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  • Video Testimonial from Federico, Italy

Federico is one on my youngest students. He is mainly focused in the singing voice but, as you will hear, also his speaking voice is really full of colors and emotions.

Here is Federico’s video testimony video testimony about singing and Inborn Voice Vocal Coaching:

Here is the transcript of the video:

Hi guys!
I’m Federico I’m from Italy and I’m 17 years old

I’m turning 18 in one month wish me a happy birthday!

Anyway I am a singer and songwriter and I’ve been singing since day one, I was born

I’ve been starting singing for seven years now but started doing it seriously back in 2018 when I first met Mylena

Before Knowing Mylena even if singing is my greatest passion it became a really strenuous and dangerous for me to sing because I was doing it in an unhealthy way and an in correct way that wasn’t good for me at all due to a wrong technique that I was learning

At the time I couldn’t even sing three songs in a row because my voice would get immediately strained and then gone my my throat would even burn

Sometimes I would even find myself voiceless after a few tracks and it would take me hours to get my voice back

Since I started working with Mylena this problems just disappeared even if we only did posture and breathing exercises my improvements are remarkable

I now can sing for hours without having any kind of problem and I’ve discovered aspects of my voice and I didn’t know I could use my voice as a large range now compared to before and I can reach new high notes way way higher than I knew I could do and I have such more control on those I already knew

All of this gives me a lot of self-confidence when I have to go up on a stage or sing in front of people in general because I know I can make less mistakes day by day

There’s literally no way to describe how beautiful it is to practice your own passion without having drastic consequences

I also suggest Mylena because of her personality she’s so empathic and always willing to help she really cares about students and to having results with each one of them

I can finally say that I’ve never been this happy with my voice in my entire life

If you would like to enjoy his singing voice, here is a video:

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