access to the full archive of my videos. On YouTube you will find extract and clips, for free, so better check also on my Mylena Vocal Coach Youtube Channel! Just remember to like the video you watch, to subscribe and activate the little bell to be among the first to know when I will release a new episode!

Being one of the world’s greatest nonconformists, especially when it comes to voice teaching, I can only appreciate Jack Black’s work. I’m sure he and I would really get along! There’s a lot to learn from Jack’s acting, expression of emotions and attitude, so I definitely recommend you watch the whole video! This video is the first one made with a 4K resolution, made possible by the support of my Patron, who I will never thank enough.

There are many things to say about Jack Black and I’m very happy to feature him. Why? Because he is a very interesting and original actor. As usual I’ve selected six clips from four different movies to let you practice the scenes I have chosen for you to let you improve the way you communicate to the other.

You can learn how to transform your voice in a soft and very romantic one, but in the meantime keeping it connected with your true self and your emotions. When you’re involved emotionally with someone, it’s difficult to control your voice, so you can learn how to balance between things without avoiding being profound and effective.

From Jack Black we can learn how to be Rock. And this is huge, because I love rock! Who doesn’t? Being Rock is something that I consider very connected with the meaning of Inborn Voice for Jack. So if you feel something inside that you want to get out, but you can’t yet, this training could be the right one for you.

You can also learn to stretch your voice, stretch your facial movements, but especially train your soul, your spirit, your desire! You can learn how to transmit joy and life force, letting out your emotions like a river

You can learn also how to teach your passion to the other, to your students. Jack doesn’t like, even in his life, I’m pretty sure, rules. But doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. Let your voice break the rules, even if people think that you are weird! Let’s transfer the “rock” inside of you to your students, being overjoyed and overwhelmed about your true passion

Words are important, but the sound is much more important. You can learn how to use the full range of your voice, from the bottom to the top. Create new nuances in your voice, so you will be able to express more than the simple “word meaning” while you speak, act or voice over. Many people can teach you how to say a simple sentence like “don’t blow away”, but this is not enough to reach people. Technique alone is not useful in transmitting emotions. While you practice the clips I have selected, listen what happens to your voice and listen to your tongue feelings. If you feel that is like savoring something that you love, sweet or not, you are on the right road to be a better self.

From Jack you can learn also how to be gentleman, not only a maverick. An elegant voice, a silky voice, still playing and joking little bit, but with elegance, free from discrimination. This is the perfect way to learn how to socialize while sitting on a table with many people or people that you don’t know, even if they are not part of your generation.

You can learn also what can happens when a voice is not able to project out perfectly something. If we lose a little bit our intensity inside, or our love and passion and desire to act, your voice will immediately reflect it.

Here is a preview of What we can learn from Jack Black’s Inborn Voice by Mylena Vocal Coach


The full Vocal Coaching Session about What we can learn from the acting of Suze Ormans is exclusively available on Patreon.

The video will feature clips from these movies:

  • Shallow Hal at 1:14 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id279714670)
  • School of Rock Clip 1 at 4:03 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id292794442)
  • The Holiday Clip 1 at 10:18 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id271282883)
  • The Holiday Clip 2 at 15:33
  • The Holiday Clip 3 at 19:13
  • Jumanji at 23:18 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id1315255745)

and the What We Can Learn section at 28:55.
The full video length is 42 Minutes.

You can find the script for practicing at ScriptCity or ScriptFly. Remember that the movie transcript is not a Script. The Script includes notes and things that are in acting but not in the words.

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