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  • Video Testimonial about up&down swing

Among my students, Mirko Mirko is one that have attended the most training courses and read the most help books. I’m very happy to have helped him understand that upswing and downswing, two very fashionable sales techniques in real estate business, don’t work unless combined with a firm and expressive voice.

Here is Mirko’s video testimony about up&down swing and Inborn Voice Vocal Coaching:

Here is the transcript of the video:

Good morning guys, my name is Mirko
I’m 42 years old, Mirko Scrofani, I live in Bergamo, Italy.

Today i would like to talk to you about the unique experience i have with Mylena Vocal Coach, while working with her in the last few months.

The reason why I contacted her was because I wasn’t happy with my voice and how it sounded, especially at the phone.

Dealing with the new people in any sales business, prospecting and searching for new clients, especially people you don’t know, it’s a challenge.

So I contact her and I quickly realized, through her job that the voice is way more profound that what you say and how you say it, the voice is a concentration of emotion, that is delivered to the other person, whether you like it or not, and the other person will get exactly how you feel. Not rationally, but he will get it!

There’s no better way of improving a message than working on yourself
and with all these seminars, quick techniques, books out there, I mean all these crazy things that are available now, you might think that a new technique will help you being more persuasive: there’s nothing far from the truth.

The truth is if you want to be persuasive, you have to be true to yourself and you have to release the the emotional blocks you have. Rather than focusing on the upswing or the downswing, that are useless technicalisms , because the the interlocutor on the other side will feel if you are faking it.

That’s what Mylena does, don’t ask me how she does, because I don’t know
and I want to know it, but she can detect the blocks you have, she can release this block, so that they can become energy

Thanks to her job, together with me, I’m discovering talents and energies
that have been frozen for years, and they were looking for to be rediscovered!

So let’s look at business, my relationship with my job and the prospecting, the active work towards finding new customers, has never been so open
and so constructive.

It’s very similar to the movie “the King speech”, I’m sure many of you have seen this movie, the voice and the techniques itself rationally doesn’t bring you that far because at the first problem or at serious issues of life people will feel that you are not genuine and especially for me it was extremely
necessary to be genuine and to attract genuine people

This cannot be done rationally also but this gotta be done working with your soul and what I mean is removing the emotional blocks if you feel you don’t like your voice and you feel the need of improving your voice I absolutely recommend you to work with her

That is a call, the fact that you don’t like and you want to improve it is that call it comes from who you really are that comes from the real power you have inside nothing external from you

All starts inside yourself and when it’s delivered well and inertial blocks are removed the power of the expression comes out and people can feel it and that’s my wish my special wish I wanna give to all the listeners especially the one works in the sales business

I really thank you for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to hear your success stories

thank you

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