In the crowded world of business, communication is the key to success. Here at Inborn Voice we help managers master the art of communicating effectively with their team, colleagues and investors by following Mylena’s Vocal Coach philosophy. Today I want to share with you the adventure of a client, whom we will call Louise for convenience, a kind of indirect testimony to the potential of the Inborn Voice method.

Louise was undergoing a one-on-one training with Mylena in New York City to improve her ability to manage her business. Louise was always keeping herself up to date and, among other things, was also attending a special class on Kabbalah at her synagogue. One evening, after the Kabbalah class, the rabbi took her aside and asked her with great interest, “What happened to you? Oh, you have so changed, now I see that you are brighter.” From this first impromptu interaction a kind of three-way relationship between Louise, Mylena and the rabbi was born.

What is behind the real magic of communication?

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, whose peculiarities I invite you to explore if you are curious: it has no written characters that have an exclusive numerical value. In fact, every written “character” of ancient Hebrew has simultaneously a “sound” and a “numerical” value. Although the “sound” valence has been diluted over time, the numerical valence remains so. The ancient magical words “Abra Cadabra” (אבדא כדברא), can surely help illuminate this peculiarity, as well as the path toward discovering one’s Inborn Voice and achieving more effective and authentic communication.

As a subtle “modern” side note, among the various etymologies of these two words we also find “avra kedavra,” which Harry Potter fans will surely recognize as the Killing Anathema.

Let us begin by understanding the inherent power of “Abra Cadabra.” More than just a magic formula, this expression contains an essence of transformation and manifestation. It becomes a powerful symbol in vocal training for managers to unlock the full potential of voice and communication.

‘Abra Cadabra’ teaches us that words have creative power. In the context of executive communication, this means that the right words can inspire, motivate, and guide the team toward success. Managers who understand this principle can use their voice more consciously and intentionally to positively influence others.

But the magic of “Abra Cadabra” lies not only in the words themselves, but in their delivery. Voice training for managers focuses on voice quality, tone and articulation. These elements are crucial to communicating clearly, engagingly and persuasively, creating a lasting impact on the audience.

Another important aspect of the wisdom of “Abra Cadabra” is its connection to authenticity. Effective communication requires sincerity and consistency between what is said and how it is said. Managers who authentically embody the message they communicate can gain trust and respect from their team.


In addition, “Abra Cadabra” reminds us that communication is bidirectional. Managers must be not only skilled at conveying their message, but also able to actively listen and respond to the needs of their audience. This practice creates an atmosphere of trust and openness that fosters collaboration and innovation.

Finally, the magic of communication also lies in the ability to adapt to different contexts and situations. Managers must be able to modulate their voice and communication style according to the needs of the moment, whether it is a motivational speech or a difficult conversation.

In conclusion, exploring the wisdom of “Abra Cadabra” in executive voice training offers a valuable starting point for improving communication and leading successfully. When managers learn to fully harness the power of their voice and communicate with authenticity and intentionality, they can turn their words into action and their goals into reality.


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