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  • When people are caught off guard, they let others do the thinking

In Italy, there is an old saying that says “it’s easier to tease them than to make them understand”. This simply means that when communication between two people is not taking place at the same level, the less skilled usually find themselves letting others do the thinking. And you know better than me that anyone will think better for themselves than for you.
As I have explained in my book “the way of the voice”, the speed at which our brain operates is not that fast. Is actually really slow. It takes time to make all those connections ties and do the “thinking”, but it takes also a lot of energy. If our brain is fed with an “idea” that seems fair enough, it skips all the work and “believes” in other people thinking. During every conversation, the one with more “voice” skills, has more time to think and to turn the “slower” part as they prefer.

This happens all the time, on the phone, in person, buying a car, or attending a political rally. If someone has mastered the skill to communicate with people better than you, you will let them unconsciously do the “thinking” in your place.

This ability is not only for scammers that want to take your money. There are things much more valuable than money. With Inborn Voice, you can master the communications skills to get a better social life, a growing career, or whatever you’ve dreamt of.

When you borrow a “thinking” from someone else, you use this piece of information to build other “thinking” over it. You start lying to yourself, unconsciously. At some point, you will find yourself hung in a huge contradiction you are not even able to see because, according to you, your “thinking” is flawless. To see you’re lying to yourself you need a method to discriminate what is real truth and what is simply an implanted lie, you’re giving for granted: that’s what Inborn Voice is all about.

It’s not easy to “surrender” bad thinking because you have to admit you’ve been tricked and being gullible. Believe it or not, most people prefer to continue to fight for a lie than rebuilding from a new truth. They prefer to lie to themselves than doing a “mea culpa” (apologize and restart).
This is why is so important to learn how to use your Inborn Voice to start removing all the lies you have been telling to yourself and that they are affecting your behavior and social life.

pIf you want to learn more about how to stop lying to yourself is the best thing you can do and why the Inborn Voice is the only solution, please ask for a Voice Assessment or read my book “the way of the voice”.

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